Cornerstone Cellars Syrah Rosé Wine Review

Spring, summer and autumn have two things in common. These are all seasons (obviously!) Plus, each one of them is the perfect time of year to have a glass (or bottle) of Cornerstone Cellars Syrah Rosé.  This Syrah is so perfect for sipping that you won’t want to put it down!

Wine Review: Cornerstone Cellars Syrah Rosé

Delicate hints of rose petal, dark cherry, and strawberry combine to provide this rosé with beautiful aromas. Spices and herbs also filter in the mix of scents, leaving you with a mouthful of zesty heaven. A tender sip of Cornerstone Cellars Syrah Rosé leaves behind citrus flavors, as well as strawberry and red berry on the palate.

This 100% Syrah grows on Crane Ranch Vineyard, Oak Knoll in California’s Napa Valley. The Oak knoll district of Napa Valley is the second coolest appellation in the region. The results of its geographical location reflects the growing season. Here, the grapes mature less quick, maintaining a steady, even product. They also have bright color, distinguished aromas, and satisfying flavor.

After growing, the grapes move on to the fermentation process. This begins by a press of the whole Syrah bunches, followed by fermentation in stainless steel. Once those steps are complete, the wine then ages in oak that is neutral to enhance flavors, without altering them. The oak-aging takes approximately five months.

The results of this entire process, from seed to glass, hails a great-tasting rosé. It is no surprise that Cornerstone Cellars devote their passion to their product. Speaking of the brand behind the bottle…

Cornerstone Cellars Syrah Rosé

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From The Folks at Cornerstone Cellars

Michael Dragutsky founded Cornerstone Cellars in 1991. The wines they’ve produced for a little shy of 30 years are the vision of both Dragutsky, and his wine making team.

“The symbiosis of their personalities are realized in our wines. We make what we believe in. We are not about statistics and points, terroir is terroir and every vineyard must find its own balance. There is no finer place in the world to grow cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc and merlot than the Napa Valley. It is both an honor to be able to craft wine from such outstanding fruit and it our responsibility to make each wine to the very best of our ability. Our wines all express our vision of the (three) V’s: vineyard, vintage and variety.” (Cornerstone Cellars)

Their beliefs are simple, and yet the deliver quality wines again and again. Furthermore, you can join one of their choice wine clubs. They have three to choose from and they all look exciting!

Wine Clubs

1. Choice Club

As its name might incline, this membership is all about choosing the wines and quantities you desire. This club receives shipments in March, June, and September, with the option to opt-in for January and November. If that wasn’t awesome enough, they send you a 4-pack of bottles if you happen to leave your selection blank. So, if you forget to fill it out—no worries—there is still vino for you!

2. Collectors Club

Wines ship in May and October. Each shipment delivers six bottles and as a member you receive a sample pack of their total wine list. As a bonus, shipping is 50% off and this club offers concierge service.

3. Case Club

As the name also suggests here, members receive 12 bottles of red wine in February, May, and October.  In this case you will find their most collectable wines made to age in your cellar. This membership includes free shipping, and concierge service, as well.

Cellar Selection Club:

Once a year they open up their cellar to a few lucky members and ship 6 bottles of their collection. With free shipping, as well as access to their most valued wines, this club is the VIP of them all. Of course, to gain access to this prime membership, you must first belong to one of the other three options.

For more information on the clubs and pricing, visit Cornerstone Cellars.

Syrah! It’s Dinner Time.

If you’re anything like me, you lick your lips at even the slightest hint at food, never mind when there is wine involved, too! *insert drool emoji here*

A proper review of any wine isn’t done until we talk food. So, sit back, my fellow foodie and feast your eyes on this!

Cornerstone Cellars Syrah Rosé

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Mmmm shrimp!

You got it—Cornerstone Cellars Syrah Rosé is a match made in underwater bliss for those who like seafood. It pairs best with grilled salmon, and shellfish. Both of these just happen to be my absolute favorite treat! recommends their own, unique pairings, as well. They match it with:

  • antipasto
  • grilled tuna
  • Thai/Indian curries
  • roasted pork loin

Interesting choices for an adventurous eater. Considering that Syrah is rich in tannins, it should pair with a good fatty steak, too. The options are endless with this wine, and I encourage using your own unique foodie flare to source out new and exciting pairings.

If your also like me—and are currently sitting on your couch, binge watching Netflix in your jammies, and thinking about what you will get up to this weekend—good news… I have a plan! Grab your smartphone, tablet, or PC, and go to Amazon. Order up a bottle or two of Cornerstone Cellars Syrah Rosé, try a new recipe featuring shrimp or king crab, and share a romantic evening with your Lobster. Extra points if you get my reference.

Happy Wining!

Cornerstone Cellars Syrah Rosé