Essential Tips How To Get Wine From Your Table Linen

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If you’re expecting to have dinners and guests coming in for a few drinks or more, it’s always inevitable that there’s going to be a lot of mess, especially in the dining area. After a night of merrymaking and red wine drinking, perhaps you may be faced with one of your current biggest woes: your well-loved linens have stains from all that red wine you and your guests enjoyed.


If you’re thinking that you need to buy new linens, then perhaps you should consider cleaning the ones with stained first. There must be something you can do to make them brand new again. Fret not, as this article gives you some of the best tips to try that are effective in removing red wine stains.


That way, you’ll never have to worry about cleaning (or never being able to clean) up that mess again.


  1. Bring Out The Kitchen Salt


One of the essential home remedies in removing wine on your table linen is something you can find in your kitchen pantry. You can clean up red wine stains directly using salt.


But, this applies only if you do this remedy as soon as the stain occurs. While the stain is still fresh and wet, immediately dab the affected area with a kitchen towel. Cover the entire affected area with salt.


Leave the salt to soak into the wet area and allow it to dry. When the salt dries up, the stain is also sucked in.


With this process, you can continue to bring out the perfect linens for your event, without any drop of the stain that happened the event prior.


  1. Boil Some Water


After a night of fun and laughter, you may have guests asking for tea or coffee to wind down and sober up. Take advantage of this time when boiling water by checking around for stains. You can do a multipurpose function with the water you just boiled, beyond just brewing coffee.


Simply follow this procedure:


  • Boil some water in your kettle.
  • While waiting for it to boil, find a large bowl that fits perfectly on your sink.
  • Then, stretch the area of the linen with the stain on the mouth of the bowl.
  • Seal it well with a rubber band.
  • When the water has thoroughly boiled, pour it at least a foot above, directly on the stain.
  • As you do so, the stain should be gradually removed.


You can repeat the process until the stain is entirely removed.


  1. Soak Up Your Linens


Before you get too tempted to bleach up your linens, take it easy. While bleaching does the trick, you wouldn’t want to expose your linens to unnecessary bleaching, or else they may also age fast.


All you have to do is to follow this procedure:


  • First, soak your linen in warm water for around fifteen to twenty minutes.
  • Add mild, phosphate-free soap.
  • Rinse the linen and leave them to air dry.


  1. Mix Up Dishwashing Soap


For this recipe, all you need to do is create a mix of dishwashing soap and hydrogen peroxide. Mix equal parts in a bowl and pour it directly over the stain. Right away, the stain should immediately begin to fade. Once the mixture has soaked up the stain, you can put the linens as you ordinarily do on the laundry.


For this procedure, however, a word of caution for you to remember is that this recipe works best only for light-colored linen. The hydrogen peroxide may tend to alter or distort dark or brightly-colored clothes.


  1. Lemons


Red wine also goes perfectly served with oysters. If this is part of your menu, you’re sure to have lemons on hand in your pantry. Should an accident happen, you can use those extra lemons to clean up, too.


Lemons are also excellent stain removers when mixed with salt. Rub this mixture on your linens. Then, leave it to air dry. Once it’s thoroughly dried up, rinse the linen again with warm and clean water. Leave it to air dry another time.


Although this may not always perfectly clean your linen, it can create a good starting point before you try other remedies.


  1. Seek The Help Of Professionals


When all else fails, it also pays to seek the help of the professionals. Especially when you’re not sure or confident enough with what you’re doing, it’s better to leave it in the hands of the experts than to try and then fail even more. The worst that can happen is that you’re going to create more severe damage on your linen.


If there’s a team of washing professionals around your area that you can enlist in their service, then do so. They know the best solution to your problem, perhaps more than you can.




Next time someone spills red wine on your linen, you no longer have to panic. These tips are going to have you feeling like an expert housewife. For the next party, you won’t even have to worry about getting new linens. You can bring out the old ones, style them up differently, and no one will also get to notice any stains that may have been there from before.





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