How to Store Champagne

To continue on our bubbly journey, let’s talk about storing Champagne and other sparkling wines. There are awesome tools and gadgets to keep your wines in top shape before and after opening, but what about sparkling wines? How do I keep a bottle of Champagne good after opening? Will the fizz go flat?

How to properly store champagne

Keep the bottles upright. We all know that corked wines are supposed to be stored flat so that the cork doesn’t dry out and cause problems. However, for short term storage, it is best to keep sparkling wines upright.

This makes sure that the bubbles and carbonation are settled before you open it and any yeast sediment is settled to the bottom of the bottle. For long term storage, lay the bottles flat and then a couple of weeks before opening you can bring them upright to settle the carbonation and sediment.

Keep the bottles out of direct sunlight. Just like other wines, keep the Champagne bottle out of direct sunlight, heat sources, and artificial light.

Keep at a consistent temperature. This summer has been brutal…don’t let your wines suffer. While you don’t need to have a special temperature controlled wine cellar, keeping all your wines at a steady and consistent temperature is important so that they don’t go through any harmful changes from too cool or too hot of temperature fluctuations. Room temperature is fine for storing wines.

Serving temperature. When you are ready to finally open your favorite bottle of Moet & Chandon, stick the Champagne in the fridge for a few before serving or set it next to the table in an ice bucket. Sparkling wine is best enjoyed chilled and crisp.

How to store Champagne after opening

Never let your favorite sparkling wines go to waste! Contrary to popular belief, you can save sparkling wines.

Do not use wine pumps or gases. Wine pumps and gases are a great way to preserve still wines for up to a week. However, wine pumps should never be used on sparkling wines because it pumps out all the bubbles with the rest of the air in the bottle. Gassing your sparkling wine will cause the gas to get inside of the fizz and give your wine an off smell and taste.

Stopper your wine. Invest in a wine stopper. They will fit all standard size still and sparkling wine bottles. They are reusable and don’t allow oxygen into the wines after opening. If you don’t have a wine stopper on hand, plastic wrap and a rubber band will do the trick.

How long will an open bottle of Champagne last?

The life of an open bottle of good-quality Champagne that is stored properly is up to a couple of days. After that, the carbonation will start to dwindle, leaving you with a bubble-less bubbly.