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Donuts For Grown Ups: Wine Infused Treats

Donuts For Grown Ups: Wine Infused Treats

iLoveWine Staff

Life is too short.  Eat the donut and drink the wine.  Two of my favorite things are wine and donuts.  So wine not combine them and make a winut!  Here are a few of my favorite recipes that are sure to leave a party in your mouth.



1. Chocolate & Red Wine Biscuit Donuts

If you are like me, the combo of Red Wine and Chocolate is hard to beat.  Throw in a donut on top of that and now we are talking business.  These heart shaped glazed donuts mixed with red wine add a twist of romance and deliciousness.  Add some sprinkles on top and you will have a love affair with these tasty treats.



2. Vegan Raspberry White Wine Glazed Donuts

These are a great treat to whip up with any left over white wine and add a sweet delight with a raspberry glaze.  Plus, they are Vegan and Dairy-free.  Score! Indulge in a few of these guilt free donuts and you will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.



3. Mimosa Donut

The most logical choice is to bring your Brunch game to a whole new level, giving you the Mimosa Donut.  A favorite brunch cocktail, this combo will make you want to brunch so hard.  One bite and you will wish every day was Sunday Funday!



4. Baked Champagne Donuts with Champange Glaze

Pop the bubbly and get ready to bake up some of these sparkling beauties.  These champagne infused donuts even taste better than they look and they have DIY Edible Confetti.  The champagne glaze gives each one a little twist of goodness with a bit of a boozy, sweet punch.  You will want to throw your hands up like you donut care.



5. Low Fat Red Wine Donut

I mean, red wine. donuts. chocolate chips. Is there anything else in this world we need? No. These chocolate circles of just pure HAPPINESS are so good, and hello…They are Low Fat. You take a bite and your mouth immediately tastes the rich, gooey chocolate flavor with a touch of Red Velvet wine.  They are just MIND-BLOWINGLY delicious.



6. Rosé Donut

Rosé all day…Yes Please!  These super girly pink perfection donuts are super easy to make and lets face it, who doesn’t love some Pink Champagne!  Get ready to eat three, four, (okay five) of these delicious baked treats.  Just…Donut judge me!



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