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Best Grocery Store Chardonnay

Best Grocery Store Chardonnay

Jonas Muthoni

Chardonnay is a prevalent wine, and you can find it anywhere. It is not just one wine – it depends where it is made, whether or not it is oaked and how mature it is when you drink it. If you want to find a wine worth spending your money on, you can try Chardonnay. But where to start?

Grocery stores offer a lot of options to choose from! Which ones are the most loved by wine experts and enthusiasts? You do not have to go and try out each of them (unless you are mad crazy about Chardonnay, just joking). Below is the list of top-rated Chardonnays from wine experts and wine lovers like us that you should not miss out on. Read on and discover these attractive options for you waiting to take home.

Top 8 Grocery Store Chardonnays

Chardonnay is one of the white wines produced widely and is very popular amongst wine lovers. Keeping that in mind, our wine experts have picked the best for you to enjoy.

Discover the most loved Chardonnays by wine experts and enthusiasts below that you must try out at least once.

1. Kendall-Jackson Vintner’s Reserve Chardonnay White Wine

Price Grocery store
$12.98 Walmart
$13.99 Target
$9.49 Costco
$12.99 Safeway

If you like dry oaky Chardonnay, it is the bomb. Buttery with lots of oak surrounding the apple and pear fruit with a tropical fruit finish. It starts with a rich tropical fruit aroma; the acidity is slightly above moderate and reminds lemon and lime. It turns into toasty butter and vanilla at the end, with a hint of oak finishing. Pair it with pan-fried salmon, and enjoy it. You can grab this bottle as a party gift.

2. Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Chardonnay White Wine

Price Grocery Store
$10.99 Safeway
$9.98 Walmart
$7.99 Costco

This comes with a watery gold appearance. On the nose, somewhat reminiscent of “Allans” apple juice with a hint of vanilla and creamy oak finish. Touch of sharpness before the conclusion kicks in. A budget California chardonnay that curiosity motivated me to taste. You can serve it with appetizers at a dinner party: fresh apple, butter, and good balance for a budget Chardonnay.

3. Barefoot Chardonnay White Wine

Price Grocery Store
$8.98 Walmart
$6.99 Target
$9.49 Safeway

This one pours a light, pale lemon color. The scent of pineapple and milder peach is pretty pronounced and has very ripe, ‘sunny’ fruitiness. The taste is high in acidity and dry but hidden underneath the enormous amounts of diacetyl and tropical fruits. The body is oaky, juxtaposed traditionally with the nose, yet overall the wine is more delicate in the mouth than many Chardonnays from California. It is a fine patio wine to have on hand come summer.

4. La Crema Sonoma Coast Chardonnay White Wine

Price Grocery Store
$16.99 Target
$14.98 Walmart
$12.49 Costco
$16.99 Safeway

Have a glass of this beautiful wine, and you will think about it for a couple of months! Higher acidity than your average Chardonnay. You will feel bold apple, lemon, citrus fruits, and pear notes on the front, followed by a crisp yet buttery smooth finish. Not light-bodied but not bold either and stunning well in the middle. Good balance! Mouth-watering and easy drinking for a Chard. It will go pretty well with stuffed mushrooms, fried shrimp, cloves, and seasoned oak with smooth buttery notes for a lush mouth feel.

5. Butter Chardonnay White Wine

Price Grocery Store
$15.99 Target
$13.27 Walmart
$15.49 Safeway

True to its name, this Chardonnay has undergone quite a bit of malolactic fermentation in oak. Yet it still retains a little prickliness of youth. Creamy nose with a bit of tangerine and lemon zest, the palette is rich and fruity with a good balance of oak, stone fruit, light notes of ginger, caramel, and preserved lemon. Great value; pair it with some grilled chicken, and it will taste just perfect.

6. Black Box Chardonnay White Wine

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Price Grocery Store
$19.99 Target
$17.98 Walmart
$18.99 Safeway

Box wine has come a long way. It still has more to go, but it has come a long way. You will be surprisingly surprised by the wine in a box. It is not a complex Chard, but it is crisp. The palate fills with apple, melon, citrusy, and pineapple flavors. It finishes long and warm with the ripe flavors returning. It is light-bodied, a little sweet but still an excellent Chardonnay from Black Box. Great for when you are out on the water or beach and do not want glassware.

7. Josh Cellars Chardonnay

Price Grocery Store
$10.27 Walmart
$12.99 Target
$11.99 Safeway

This one is pretty solid for a cheaper Chardonnay. Crisp apple and light oak nose follow through on the palate, with the oak coming through more and a bit of citrus. Smooth. Heavy notes of pear, apple, and oak. That pear flavor lingers on your tongue for a while after the finish. The acidity is vibrant, and the wine lifts on the palate. You can enhance the overall feel by pairing it with a rotisserie chicken and mild soft cheese.

8. Yellow Tail Chardonnay

Price Grocery Store
$9.98 Walmart
$5.99 Safeway
$5.99 Target

This is a dry white wine made from the Chardonnay grape grown in Southeastern Australia. It smells of peach and vanilla; those notes are also in its body together with melon. Pineapple and mango dominate the ripe tropical fruit in this round-textured and generous wine, with a bit of lemon zest in the aftertaste. It is not a very complex Chardonnay but a well-balanced wine overall—great wine for its price.

Wrap Up

Chardonnay can be crafted in many styles, from sweet to still dry and sparkling. It goes through a fermentation process similar to the red wines and may be called the red wine of the white wine world. In this guide, we have tried to pick you the best ones out of all the Grocery Store Chardonnays available; we are sure that you will love this bottle of happiness. Keep drinking!!

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