Product spotlight: EuroCave Wine Cooler

Product spotlight: EuroCave Wine Cooler


At I Love Wine, we make a lot of ‘Favorites’ list. From wine openers to wine magazines, wine fridges to wine glasses: our aim is to give you an overview of the best products on the market. However, sometimes we come across a product that we simply want to highlight by itself, no lists required. Which brings us to the EuroCave Wine Cooler, a top choice for wine lovers to keep their chill.

Let’s take an in-depth look at why this device is such a must-have for any wine enthusiast:



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About the EuroCave Wine Cooler

EuroCave Wine Art Preservation System - Dual Zone Wine Preserver and Chiller
20 Reviews
EuroCave Wine Art Preservation System - Dual Zone Wine Preserver and Chiller
  • QUIET, COMPACT AND COUNTERTOP-FRIENDLY - With a whisper-quiet design and a height under 19 inches, Wine Art is the perfect fit for the space between most countertops and wall cabinets.
The EuroCave Wine Cooler is an innovative device to keep your wines chilled, and preserved, in optimum conditions. This unique preservation system adds longevity to your drinking pleasure, maximizing flavor and wine enjoyment.

The wine cooler is quiet, compact, and fits perfectly on a kitchen countertop or wine cabinet. With a height just under 19 inches, it’s a great choice even for wine lovers with limited space availability.


Dual-zone cooling


This EuroCave Wine Cooler features two separate compartments that operate independently. This allows you to alternate the temperature between each compartment, matching it exactly to a specific label’s needs. For example 60° Fahrenheit for reds, and 46° Fahrenheit for whites and rosés. This dual-cooling zone technology adds a lot of versatility and function to the design and really makes it stand out from other compact wine coolers on the market. By keeping whines chilled at optimum temperate, you are able to keep them tasting fresh, longer, and allow your bottles to release their full flavors when poured.


Prevent oxidation
Another way the innovative EuroCave dual-zone wine cooler keeps your wines preserved is by preventing oxidation. When you store your bottles in the designated compartments, the device its ‘air-extraction technology’ automatically removes the oxygen from any opened bottles. This special vacuum method means you’ll eliminate the risks of short-term oxidation and spoilage. No need to finish that bottle in one evening, as the EuroCave Wine Cooler ensures you can preserve the flavor and quality of opened bottles for up to 10 days!

This wine essential is also easy to use and features a sleek control panel with intuitive iconography to make setting the right temperature a breeze, even for technophobes. The sleek glass panel doors also add a touch of style, displaying your wines in an elegant way.

Do note that delivery of this wine cooler is not available to California, due to California Energy Commission Energy Efficiency standards regarding annual energy consumption (kWh).


What do the reviews say?


The EuroCave Wine Cooler, also listed under the product name EuroCave Wine Art Preservation System, is rated highly by other wine enthusiasts. With dozens of rave reviews, the design definitely has the approval of wine connoisseurs.

Wine enthusiasts praise the design’s compact silhouette. Which, according to various reviewers, fits perfectly on top or under kitchen cabinets. Whilst other wine coolers and preservation systems normally extend upwards, the EuroCave Wine Cooler only measures 19 inches in height: making it super convenient to place in tight spaces, according to reviews.

Other consumers are also positive over the airtight seal the device creates, preventing air leaks and keeping wines fresh, longer. Also mentioned is that the design is very quiet compared to other models. Which means no humming or annoying background noises when you enjoy your wine chilled to perfection in the comfort of your own home.

The negatives are limited. One wine enthusiast received a faulty device, but we have to note this can always happen when ordering online. You should, therefore, ensure any wine accessory bought is covered by a money-back or free return guarantee, just in case! Another minor downside is that the EuroCave Wine Cooler is quite pricey. Though most wine enthusiasts agree that it does offer value-for-money and that its quality is worth the splurge…


It’s not a budget buy, but if you have the money to spend, the EuroCave Wine Cooler may be your favorite new wine accessory. Not only does it preserve your wines for up to 10 days longer, but the design also helps bring out the optimum flavor in your vino. Plus, it’s compact, convenient sizing means it slots in easily between kitchen cabinets, or on top of countertops. We also like the quietness, and sleek aesthetics, of this fancy wine indulgence. It might not be a match for every wine enthusiast, but we’re confident those who demand the highest quality standard will love this luxurious EuroCave product!