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Gruet Sauvage NV Sparkling Wine Review in 2023

Gruet Sauvage NV Sparkling Wine Review in 2023

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Gruet is a brand name well known in the sparkling wine world.

Their champagne tastes go above and beyond, setting the bar for bubbly standards. Gruet Sauvage NV Sparkling Wine is no exception to these prestigious standards.

If you are curious to taste the Gruet Sauvage NV Sparkling Wine, then we recommend you to read this review post before you take the sip.

Gruet Sauvage NV Sparkling Wine Review:

Source: Gruet

Hailing originally from Bethon, France, Gruet decided to impact the American wine-making scene in the late 80’s. Today, they bottle over 1.5 million wines annually — one of the largest method champenoise houses stateside.

Their tried, tested, and true philosophy is admired in the wine industry both in western cultures, and in Europe:

“How does a French wine-making family find itself celebrating a quarter century making world-class sparkling wine in the New Mexico desert? It started with Gilbert’s dream — expanding the reach of fine quality Champagne beyond European boundaries — which led him to the new world.” – Gruet Philosophy

Gruet vineyards are some of the highest in the United States. Reaching 4300 ft, these vines have some gorgeous views. Not to mention the perks: with this impressive altitude comes cooler nights, making the grapes mature at a slower pace, and lengthening the growing season.

There is also a lack of humidity, naturally preventing rot and producing quality, delicious fruit. Better yet, because of the environmental conditions, Gruet does not use any pesticides!

Source: Gruet

“My goal is to make sparkling wines in America that honor the winemaking traditions of the Old World. Meticulous attention to detail, from vine to bottle, and never deviating from the Methode Champenoise style are engrained in our legacy.” – Winemaker Laurent Gruet

Coming from a rich wine history and unbeatable growing conditions, it’s no wonder that the Gruet Sauvage NV Sparkling Wine is a Chardonnay to impress.

What Makes A Good Sparkling Wine?

Sparkling wine has a clear purpose in its niche corner of the wine world.

The cork is popped to celebrate! Whether you have landed your dream job, bought your first home, or even if you just finished a hard day’s work, bubbly is there to join you in celebration. Choosing the right sparkling wine for your occasion isn’t as daunting as it can sound. Here are some simple tips:

  • Know Champagne versus champagne: Champagne with a capital “C” comes from the Champagne region in France. It often has a higher price tag, too.  Without the capital “C” champagne is a sparkling wine from elsewhere in the world. This type of bubbly can range in price to fit your budget.
  • Look for “method traditionelle” or “method champenoise” on the label: This tells you that the wine is made the same way that Champagne is, and not in the Charmat process — sometimes producing a lower quality wine.
  • Choose either sweet, dry, or a little bit of both: If the label says “Brut”, the wine will be dry. If you are seeking sweetness too, look for “extra dry” or “extra sec”. If you want a sweeter sparkling wine or Champagne, perhaps try a Moscato (great with desserts).
    Source: Oenographic

These three easy tips will help you pick which champagne to serve for any occasion. Gruet Sauvage NV Sparkling Wine hits all the marks for a:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Dry
  • Sparkling wine

The Sauvage is also a method champenoise wine, makes it comparable to Champagne in taste, as well.

Did You Know? Sparkling wine is to be sipped, always. The reason for this is to save you a headache! Drinking champagne in larger mouthfuls causes the wine’s alcohol bubbles to enter your bloodstream, giving you a quick headache. Therefore, sip for your own good!

Seafood + Gruet Sauvage NV Sparkling Wine = Perfection

Boasting delightful aromas of lemon, green apple, and grapefruit underneath heavier notes of citrus and minerals, this bubbly activates the nose in a seriously pleasant way. Sauvage has a long, full flavor and because of its acidity, it pairs exceptionally well with oysters, sushi, and even cream sauces. Yum!

Dry sparkling wine also pairs well with fish of any kind.

  • This is because the dryness cuts through the oils produced by fish.
  • Another surprising thing about champagne is that it makes an excellent start to a meal, serving well with many appetizers. You really can’t go wrong toasting with a glass of bubbly.
Source: Amazon

This 100% Chardonnay is no blend — only bone-dry quality.

Included in the top 100 values of 2015 (Wine Spectator), this sparkling wine has been around since 2010. It’s the round out balance to Gruet’s more well-known Brut. True to the meaning of “sauvage”, Gruet calls the wine “Wild. Raw. Savage. Untamed”, an excellent description for a party-worthy wine.

Interesting Fact: Marilyn Monroe once used 350 bottles of champagne to take a bath!

If you’re a seafood junkie searching for the perfect toasting wine for your next soiree, count on a bottle of Gruet Sauvage NV Sparkling Wine.  It’s available for $20.00 on Amazon. Making it a Champagne tasting wine — on a champagne budget! No need to have a cause for celebration, ordering one of these 750ml bottles of sparkling wine is a reason all on its own.


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