How to Keep Your Wine Chilled In Style

See how to chill your wine in style

floral ice bucket display
It’s no secret that keeping your wine chilled makes all the difference.

Weather it’s a white wine that needs to be kept cold but not too cold or a bottle of red that’s been sitting in a warm room, keeping a bottle the perfect temperature can be difficult. Although there are many single bottle wine chillers that you can choose from, many aren’t something you’d want to display on your table.

To solve this problem, FTD has a tutorial on how to make a floral ice bucket.

This ice bucket can be made with your favorite flowers and will serve as the perfect centerpiece for a romantic dinner or an event you’re hosting. The ice is thick enough that it won’t melt too fast (be sure to put it on a plate to avoid any mess) and it won’t over-chill your bottle.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to try these steps out. Instead of a night out on the town, try a more intimate evening at home with your favorite bottle of wine. Add a few candles and a mouth-watering dessert and you’re night is sure to be memorable.
How to Make An Ice Bucket
floral ice bucket tutorial materials

● Large plastic container
● Smaller plastic container (that fits a champagne bottle)
● Rocks
● Floral tape
● Flowers
● Filtered water

Start by filling the large container 2 inches with filtered water. Be sure that it’s completely filtered so that the ice freezes clear. If the water is not filtered, boil it and let it cool. Repeat this twice.
floral ice bucket step 1
Let the water freeze completely. This may take 12-24hrs.
floral ice bucket freeze ice
Fill the small container with rocks and then place it on the ice in the center of the large container.
small bucket with rocks
Tape together flowers and greenery to make a garland. Repeat this three or four times, depending on how full of flowers you’d like it.
garland of flowers
Place the floral garlands around the small middle bucket. Secure them tightly so that they won’t float up.
person placing garland of flowers in bucket
Add filtered water to the large bucket so that it covers the flowers completely. Freeze the bucket for 24 hours.
pouring water into bucket of flowers
When the water is completely frozen, remove the bucket from the freezer. Remove the rocks from the middle bucket and fill with hot water. Pour hot water around the large outer bucket to remove as well.
remove buckets with hot water
Place the ice bucket on a plate or tray and display as your table centerpiece!
floral ice bucket display