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Laporte Sancerre Le Rochoy Wine Review in 2021

Laporte Sancerre Le Rochoy Wine Review in 2021

Jonas Muthoni

Laporte Estate is home to some of France’s best Sancerre wines. Their Le Rochoy Sancerre grows on an exclusive plot of land. This particular spot contains soil rich with flint rocks and loaded with minerals, and is wide open to the south and south-east. Le Rochoy is on wine lists all through France, and it represents the winery worldwide, as well.

Laporte Sancerre Le Rochoy
Source: Wine Folly

This Loire Valley estate is a family-owned small production winery who specialize in organic production. Laporte began in 1850 and is the collaboration of two Sancerre families. The estate sprawls over 30 hectares of hillside land, soaking up the best soil possible.

Sancerre: A Brief History

World War II brought Sancerre into popularity. Because of the war, weekend travelers had to avoid the beaches of Normandy. These folk redirected themselves to Sancerre and fell in love with the wines of the region.

Sancerre was not always a white wine producing region. Up until the 30’s, this region grew grapes known for their red wine products such as Pinot Noir. Due to an aphid epidemic that raged on for decades, all of the previous grapes got the old heave-hoe, and the new grape vine type took its gripe in the soil. Problem solved!

Laporte Sancerre Le Rochoy
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Sancerre wines started spreading worldwide in the late 70’s, London was the first place to fall in love with this easy-to-pair white wine. Nowadays, the region once again produces red wines and roses, too. These are not as well known, but if you have the chance they are worth trying!

Wine Fact: Traditionally, Sancerre ages in stainless steel tanks. However, modern wine making has branched to using oak varieties. This is to create added flavor, complexity, and most of all; to stand out!

What grape is that?

Good question. Laporte Sancerre Le Rochoy is a Sauvignon Blanc. Sancerre is part of the Centre in the Loire Valley of France. Below you will find a handy map of this wine region. Popular tasting notes for Sancerre include:

Laporte Sancerre Le Rochoy
Source: Author’s Own

Laporte Sancerre Le Rochoy has a blend of aromas and tastes that won’t disappoint the region. It boasts flinty and smoky tastes, with white flower and yellow fruit aromas. Its three word taste summary is grapefruit, herbaceous, and minerality! This Sancerre is well balanced, fresh, and dramatic.

Interesting Thought: It is widely believed that Sauvignon Blanc originated in Loire Valley.

Pairing with Laporte Sancerre Le Rochoy

Thinking of Parisian life brings two images to mind. The first, wandering through hillside fields with a glass of slightly chilled Sauvignon Blanc in hand. Feeling the fresh air on skin while soaking up the sun. The second image is sitting on a tiny patio in a caste-iron chair next to a tiny matching table. Yes, a bottle of Laporte Sancerre Le Rochoy is also on the table, but what accompanies it is the true magic. On this table lies all of the delicious food that pairs best with this crisp, balanced wine.

Laporte Sancerre Le Rochoy

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That tiny table would be bursting with oysters and crab (my favorite shellfish), a bright beet salad with goat cheese, and a to-die-for vegetarian dish. Sancerre wines have a serious love affair with vegetables. There would be croissants too, just sayin’ — When in Paris!

In case you can’t make a trip to Paris to enjoy the sights and sip wine, this is a great recipe for goat cheese and beet salad you can make right at home. Call a crew over, produce a spread, and you will have a fine evening ahead. For extra points: dress up your balcony or backyard with small white twinkle lights, put on a Parisian inspired playlist, and purchase some fresh baked croissants. While you won’t copy that Paris patio completely, you will mimic it and all the feels, too.

Rowan Jacobsen is an oyster expert, and here is what he has to say about purchasing oysters:

“Oysters in a shop should have their shells tightly closed. They should feel heavy for their size, like fruit. Avoid any that sound hollow when tapped. By law, there must be a tag displaying when the oysters were harvested. Ask to see it. Look for oysters that have been out of the water less than a week. In a restaurant, they will come already shucked, so you can’t tell as much, but they should smell fresh and tasty. If they don’t, don’t eat them.”

Laporte Sancerre Le Rochoy
Source: Pixabay

Order a bottle of Laporte Sancerre Le Rochoy through Amazon from the comfort of your couch as you’re planning your Parisian night in.

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