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Why You Should Try Orange Wine

Why You Should Try Orange Wine

iLoveWine Staff
A glass of orange wine, an Italian specialty.

If you want to catch up and improve your summer drinking tips, you need to know what orange wine is, how to serve it, and exactly what to ask for. If you haven’t tried it yet, you will be looking for it at the end of this post.

A glass of orange wine, an Italian specialty.
A glass of orange wine, an Italian specialty.

Orange wine is quite popular in bars and restaurants these days. You are more likely to see it on every bar menu if you are in town. This is not a new drink but an old winemaking style which is making a comeback and it is especially perfect for summer. First and foremost, this wine is not extracted from oranges, contrary to what the name would lead you to believe. It is made from fermented white grapes whose skins haven’t been removed. That is what gives a lovely sunset hue or a slightly cloudy appearance. When the green skins remain, they end up giving the beverage an orange color. The result is a unique breed that is not only complex but also delicious. Like the white and red wines, there are plenty of varieties to love. So, if one doesn’t appeal to you, there is always another you haven’t tried yet. Normally skins are removed to make white wine but in this case, they are macerated together with the grapes. Find out reasons you should have a bottle of orange wine this season.


Orange wine is a full-bodied drink with a pronounced tannic texture. It puts you in the right mood during the fall with its bright fruit flavor. Still, it allows you to hang on to summer when you think of nectarine, apricot, and peach. The wine is so cool and more diverse than it looks. Any type of white grape can be used to make orange wine. It can also be blended or created with a bit of intervention as in the qvevris.


Orange wine is produced in low volumes since the fruit must be on point. The fact that the skin is involved means that no rot is allowed. Plus, the grapes must be of the correct flavor so as to augur well with the tannins. Like the Goldilocks fruit, the winemaker has to think about it meticulously. That is why it is produced on a smaller scale. Nonetheless, this style is very popular and you shouldn’t take it as a novelty. As a matter of fact, particular blends don’t have the slightest indication of the presence of skin-fermented grapes. The color is what persuades people to try the wine but its complexity keeps them coming back.

Rich Flavor Profile

The skin-fermented grapes produce mouth-gripping tannins thanks to the extra hours they take to mature. Expect a rich aroma and several notes ranging from dried fruits, honeysuckle, dried fruits, and toast. Basically, the flavor and color range from light tannins to barely any perceptible color. Sometimes it is dark amber, cloudy but with tons of tannins plus a chewy texture.

Food Pairing

Skin-fermented wine is perfect for food pairing due to the presence of acid and tannins. That is why you see orange wine bottles in almost every restaurant in town. You can use it as your red wine for dinner because as more guts when compared to white wine. Those who use it will tell you that it is the perfect transition between red and white wine. You must be asking yourself what exactly you should drink the white wine with. To get the most of orange wine, pair it with foods of a little more color. Think about red wine pairing whereby you can have heavy fatty foods. It is also a great match for spicy meals. However, the tannins of the hefty orange wines don’t augur well with oily fishes so you should avoid mackerel, sardines, and salmon. There’s a wide array of other dishes you could use: autumnal meals such as squash, roasted foods, olives, cheese, and charcuterie. It is the perfect way to get your mind away from the daily life stresses especially in summer.

Different varieties of Orange Wine

This is another interesting thing about orange wine. There are numerous varieties you could try today. Check them out.

  • Semillon: Made in USA, Semillon, also known as Dirty and Rowdy Skin & Concrete Egg Fermented wine. It is one of the funniest and wackiest wines you could ever drink. It is a little smoky drink that reminds you of a cool and vibrant vineyard.
  • Mattebella Chardonnay: This wine from the USA has wonderful concentration and intensity. It is made of ultra-clean grapes with ripe apple notes in addition to walnut skin-like tannins.
  • Channing Daughters Ramato: It is a Friulian-style sweet wine which originates from Italy. Made with pinot grigio, the wine features a strong aroma and notes of baked apple, honey, and apricot.
  • Macari Vineyard Chardonnay SK: This smoky wine reminds you of Loire Valley Cabernet Franc because the stem is included in fermentation.
  • Domaine Lucci Wildman Blanc: This is one of the coolest wines from Australia featuring winter citrus notes and it is super briny
  • Ribolla Gialla Brutus: The first time you taste Ribolla Gialla Brutus you would think it is a light red wine. But afterward, you’ll realize the distinctive peppery notes that pave way for apricot.
  • Macari Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc: This Red Hook Winery beverage exhibits strong nectarine and peach notes. The other distinctive qualities include pine and white pepper resin.
  • Pheasant’s Tears Rkatsiteli: This wine from Georgia will prove to you that a combination of smoky and tropical notes makes the best dry qvevri-style wine.
  • Erde, Muster: It comes in a clay bottle. This tannic Sauvignon Blanc and earthy drink contain herbal and citrus notes you can’t resist.

These orange wine varieties are impressive. They create a path that leads to an exciting territory. But when you need something edgy, you can try the following peachy picks.

  • Waipara Pinot Gris
  • Lawson’s Orange Wine Marlborough
  • Spook Light Hawke’s Bay


If you have a sharp memory when it comes to different regions of the world, you will never go wrong with orange wine especially from Italy and Slovenia classic wine producers are found. Don’t forget to try heavier and more tannic wine from Movia, Gravner, ad Radikon. You don’t want to miss a beverage that has stayed for a whole year macerating. An orange wine bottle always turns heads whenever it is ordered.

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