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Living Wine Labels App Review

Living Wine Labels App Review

Jonas Muthoni

Living Wine Labels App gives an amazing experience to wine enthusiasts by creating magic. Do you want know more about this magic? Read this post until the end as we review this app.

My Experience With the App

“Don’t you love it when the man on the label starts talking to you?”, the cashier at my local wine shop asked me when I arrived at the till. “Excuse me?”, was my first response.

© 19 Crimes

Was she making a joke about being drunk and seeing things? “When the man starts telling you his story”, she once again stated. My puzzled look made her realize I had absolutely NO IDEA what she was on about…

She waved over a colleague and instructed her: “Show this customer that trick with your phone!” A few seconds and swipes later, and the rugged, handsome man on the bottle’s label started moving. “My name is James Wilson and I fight to the end…”

I was completely enchanted.

The magic behind the trick is called Living Wine Labels, a free mobile app that uses your camera and virtual reality technology to make a label ‘come alive’. No, not any label: only those of brands that have partnered up with the Living Wine Labels app, such as 19 Crimes.

Yes, I do realize its a fantastic marketing ploy to buy specific labels, but that doesn’t make it any less fun to use!

Turn your (select) labels into an impressive party trick and impress your guests during a dinner party or any festive occasion with this new trend in wine labels. You might get a few odd looks when you say, “Let’s make this label come alive.” But trust me: your wizardly will definitely captivate the attention!

The Magic of Living Wine Labels

  • The Living Wine Labels App is a free, mobile application available for IOS and Android devices.
  • Simply download it on your phone or tablet, open the app and enable it to use your camera to make the magic happen.
  • How does the augmented reality part work? The Living Wine Labels augmented reality uses your phone’s facial recognition to activate a video clip.
  • Simply open the application and hold your phone over the wine label (so that the camera can scan it) and you should automatically see the image come alive…
  • The video seamlessly integrates with the background, so you’re not simply redirected to a clip. It’s a bit difficult to put the full experience into words.

Check out the two video’s below for a better impression of this totally enchanting illusion:

Which Wines Use the Living Wine Labels App?

  • Unfortunately, this futuristic gimmick doesn’t work on any regular bottle from the liquor store.
  • The Living Wine Labels App is only compatible with specific bottles and/or brands.
  • These are the brands currently using the Living Wine Labels App on select bottles: (click the logo to be redirected to the wine labels website)


  Living Wine Labels App 







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Is the App Free?


The app is free to download and free to use. No need for in-app purchases or other costs (well, besides buying a bottle that is compatible).

Where Can I Download the Living Wine Labels App?

The app is available via the App Store for IOS and Google Play for Android (download and use of the app are subject to the legal drinking age in the country of usage.)

We hope you found this post useful and interesting. If you have any queries regarding this app or any wine related topics, you can write it in the comments section below and we would love to answer them all.

Thanks for reading!

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