Gold Medal Wine Club Review

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Gold Medal Wine Club Review Summary


Gold Medal Wine Club Review: Wine Selection

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The Gold Medal Wine Club is one of the top wine clubs when it comes to label selection. The company’s strict criteria result in a very curated assortment of quality wines. You’d be hard pressed to find an average bottle in your wine box, as nearly all wines adhere to very high standards.

The Gold Medal Wine Club is an established choice in wine clubs with premium labels at affordable pricing. It offers great value for money and its curated assortment of wines will surprise and entice you.

Gold Medal Wine Club Review

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However, if you strongly value the option to personalize your subscriptions, it might not be the club for you.

The Gold Medal Wine Club select wines based on its own expert knowledge on quality and integrity – not your taste buds. You do have the option to change the red/white balance of your box, but not the actual wines selected.

We love that the Gold Medal Wine Club also distinguishes itself by partnering up with family-owned vineyards and boutique labels. By avoiding bulk producers it really offers something different than you’d find at your local liquor store, whilst supporting smaller, independent winemakers.


Gold Medal Wine Club Review: Convenience


Gold Medal Wine Club Review

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Gold Medal Wine Club does all the hard work for you and sends a curated selection straight to your home. The only thing you need to do is pick your initial subscription and pay.

The club also accommodates your travel plans. You have the option to have your wine delivered to you on vacation or other temporary location, or pause your membership if you’re on holiday.

You can also cancel your membership at any time without cancellation fees; meaning no locked-in contracts or pesky renewals you can’t get out of.


Gold Medal Wine Club Review: Costs


Gold Medal Wine Club offers 6 different types of wine subscriptions, each at a different price-point. Below are the basic rates for each club, though these vary based on how you choose to configure your delivery (for example add additional bottles).

The Gold Medal Wine Club subscription isn’t for those on a strict budget, as even the most affordable delivery will set you back around $25 a bottle once you’ve paid for membership, shipping, and tax.

This cheapest (and most popular) option is the Gold Series Wine Club, which will see you receive 2 bottles monthly at $39 per box.

The other rates/costs:

Platinum Series Wine Club, 2 bottles monthly = $89
Diamond Series Wine Club 2 bottles quarterly = $179
Pinot Noir Series Wine Club 2 bottles monthly = $74
Garagiste Series Wine Club 2 bottles monthly = $75
International Series Wine Club 3 bottles quarterly = $75

Do note that shipping is NOT included. And this will, therefore, set you back an additional per $10.50 per shipment (plus sales tax where applicable.)

To be honest, we would expect that the more pricey subscription options, such as the Platinum Series Wine Club – would come with free shipping. Other wine clubs are generously offering complimentary shipping on similarly priced services.

It is a bit disappointing that the Gold Medal Wine Club still charges its members for shipping.


Gold Medal Wine Club: Wine Education


Gold Medal Wine Club ReviewGold Medal Wine Club takes care of your wine education. It distributes a glossy, thick and luxurious brochure with its most popular Gold Medal Series wine subscription. This magazine, called the Wine Press, is full of stories about vineyards, winemakers and food pairings. Beautiful to look at, entertaining and informative to read: it’s a nice bonus with your wine delivery!

Do note that not every Gold Medal Wine Club subscription comes with the same in-depth educational materials such as a brochure. For example, The International Series subscription only includes a two-page briefing on each wine included in the box.

However, it still has an educational aspect. As this brief includes information about the wine regions and their historic significance, the tasting notes of the wines and further details on the winemakers and suggested food pairings.

So, no matter which Gold Medal Wine Club Series you choose, you’ll definitely learn something new about wine with each quality shipment!


Gold Medal Wine Club: Promotions and Discounts


Gold Medal Wine Club does not have a special discount for first-time subscribers but does offer occasional festive offers. At the moment, the club has a special promotion with extra perks such as free add-ons: Gold Medal Wine Club FREE BONUS Bottle Special and BONUS GIFTS! Click here!

Gold Medal Wine Club Review

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The club also has featured limited-time bonus offers in the past for occasions such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, the 4th of July etc.

We would have liked an introductory offer, or a trial promotion, for new members, as this often lowers the threshold to try a wine club. You do have the option to select a one-time shipment before enrolling in a monthly or quarterly subscription. This means there is the option to try it first, prior to committing to a pricey membership.

For members, the Gold Medal Wine Club does offer promotional rates on bulk reorders. Regular members save up to 10% if they buy 6-11 bottles; 12% with 12-23 bottles and 15% for 24 bottles or more.

Members that have a minimum of 4 bottles in their recurring subscriptions can save even more, as the total discount varies per membership.


Gold Medal Wine Club Review: Member Benefits


Though Gold Medal Wine Club does not offer complimentary shipping for members, it does come with other perks. Club members can enjoy up to 20% on regular retail prices and gifts, depending on their type of subscription.

Gold Medal Wine Club Review

© Gold Medal Wine Club

That being said, it is valuable to know that member-only deals are rare. Other wine clubs treat their members to exclusive rates, deals, and promotions: Gold Medal Wine Club tends to be a bit thrifty on these. However, this does mean that the Gold Medal Wine Club relies on its quality, and expertise; all of which built its solid foundation as one of the leading wine subscriptions.

It does not need to stunt with member benefits, as the biggest benefit is its service: offering a premium, expertly curated selection of wines from quality winemakers for your enjoyment.

Though we’ll admit: some additional member perks wouldn’t hurt of course!


Gold Medal Wine Club Review: Satisfaction Guarantee


Gold Medal Wine Club does not offer a 100% Satisfaction or Money-Back Guarantee. If you browse the company’s website, you might come across the term ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’.

Unfortunately, this is more of a marketing trick than an actual promise. Gold Medal Wine Club will not refund or replace any bottles that fail to impress you.

The ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’ on its website refers to the fact that the club is so confident about its authentic, curated selection, that it’s certain you’ll like the contents of your box.

Gold Medal Wine Club Review

© Gold Medal Wine Club

You can only receive a refund if your delivery arrives damaged or faulty.

So, if you don’t like a bottle of wine in your box: bad luck. Considering the cheapest subscription will already cost you around $25 a bottle, not liking your wine is quite a pricey misfortune.

Now, it’s perfectly understandable that you can’t just get refunded for every wine that does not tickle your fancy.

However, it would be more consumer-friendly if the club at least offered some alternatives. On this point, Gold Medal Wine Club simply fails to impress.


Gold Medal Wine Club Review: Gift Appeal


The Gold Medal Wine Club does offer gift-appeal if you’re looking for an original present for wine-lovers. You can choose to either gift a wine subscription, such as the Gold Medal Gold Series, or a special one-time gift pack. Both come in beautiful, gift-ready packaging and will certainly indulge the wine enthusiast in your life.

Though a wine subscription is always an original idea, we’re leaning toward the Wine Gift Selection by the Gold Medal Wine Club. Partly because the subscriptions cannot be customized, meaning you’re not able to personalize a shipment.

And, if your friend or loved one doesn’t like the wines included, they do not have the option to return or exchange them.


Play it safe

A safer bet for a gift option seems to pick a wine set that actually suits them. If they like rosé, give them a rosé wine set. If they like chocolate, pick a wine and truffles combo.

Other gift options via the Gold Medal Wine Club also include sets with wine accessories, such as the Five-in-One Wine Gift Box. This kit includes a bottle of Old Pearl 2015 Chardonnay, a bottle of Old Pearl 2015 Red Blend, a GMWC neoprene wine tote, a stainless steel corkscrew, and a chrome bottle stopper.

The Gold Medal Wine Club certainly ticks the box of gift-appeal, with dozens of curated options to choose from. We’d definitely recommend you to Give the gift everyone loves to open.


Unbelievable small-batch artisan wines


 Gold Medal Wine Club Review Details 


About the Gold Medal Wine Club


Gold Medal Wine Club

© Gold Medal Wine Club

The Gold Medal Wine Club has a rich heritage as one of the leading subscription wine services. The club has been providing wine lovers with quality labels for over 25 years.

The Gold Medal Wine Club has very strict selection criteria when selecting its bottles. There is a strong focus on quality over quantity. Wines aren’t merely rated on palate preferences.

The club also takes into review whether labels have won prizes in renowned wine competitions. It also considers if wines are featured in leading review publications including the Wine Enthusiast and the Wine Spectator.

The Gold Medal Wine Club also markets itself on authenticity. It claims to never include bulk wines. Nor does it ship private labels, and/or wines with fake brand labels. Each subscription box, therefore, only wines from genuine, family-owned wineries from all over the world.

From small, obscure and boutique winemakers such at the Tiny House Vineyard in Sonoma County to larger, acclaimed names such as Bodega Roganto in Mexico. The Gold Medal Wine Club boasts an impressive list of vineyards in some of the world’s most highly rated wine regions.


The 6 Different Gold Medal Wine Clubs


The Gold Medal Wine Club offers 6 different wine subscriptions, each with their own unique appeal. These wine clubs are:


  • Gold Series Wine Club (2+ bottles, monthly delivery, from $39 a box)
  • Platinum Series Wine Club (2+ bottles, monthly, from $89 a box)
  • Diamond Series Wine Club (2+ bottles, quarterly, from $179 a box)
  • Pinot Noir Series Wine Club (2+ bottles, monthly, from $74 a box)
  • Garagiste Series Wine Club (2+ bottles, monthly, from $75 a box)
  • International Series Wine Club (3+ bottles, quarterly, from $75 a box)


Gold Medal Wine Club’s Wine regions


The Gold Medal Wine Club sources its labels from all over the globe. From renowned vineyards in France to smaller, boutique brands from our own Napa Valley, California. The brand has created a worldwide network of curated winemakers, resulting in a premium quality assortment of wine varieties.

Domestic wine regions include:

Gold Medal Wine Club ReviewAlexander Valley, Sonoma County – California
Mendocino, North Coast – California
Calaveras County, Sierra Foothills – California
Lake County AVA, North Coast – California
Contra Costa County region – California
Santa Clara Valley – California
Columbia Valley – Washington
Willamette Valley AVA, Oregon


International wine regions include:

Gold Medal Wine Club ReviewMendoza region – Argentina
Châteauneuf-du-Pape – France
Burgundy – France
Alentejo – Portugal
Nahe Valley region – Germany
Mamertino di Milazzo, Sicily – Italy
Tuscany – Italy
McLaren Vale – Australia


For a full list of the wine regions found in the Gold Medal Wine Club selection, please click here.





Curated, high-quality wines that will surprise, and entice your taste buds. Lots of expertise. Interesting wine education materials. Great gift-appeal.


The club does not offer free shipping or a money-back guarantee. It’s also quite pricey for those on a budget and does not let you personalize your boxes.

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