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DIY Wine Racks You Can Make At Home

DIY Wine Racks You Can Make At Home

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A wine rack is a great way to store your wine collection in an organized manner. It can also be a space-saving solution for storing wine bottles in small living spaces, such as apartments. All wine lovers understand the need to store good wine properly. At the same time, it may be challenging to find that perfect storage unit that is classy, edgy, and functional at the same time.

There are many different types of racks that you can build yourself. You can build them out of wood, metal, or any other material that you have on hand. The most common type is the slat wall rack, which is made from slats of wood arranged in a rectangle shape.

Easy to make DIY Wine Racks

Here are some options that help you DIY wine racks without buying big storage racks or units.

  1. Plant Hangers

We all have plant hangers that are currently not in use, so here is an excellent way to put them to use. Why use a rack at all? Plant hangers are a great way to amp up your décor and store wine. It adds a boho-chic look to your place at no additional cost.

  1. Wooden Crate

Another inexpensive way to create a wine rack DIY way is a wooden crate. These are readily available at any craft store. All you got to do is add an X or Y with a wooden plank and start storing your wines. Paint, polish or distressed look can all be attained as per current décor.

  1. Rope to Rope

This DIY wine rack can be made using a wooden slab, thick ropes, and a glue gun. The rope really needs to be stiff to avoid drooping. Clear varnish or adhesive can be used to harden the rope. Just glue the ropes vertically in sizes that can hold single wine bottle, leave it to dry, and then start storing. This is a nautical-inspired design.

  1. Anti Gravity Wall Wine Holder

This DIY wine rack sure needs some technique but is very interesting to make and look at. Take a wooden slab, put it vertically, and attach a V horizontally. It is not as simple as it sounds because it’s imperative to get the angles right, else the bottles won’t be completely secure. Now make four holes in the V to put in the thinner part of your bottle. Always have this rack full to make it look attractive.

  1. Convert Existing Furniture into a Wine Rack

Every household has a Chester. All you got to do is remove the top drawer and add cubies to store wine. It is a great way to use an old piece of furniture, convert it into a bar cart and keep your wine. The cupboard at the bottom can be a good way to store away extras, glasses, or anything else. It’s a win-win.

  1. Newspaper Hooks to Rescue

While we know wood slab is commonly used for a DIY wine rack, we’ll need it yet again. But, here, no ropes or more wood, we will use newspaper hooks to store our wine. You could use barn wood for that perfect rustic look and screw the newspaper holder to it and fix this rack on your wall, and Viola! Just start storing your favorite wine.

  1. Wine Holder and Stem Ware Rack

Do Crate and Barrel inspire you? Here is a DIY wine rack version of the same. This is not the easiest to make and requires some skill work along with patience. You need a couple of tools, bolts, nails, and glue along with wood to make this. But if you love woodwork, then this is for you. First, cut stem ware slots with the jigsaw next attach the stem ware rack at the bottom of the back board. Now attach the side pieces to hold the ledge, which will store the bottles. Fix this on the wall after screwing in the front of the rack, and done! This wine rack looks stunning, with bottles placed on the top and glasses hanging at the bottom.

  1. Shoe Rack to Wine Rack

We all have shoe racks in our house that have either turned old or were too small to fit enough shoes, or you simply want to buy a new one. Either way, the old shoe rack can be put to great use with just minor tweaks. Yes, all you shall do is, unscrew the wooden shelves inside. Now, add a small strip of wood as a stopper, tilt the rack and screw it back. Tilting is vital so that all the bottles can be laid properly. If yours is the one with cupboard-like closures in front, those can be unscrewed too, and you have a nice wine rack sitting in your living room with a modern look.

  1. Clay Pipes

Clay Pipes are nothing short of a stunning statement wine rack. If you have clay pipes lying around in your garage, then this wine rack is absolutely free of cost. Many wineries use these to store wines too. They add to aesthetic of your bar or living room and are also very cost effective. The clay pipes could be painted on or left to their colour depending on the décor of your house.

Why Should I Build My Own Wine Rack, When There are So Many To Choose From?

If you’re looking for a pre-made wine rack, there are many available on the market, but they’re often expensive and don’t fit in with your home. The benefits of building your own custom wine rack are that it’s affordable, it’s stylish, and it fits in with you.

The benefits of building your own wine rack are:

  • You can design the wine rack to your needs and space.
  • A customized wine rack to match your décor and style is possible.
  • You can build a custom wine rack that fits in with your home décor.
  • It saves a lot of money.

These are the few DIY wine rack ideas that help you get chic, classy, and statement wine racks at minimal or no cost. Some of them are a little tedious and require a lot of effort, but those who love woodwork should find it like a cakewalk. Happy Wine-ing! Check this unique space saving idea of over the fridge wine rack.

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