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Best Seven Natural Wine Bar in Brooklyn | 2023

Best Seven Natural Wine Bar in Brooklyn | 2023

Jonas Muthoni

Natural wines resist easy categorization. They’re wild, funky, unfiltered, and pure. Natural wines, unlike conventional wines, are typically unadulterated, free of chemicals and hundreds of additives—minimalism at its finest.

“Natural winemakers are always innovating. They are the ones that have the most impact on the whole wine business, natural or not. Natural wine is the most ordinary of wines… more than any other!” Doreen Winkler, a natural wine specialist.

In recent years, natural wine sales have soared, indicating that the general public is paying the note. “Consumers will seek out organic vegetables, yet return home and consume wine that has additives and horrible farming techniques,” says Lauren Werst, wine director of Café Kitsuné. Natural wine has brought a new openness and awareness to what people drink and buy.”

Today, Brooklyn is a top natural wine market with a diverse range of small wine producers, rediscovered varietals, and underappreciated areas.

“The promise of natural wine was that it could be thrilling and full of discovery without pretense or gatekeeping,” says Rafa Garca Febles, beverage director, and sommelier at Bar Blondeau.

The (sulfur-free) Four Horsemen and menu-free Sauced are among Williamsburg’s seven “natty” wine venues for moderate drinking and even substantial wine study.

Best Natural Wine Bars Brooklyn

1. Sauced

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

On Bedford Avenue, Sauced is a tiny, laid-back wine bar. Usually, The location of the wine selections is behind bars on shelves (with prices written directly on the bottles). Although there is no written or printed menu, renowned winemaker Jordan Veran greets customers and requests preferences to construct a personalized wine list based on their interests.

He hand-picks and dispenses little intervention bottles from unidentified producers and areas so that customers are less frightened by new wines they may not be acquainted with.

Inside, there are live music, karaoke, and DJ nights, while outdoors in the backyard, there are ping pong, backgammon, and other lawn games – just like sitting out at home with a glass in hand.

2. The Four Horsemen

4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

The Four Horsemen essentially launched Williamsburg’s natural wine culture. Here small wine producers serve meals among wood-planked walls and “strategy” at this half bar, the part restaurant from LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy.

They are laser-focused on wine varietals, so if their extensive, superb assortment gets overwhelming, half-glasses are available for ample tasting. The result is unfiltered, sulfur-free, and fantastic.

3. Disco Tacos

4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

Disco Tacos has wall-to-wall horizontal windows that wrap around the corner of North 6th and Berry. Local pop art, including framed album covers from the team’s favorite 70s and 80s types of vinyl, fills the mod-industrial area that pays homage to one of New York City’s most essential disco clubs, Paradise Garage. The sleek cement tower is adorable. It has a multi-colored neon sign that reads “natural wine.”

“We concentrate on natural wines that startle, awaken, and jolt you.” Wines with a lot of freshness go well with any of our salsas and tacos,” says Tamy Rofe, the owner.

The Funky Pours wine list has one producer per style, starting with a dry and herbaceous sparkling pét-nat from Oregon’s Willamette Valley, then white, orange, and rosé, and finishing with a chilled red Zinfandel from El Dorado County, California (a delight with the dusted cinnamon-sugar churro doughnuts with Mexican chocolate sauce).

4. Bar Blondeau

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Bar Blondeau is a very stylish bar by renowned culinary partners Aidan O’Neal and Jake Leiber (Le Crocodile, Chez Ma Tante) and Golden Age Hospitality’s Jon Neidich. The location of the enticing area is on the 6th level of the famous Wythe Hotel, which has towering virgin wood walls, built-in banquettes, and gold-accented ambient lighting.
The centerpiece is a sea green-tiled, marble-topped bar with a Manhattan skyline background.

As readily as the East River, natty wine pours. The wine list features intriguing natural wines from throughout the world. Pét-nats cooled reds, rosés, and orange wines are all used in cocktails such as L’Orange, which combines orange wine, Lillet blanc, Swedish-style aquavit, and orange oil.

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5. Strangeways

4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

Strangeways serves “strangely” delicious foods like chopped chicken liver flatbread and super-natural wines in a magical garden. The wine list is extensive, divided into four categories: Bright, Funky, Juicy, with two subcategories (white and red) beneath each, and Effervescence & Pink, which includes Lambrusco and Blaufränkisch.

Strangeways is the place to go for low-intervention wines from all over the world — compliments to co-owner Jamie Webb and Nate Lithgow (Holy Ground, Cafe Altro Paradiso) for their program cooperation and ongoing wine discussion.

6. Have & Meyer

4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

Have & Meyer (on Havemeyer Street) is an entirely natural setting. The charming wine bar, four small tables, fifteen barstools, and lush sidewalk seating serves sustainable Italian cuisine. Did we mention there are over 100 natural wines available by the glass?

The wine selection highlights mindful winegrowers, showcasing a diverse range of people united by a common aim and passion — the beauty of small-scale winemaking. “Every bottle and every single component we use has a story behind it,” Have & Meyer thinks, “and this is what we love to accomplish; [to] fill our hearts with feelings.”

7. Gertie

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Gertie is a bright, counter-service café that serves everything from coffee and pastries in the morning to rotisserie meats and rotating wines later in the evening. The house-smoked turkey “pastrami” club on caraway rye sourdough bread is pulled (by tap) and matched with innovative Jewish dishes. Bottles are available to go for additional natural wine exploration.


Forever curious New Yorkers may take full advantage of their access to an extraordinary array of producers, varietals, and locales because of their fortuitous location in the nation’s top natural wine market. There are seven outstanding places where you may discover and enjoy natural wine in this post. With the indoor eating prohibition still in force, several establishments have shifted to (heated) outside dining, pickup/delivery, and even virtual tastings. But please do not ignore the protocols of covid-19 and always remember to cover up and maintain appropriate social distance. I hope you liked the information shared in the post.

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