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Fete Petite Sirah Wine Review in 2023

Fete Petite Sirah Wine Review in 2023

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Once upon a time, a red wine was created, with the best petite sirah grapes. This wine gave us reason to celebrate life in all its aspects. This incredible, joyous drink is non-other than the Fete Petite Sirah, a wine made with love, for all occasions.

Source: Fete Today

Wine Review: Fete Petite Sirah

As a noun, fete means a celebration or festival, and as a verb, it means to honor lavishly. There is no coincidence that Fete Petite Sirah includes the same word.

The winemakers of Fete Today believe in celebrating the joy in life. Although everyone has their share of ups and downs, they believe that life should be celebrated positively, and what better way than with a glass of vibrant, delicious wine?

“We also celebrate when times are rough. This philosophy has become so central to our family’s culture that every time we experience disappointment, our go-to joke is “how are we going to celebrate this?” We figure that if we can celebrate when things are great AND when things are bad, we can find contentment and joy in all things. We don’t always get to choose our circumstances, but we do get to choose how we respond to them.” – Fete Today

Source: Fete Today (Photo by Vivien Killilea/WireImage)
  • Starting out was a whim for Fete Today, they came across five acres of land with petite sirah grapes, and a foreclosed house while house hunting.
  • The two could not shake the feeling that they were meant to buy this property. So, with some setbacks, they did!
  • After four years of hard work, this vineyard is now producing wine that must be tasted.

Wine Fact: Petite sirah is a rare grape, with less than 10,000 vines grown worldwide, the most of which are grown in California

Did Someone Say Chocolate?

I am the biggest fan of dark chocolate, and nothing is better than enjoying my chocolate with a perfectly paired wine. Fete Petite Sirah is the kind of red that is a match made in heaven when enjoyed with 60% cocoa chocolate.

I’m drooling already!

Source: Pixabay

There are some truly excellent tips on pairing wine with chocolate that you should know, and put into use!

  • Taste with purpose: take a small sip of wine, then a bite of chocolate. Let the chocolate start to melt in your mouth, and then take another sip of wine.
  • We highly recommend pairing complementary tastes, so pair wine according to the chocolate’s darkness.
  • In most cases, choose a red wine, as those varietals stand up to chocolate’s nuanced flavors.
  • Select a softer wine with rounder tannins for lighter chocolates.
  • Pick a bolder, full-bodied wine for darker chocolates.
  • But feel free to break the rules: some white wines have what it takes to match chocolate sip for bite.
  • Pro tip: While most chocolate offers sweetness in some way, you don’t have to pair chocolate with only sweet wines. Dark chocolate, in particular, begs for something with bigger tannins and some acidity. (These helpful tips are from Penns Woods Winery.)

Not only does this Sirah work well with chocolate, but it’s also the best addition to a BBQ. Talk about celebrating! Because the wine’s body boasts cocoa and blackberry flavors, with cranberries exploding in your mouth first and raspberry that lingers after the sip is taken, this wine is made for steak and BBQ ribs!

How Does The Fete Petite Sirah Stack Up?

Source: Amazon

Fete Petite Sirah has been tried, tested, and rated. Here is some feedback from fellow wine-lovers:

“Fruity and light, this petite sirah is the perfect way to fete the end of the day or a special occasion! It stands up to both fanfare and kicking back enjoying the afternoon.” – Erin Mettler (

“I have opened 2 bottles of Fete so far for a girls brunch and a family dinner. Both times it was quite the success and at least one person from each event wanted to know where they could get the wine! It is very tasty and smooth, a wine for everyone. I just ordered 6 more bottles and I have 2 more at home! <3” – Patricia Lopez (Fete Today)

“I am in no way a wine expert. I just know if I like it or not. Often I find myself not actually enjoying wine at tastings until the 4th or 5th taste, and by then it’s probably confused taste buds. This was different from the moment I took my first sip. I thought, “Delicious”! There wasn’t a harsh bite or after taste. Not too dry, not too sweet, just right. Maybe they should rename it “Goldilocks”.” – Heidi Snavely (

There’s an App for That!

Just when you think a wine can’t get any more fun — Fete Today is the first wine brand to have a scan-able label that works together with a fun, celebration app. Download the app for your iPhone or android, and scan the wine bottle for fun photo props, and fireworks!

Whether you have something special to celebrate, or you want to start a tradition of celebrating life’s letdowns, Fete Petite Sirah is the perfect cheery choice. It also makes great gifts for anyone, especially party hosts. Inspire celebration in your life by ordering a 750ml bottle on Amazon.

Makes a fantastic gift!

 Have you tried any spectacular new wines lately? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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