How to Pull-Off A High-Quality Champagne Wines


Champagne is one of the most celebrated types of wine apart from its red and white counterparts. It is classified as a sparkling wine that can serve many purposes. The bubbly character of Champagne can bring delight to every person who drinks it.


Many wine lovers indulge in this wine for various reasons. Sports wins are the typical occasions where you can find people toasting a bottle of Champagne. It can also pair up with different types of dishes. Some fine dining restaurants even use it as their primary ingredient when cooking up mouth-watering and delicious dishes.


The unique characteristics of Champagne also made a huge impact to the winemaking industry. It undergoes a sophisticated process that’s why a lot of wine lovers want to try out different labels of Champagne in the market. The way winemakers make the bubble feature of this wine makes it more celebrating.


There are many variations of Champagne you can find in the market. Each variety also has different levels of sweetness. You also got Rose wines which comes as the prettiest type of Champagne because of its pink hue.


To select the best kind of Champagne for you, here are some factors you need to take into consideration.

Land Or Terroir

Champagne and other labels found in Sokolin wines undergo intricate and proper crafting. It is because the grape varietals used to make this wine are sensitive. The grape skins need the right amount of extraction to produce the right color and aroma. It is the reason why the terroir is critical when it comes to selecting the right Champagne bottle.


The terroir, in general, refers to the local conditions, complete topography, soil type, and the way the grape varietals or planted. Most of the grape varietal used to make Champagne wines come in a stalk type plantation. Hence, each fruit needs the right amount of water, soil, sunlight, and air to produce the perfect sweetness and aroma.


Grape Varietals

Most Champagne labels are made only from exclusive wine varietals. These grape varietals are mainly produced in Bordeaux, France. Bordeaux regions have  excellent climate conditions that help the grape to grow more exuding a perfect sweetness. They also possess an impressive geographical location which allows them to produce most of these grape varietals.


The grape varietals that can produce a spectacular label of Champagne are Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay. These are the only family of grapes that can define what quality of Champagne deems. You must look for these ingredients when it comes to your next Champagne purchase so you can ensure the ultimate quality and get the best value of what you have spent.

Farming And Cultivation

The way the grape varietal gets nourished is another factor you must consider when looking for high-quality produced Champagne wines. Most wine lovers may tend to believe this as unimportant. However, it is a contributing factor when selecting an outstanding label of Champagne.


You have to assess whether the grape varietals undergo organic or biodynamic farming. You also have to know if there are other synthetic methods included to grow these types of grapes. Take note that the taste and quality of Champagne ios affected by the way it gets its cultivation and farming process.

The Champagne Making Process

It is also critical that you fully understand the whole winemaking process of Champagne. Take note that it follows an intricate process starting with the harvesting of grapes. You must leverage the way how winemakers extract the grape skins and the whole process it undergoes before they get stored.


You must also get a full comprehension when it comes to the pressing of the grapes, fermentation, and mixing it with different ingredients. It is the only way to make sure that the Champagne you are sipping comes with the highest quality. You can also consider looking for a vintage Champagne type that best represents the harvest of the grape varietal in the said year.


Aging and Storing

Aging and storing wines is the final factor you must look into getting highly-produced Champagne labels. Bear in mind that aging of wine determines how it would taste. There are Champagne wines that undergo up to 18 months of aging. Now, if you are looking for a sweeter and stronger Champagne flavor, look for those labels aged up to 5 years.


You also have to consider the way it gets stored. Storages may either come in steel tanks or oak barrels. Champagnes that get stored in oak barrels taste better compared to those stored in steel tanks. Make sure to follow the required factors you must apply when picking a Champagne wine so you won’t experience any hitch.