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Laithwaites Wine Reviews 2023

Laithwaites Wine Reviews 2023


For more than 50 years now, Laithwaites have been delivering wine – to the people who make wine and those who love and drink wine.

See what the founder says about this prestigious company. Tony Laithwaite says

“For over 50 years, Laithwaites has been a compass to a world of wine adventure, and we’re pleased to roll out a new look, develop fresh offers, reinvigorate our incredible portfolio of wines and further enhance the customer experience to unlock what we like to call ‘magic in a box.”

Laithwaites is a premier wine home delivery service that offers exceptional wines from vineyards all around the world. The company has announced a new brand identity and a revived vision. It offers its clients access to the world’s most unique and intriguing best-value wines and some of the fascinating stories behind them, thanks to a 50-year legacy of wine pioneering and award-winning service.

This internationally famous company is now focusing on providing wine enthusiasts in the United States with authentic findings from across the world.

In this post, we have presented all the information about Laithwaites and a detailed review. What do they do? How do they do? What are the best things about Laithwaites, and where do they lack. Also, do read the entire post to get added information on Laithwaites Wine Club.

How do Laithwaites work?

The company adheres to some of the most innovative ways to get in touch with its customers. The branding of Lewthwaite’s features a new, mobile-led experience that allows for customization and flexible membership choices, making the world’s most exciting wines more accessible than ever before. Customers may expect to get top-quality, incredibly inexpensive wines from smaller, boutique vineyards not available anywhere else. Personalized subscription cases and one-time purchases from a large online selection are available. Mixed cases that have been carefully curated are a specialty.

With decades of experience exploring vineyards across the globe, from Bordeaux to the Barossa, New Zealand to California, Laithwaites remains a world leader in the wine subscription industry, leveraging long-standing relationships to track down delicious wines of true character. As consumers choose to imbibe at home now more than ever due to the ongoing pandemic, Laithwaites stands out in the rapidly growing DTC (Direct-to-Consumer) wine segment by bringing a personalized, international wine experience direct to the customer’s door.

Best Subscription Services at Laithwaites

Users here at Laithwaites portal now reap the benefits of a special added incentive to a personalized subscription service, which includes eight wines and two high-quality wine glasses for only $49.99 (plus tax) with free delivery. Today, you can easily pick between various options like the best wine combination – all-reds, all-whites, or a combination of the two.

The stunning part is that in 10 weeks, members will get a new 9-bottle selection (always delivered for free), with the option to stop or terminate the subscription at any time. The personalized selection procedures at Laithwaites and the mobile-friendly ‘My Wine Cellar’ feature make it simple for the visitors to express likes and dislikes, ensuring that each case is meticulously crafted. All wine comes with a detailed backstory, tasting notes, and food match ideas. So once you reach the online platform, you have no doubts and can quickly get according to your mood and setting. Check the portal – for more details.

About Laithwaites Wine Club

All Wine lovers want to become a part of a wine club. And if you are hunting for a stunning wine club, understand every detail about Laithwaites Wine Club and decide for yourself.

Some Basic Information about Laithwaites Wine Club 

Over 40 states are covered via delivery. (For further information, see the Shipping & Delivery section at the bottom of the Order Page.)

  • Laithwaites Wine Club is recognized by the Better Business Bureau. The starter case is now on sale for $49.99 with free delivery.
  • You have the option of selecting All Reds, All Whites, or a Mixed Case.
  • Laithwaites Wine has won the International Wine Challenge’s Wine Merchant of the Year Award.

Laithwaites Wine Club – PROS

There are ample numbers of Pros with this club. Whatever best we find, all are listed below.

1. Exceptionality

Since the Laithwaites Wine Club searches for tiny producers, these distinctive wines are unlikely to be found at your local shop. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or just starting started, you’ll enjoy sharing your hard-to-find wines with friends and family. It’s like having your own personal wine sommelier recommending wines for you to sample.

2. Expediency

Your package will be delivered to your front door. Yes – it’s the best part. All you need to do is to plan for your occasion and select your favorite wine. Our team has had firsthand experience with the club delaying a delivery (on purpose due to weather) so that the wine wouldn’t freeze before reaching them. You can also cancel at any time if you feel the club isn’t appropriate for you. See, no need to stress at all!

3. Other advantages

Your wines come with extensive professional tasting notes that contain information about the wine’s origins. They also assist you in learning a lot about wine.

4. Pricing

The initial delivery’s price is fantastic! It costs roughly $6.25 per bottle. After the initial delivery, each 12-bottle case is guaranteed to save you money at only $159.99.

Laithwaites Wine Club – Cons

Nothing is perfect, and so there are some feedbacks made by our team which can get improved.

1. Wine Club Delivery Restrictions

The Laithwaites Wine Club is a “once every three months” wine club. This implies that monthly or quarterly instances are not a possibility.

2. Shipping

It would have been fantastic if Laithwaites had included the $19.99 shipping fee in the price of all deliveries rather than just the first. Shipping is free just on your first order.


In conclusion, all the aspects are covered from our side. We have tried to give a detailed review of Laithwaites wine and the wine club. I hope you have understood all and go with my recommendation of choosing Laithwaites wine.

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