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Mulled Wine Fragrance Oil

Mulled Wine Fragrance Oil


There is nothing quite like the aroma of mulled wine to herald in the holiday season. The inviting blend of red wine, fruit, and spices is perfectly captured in this rich, warm scent reminiscent of a cheerful country inn on winter’s eve. This fragrance oil has a base note of amber and musk combined with notes of grape, orange peel, and apple. It also has middle notes of cinnamon, clove, and ginger essential oils., Perfect for candle-making, soap-making, and diffusers!, Ideal for blending with other fragrances to create your very own unique scents! Have fun creating your own unique bath oil combinations using this fragrance oil as well! Bring some wonderful aromas into your home by adding just a few drops to a soft diffusion media.

Mulled Wine Fragrance Oil

4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

Mulled Wine Fragrance Oil is a top-rated winter fragrance oil. This unique and popular wine oil bursts with the aromas of wine and fragrant berries.

Mulled wine oil also has bay, cinnamon, and ginger on a vanilla base. This top fragrance gives a warm, classic aroma, perfect on cold winter nights.

This unique and fresh aroma is also suitable for use with Gel Wax.

Description of product

  • Above is the picture of 10ml Mulled Wine Fragrance Oil from amazon.
  • This outstanding oil comes in 10ml yellowish-brown glass bottle with a dropper and tamper-evident cap.
  • Fragrance oils are different; they are entirely synthetic, and they should not be confused with our daily essential oils.
  • Mulled wine fragrance oil is 100% concentrated.
  • It is very compatible with waxes.
  • Many candles and soap are made with this wine after all the required testing of the fragrance oil.
  • Mulled wine fragrance oils are used in – candles, wax melts, reed diffusers, air fresheners, and room sprays.

Mulled Wine Fragrance Oil Uses and Benefits

1. Cosmetic Care Products

Mulled Wine Fragrance Oil can be added to many daily use cosmetic products like – toners, moisturizers, face washes, and face packs to infuse different aromatic fragrances of mulled wine which is refreshing and good for the skin.

2. Perfumes

Different wines have different aromas, and therefore, perfumes made from can surely have a refreshing, floral aroma that leaves a mildly aromatic trail. Bodysprays, scents, and perfumes made from this mulled wine fragrance oil are reviving and refreshing.

3. Air fresheners

Carrier Oils gets easily blended with mulled wine fragrance oil and get dispersed in the air. The oil can be used to function as an air and room refresher, removing all hazardous bacteria as well as foul odors present in the room.

4. Diffusers

Mulled wine fragrance oil can be used in two different diffusers, candlelit and electric. The Mulled Wine Fragrance Oil, when used as a diffuser, helps open up the nasal path and refreshes our senses.

5. Scented soap

The energetic and fresh aroma of mulled wine fragrance oil makes it suitable for use in the preparation of scented soaps. It can be used in both cold process soap making as well as in melt and pour soap making. A calm sweet-smelling bath in your bathtub helps to relax and calm your body. You can add some drops of fragrance oil in a bathtub to enjoy rejuvenating and relaxing mulled wine aromatic bath.

5. Candle-making

The typical sweet aroma of mulled wine fragrance oil makes it suitable for candle-making. Magical and mystic fragrance in the room elevates and energizes us and relaxes us by calming the mood in the happy air.

How is a candle made from mulled wine fragrance oil?

Perfumed candles with relaxed and comforting bouquets are made using fragrance oil in a planned and calculated amount. In order to obtain perfect feeling candles, you may use 15 ml of Mulled wine fragrance oil for 250 grams candle wax flakes. Don’t make in a hurry; get the calculated figure clear and correct so that the fragrance doesn’t get overpowered.

Mulled wine fragrance oil is nothing but a gorgeous composition of fruits and winter spices with top minutes coming from the sweet zest of orange, coated in the richness of spicy yet homely cinnamon sticks. Perfect for a cozy night in or a night wrapped up at the Christmas Markets. Try out this fantastic oil by yourself and experience the benefits today!

Other Similar Fragrance Oils

1. Lavender Chamomile Premium Grade Fragrance Oi

Supreme scented oil is formulated to be suitable for creating beautiful aromatic candles, soaps, air freshener spray, skin and hair care formulations, cleaning products, for use in home aroma diffusers, scented dryer sheets, freshen a drawer, potpourri, freshen carpets, massage/body oil, sugar scrubs, and many more. Personalize any of your unscented products. Lavender and chamomile both are most popular across the globe for calming senses and the mind. Therefore this one again is a perfection!

Price – $6.50

2. P and J Trading Lavender Premium Grade fragrance Oil

P and J trading Lavender Premium Grade fragrance Oil is again one of the best-reviewed products. The usage of this fragrance oil is for home and car diffusion; diluted in body care formulations; Candle & Soap manufacturing; homemade cleaning products; and existing unscented products. Not for internal use or lip balm manufacturing. This product should not be used undiluted.

Price – $6.75

3. Blueberry Pancakes – Premium Grade Fragrance Oils

This Premium Grade Fragrance oil is rich, complex, and long-lasting.

Like other fragrance oil, this blueberry pancaked fragrance oils are designed for use in cosmetics and are perfect for adding personalized scents to:

  • Long-lasting and aromatic soaps, lotions, creams
  • Fantastic hair care and body care products
  • Different Cleaning products, room sprays, laundry, linens, and aromas diffuse

Price – $6.5

4. Sun & Sand Premium Grade Fragrance Oil

Once you use this super exciting and elegant fragrance oil, you will never be bored of it. Sun & Sand oil fragrance bottles up the refreshing scent of a warm day at the beach so you can bask in the sun with your toes in the sand wherever you are. Sun & Sand oil fragrance is a fresh citrus scent with ozone, amber, musk, and powder notes.
You are surely going to love it.

Price – $6.95

Fragrance oils are exclusively exquisite and serve many purposes like cosmetic care, hair care, bathing, and most importantly, beautiful candle making. People who use it know the difference and recommend this product, be it mulled wine fragrance oil or any similar product listed in this article. I hope you like the list of other best fragrance oil.

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