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Discover The Top Natural Red Wine Brands

Discover The Top Natural Red Wine Brands


Natural wine is a product that comes from organic farming, it is made without adding or removing anything and it must be produced in a traditional way. The use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides is prohibited. The winemaker must work on land where grapes can grow spontaneously without any intervention. For example, if there are pests, they are fought with local plants that repel them instead of using pesticides. The yeasts necessary for the fermentation process must be those already present inside the grape and not added from outside. In addition, the sulphites (substances used as preservatives) must be less than 100 parts per million for white wines and less than 150 for red wines.

How to find a natural red wine?

The key to finding a natural red wine is knowing what to look for on the label.

Wines made from organic grapes are certified by an independent third party and are required to adhere to certain farming practices and standards. These standards include not using any pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic chemicals during production.

Biodynamic wine is also certified by a third party, but the standards go beyond just a farming practice; they focus more on the soil, moon cycles, and other esoteric factors that affect how the grapevines grow.

Natural wine may not be certified by a third party, but it is produced with minimal intervention in the overall winemaking process.

Many wineries will produce a combination of organic, biodynamic, and natural wines, so it’s important to read the labels carefully before making a purchase.

Once you find your favorite natural red wine brand, you’ll have better peace of mind when enjoying a glass at dinnertime.

Different Natural Red Wine Brands

Natural red wine is gaining popularity around the globe with consumers loving its unique taste, color, and smell! There are so many top natural red wine brands out there- it can be difficult to choose from all of them. So here is a list of my favorite natural red wine brands! 

1. Sandhi

2019 Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir

Sandhi is a small Californian winery that focuses on select vineyards from the Sta. Rita Hills in Santa Barbara County. Some of the best natural reds in their stock is the 2019 Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir. The wine costs $35 per 750 ml bottle and is fully worth its price.

In their own words:

We do not add water, sugar, acid, enzymes, and other fixing agents.

All wines are wild-yeast fermented. All Chardonnays go through malo-lactic with the lees not stirred. Almost all Pinot Noirs are whole-cluster fermented because we feel the wines smell more alive and have more complex textures than other wines.

2. Frey Vineyards

Frey Vineyards is America’s first organic and Biodynamic winery. They have many options of vegan, gluten-free, and no added sulfites wines available. For 40 years, they are giving the world great natural wine options. The winery is located on the North Coast in the state of California.

Make sure you try the Frey Vineyards Organic Cabernet Sauvignon. The Cabernet sauvignon represents the iconic style of dry red wine. The cabernet sauvignon in organic form represents bold and grace. There is a balance of smokiness along with tannins. It includes notes of blackberries and plums along with hints of nutmeg and black pepper.

Another great wine is the Organic Pinot Noir. This is the top Pinot Noir wine without any sulfites. The nose of red wine shows the notes of fresh fruit. The quality is earthy and spicy. The palate has a good structure having cinnamon along with cherry. There are toasted baguettes. The price of this wine is $18.

3.   Kalleske Clarry

The Kalleske vineyard has been certified since 1998 and is the oldest certified organic and biodynamic vineyard and winery in the Barossa Valley in Australia. Make sure you try the Grenache of 2018 from Shiraz. This gorgeous red blend from South Australia has lovely aromas of vanilla, briar fruit, chocolate, and subtle peppery spice notes. It is priced at $35 per bottle.

4. Domaine Bousquet

Domaine Bousquet is a family-owned winery in Mendoza, Argentina. They claim:

Our wine is organic and vegan. From the vine to the processing of the grapes to our focus on biodiversity and permaculture, our wine sets the standard for elegant, sustainable organic wine that is perfect for a gathering with friends or a quiet evening at sunset with charcuterie and a loved one.

Their Malbec is dark violet with intense aromas of blackberry. There are notes of plum and blackcurrant. The price of this variety is $11.

5. Bonterra Equinox Red Organic Wine

The blend of red wine in the organic form includes grapes with Petite Syrah and Merlot.  There are plum and blackberry notes. We often find the oak wood has been mixed along with vanilla and tobacco. There is no masking using sulfites like the wines with strong sulfite concentrations become bland in taste.

6. Occhipinti Il Frappato Sicilia

Bonterra Equinox Red - 2019 vintage

The name of a popular winemaker is Arianna Occhipinti. The company prepares wine from biodynamic grapes. It is located in Sicily. The owner is involved in farming for more than 10 years. She has faith in the technique. The methods had improved the wine along with the soil.

There is fieldwork for preparing wine. The passion is present in each bottle. The brilliant example shows the native grapes of Frappato survived in the volcanic soil. The goal was to develop a light variety of wines having flavors of the flower.

The top-quality red wine of organic form could be tasted with pasta and beef. The quality is remarkable. 

7.  CalNaturale Cabernet Sauvignon

The CalNaturale indicates the wine is cost-effective and high-end. The origin of Cabernet Sauvignon is found in an area known as Paso Robles. This is located on the Central Coast of California in the United States of America. The varieties are friendly to the consumer.

To know more about Natural Wines do read this book by Isabelle Legeron.

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