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How To Help Reduce A Wine Migraine

How To Help Reduce A Wine Migraine

Jonas Muthoni

How To Help Reduce A Wine Migraine


Migraines might be more than a regular headache. This condition might come with a range of symptoms which might include disturbed vision and sensitivity to lights and sounds. The causes of migraines might come from various sources. One of the origins of experiencing this health issue is drinking wine.


Continue reading to know five ways to help reduce a wine migraine:


  1. Drink Lots of H2O


Wine is an alcoholic drink, and alcohol may create adverse effects on the body. One side effect of drinking alcoholic beverages is the substance pulls water from the body. If you don’t drink enough water while consuming wine, chances are you’re going to get a migraine.


You may reduce the intensity of the migraine by consuming plenty of water before, during, and after your drinking session. One way to help reduce the pain felt from the intense headache is to drink water in between consuming each glass of wine.


  1. Consume CBD Oil


Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the many organic substances in cannabis. This naturally-occurring compound may provide a range of benefits to its consumers, which might include migraine relief.


A 2009 study reveals that cannabis compounds may help treat chronic pain. These compounds include CBD, and its analgesic properties may also aid in the relief of wine-induced migraine.


CBD is might also be an ideal choice for people suffering from other health conditions in obtaining respite from wine migraine. For instance, individuals who have diabetes may have insulin resistance.


Insulin is a hormone developed by the pancreas to use glucose from carbohydrates as energy. But, people with diabetes might have their pancreas inhibit the creation of more insulin. Using inorganic medicines might help in treating migraines, but insulin resistance might present the consumer with side effects.


CBD, on the other hand, may absorb better into the body than many synthetic medications. Consume CBD oil through sublingual means so the compound won’t go through the liver, but straight to the bloodstream. As a result, you may experience the positive effects of the compound faster than consuming an over-the-counter drug.


  1. Avoid Sweets


A wine-induced headache might already be a bad situation. But, a cake-and-wine migraine might make you scream in pain.


Eating sugary sweets like chocolate cake and cookies might not be an excellent idea if you’re susceptible to headaches. Adding alcohol to the scene might increase the risks and intensity of the health condition.


So, the next time you’re in a wine-drinking session, avoid the free candies at the bar. Instead, opt to combine alcohol consumption with a glass or two of water.


  1. Drink Coffee


You may want to drink a cup or two of strong coffee before and after consuming wine. The caffeine in coffee helps constrict blood vessels, thereby inhibiting them from opening (which would otherwise cause a headache).


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In an interview with CBS News and Dr. Michael L. Oshinsky, the talk explains that one way to cure an alcohol-induce headache is coffee with aspirin. The doctor’s study intoxicated lab rats with small amounts of alcohol. After the professor confirms the signs of headaches in the animals, he gave the rats shots of caffeine and anti-inflammatory drugs. The combination lead to a reduction of the pain felt from the headache.


If you have a hangover from last night’s wine-drinking party, consider drinking your morning cup of coffee with aspirin. This combination might help reduce the intensity of the headache.


  1. Know When You Drank One too Many


Many alcohol drinkers know when the effect of the substance is about to surface. You might feel tipsy after a wine glass or two, and that instance should be a sign that you should stop. Drink moderately, and you might save yourself from a painful migraine.


Forcing yourself to drink more alcohol than necessary might increase the risk of headaches. Drinking more wine when you’re tipsy might transform that headache into a migraine. You might find yourself trying (and failing) to walk on a straight line. Consequently, the bright street lights might hurt your eyes as soon as you step outside the bar.


Know when to stop drinking wine or any alcohol beverage when you think you already had one too many glasses.


These five tips may help reduce the pain from a wine migraine. Still, perhaps one of the best ways to prevent wine-induced headaches is to know when to stop drinking. The continuous consumption of alcoholic beverages might give you other health complications. So, if you’re trying to drink to forget, consider thinking about your health first.





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