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6 Reasons We Love Giuliana Rancic’s Xo,G Wine

6 Reasons We Love Giuliana Rancic’s Xo,G Wine

iLoveWine Staff

E! TV host and reality show star Giuliana Rancic hit the wine market with a fantastic new line, Xo,G. 

The range introduced has given us a variety of reasons to love it. In this post we are going to inform you about all the features that makes this portable wine collection different and a go-to option.

Features Of Xo,G Wine

1. Each Package Contains 4 Pre-Packaged Wine Glasses

Spoiled bottles of un-drank wine are a tragic waste. Moment of silence.

Thankfully, Rancic’s Xo,G collection is here to save the day with four individually-sealed, stemless glasses of wine. Now, you can have one glass at a time, without fear of wasting an entire bottle of fermented grape goodness.


2. The Glasses Are Conveniently Portable

Because of their individual serving sizes, the Xo,G glasses of wine can go with you anywhere. To the park, to your friend’s house, to the beach–wherever a big ole bottle is unsightly or inconvenient. Wine-to-go? Yes, please.



3. The Premium Selection

While Giuliana Rancic’s wine line is just beginning, she has made some wonderful debut choices. A crisp Rosé wine, a fruity moscato, a silky smooth Pinot Noir, and a citrus-y Pinot Grigio. YUM!

Rancic hand-selected the wine herself after an extensive taste-test. That’s the kind of painstaking work we can get behind.

4. They Make Great Gifts

The cute packaging practically screams, “I make the perfect gift!” Of course, it’s so cute and perfect, you will want to keep a package for yourself, too.



5. The Wines Are Easy On The Wallet

Great news for your bank account: the collection is affordable!

How affordable? Try $10, per Rancic herself. $50 for an entire case when you buy online.

Adorable packages of delicious wine for $10? That seems too good to be true!

6. They’re available at Walmart

Xo,G is exclusively available at Walmart.

Rejoice, for good wine shall always be easily accessible. Pick up a pack or two when you are running in to buy those 18 last-minute items for your kid’s art project that you didn’t realize was due tomorrow. Don’t fret if it’s not available in your state yet; Xo,G is also online.



That’s a wrap!

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Thanks for reading! Do try the another amazing wine range, Apothic Wines!!

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