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The website ilovewine.com is run by a wine-loving couple, Jonas and Anne Lise, who share a passion for tasting, learning about, and sharing all things wine with current wine enthusiasts and those who wish to become so. As lifelong wine enthusiasts, we each offer a unique perspective, and we love to learn from each other. Since we met, we have been partners in wine, and most of our time is spent researching and exploring various vineyards and wine connoisseur restaurants.

Despite growing up on opposite sides of the world, our love for wine has not only added excitement to our lives in general, vino, and everything in between but has also allowed us to meet some of the most amazing people in real life and virtually.

This website helps keep each other and a wider audience updated on our wine-related adventures, opinions, and discoveries. We aspire to share our insight and experiences with wine lovers of all kinds by delivering accessible and enjoyable content.


We believe anyone from any background can become a wine expert with the right amount of information, experience, and enthusiasm. Our very different journeys to wine expertise showcase that well


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