Collapsible Wine Glass: Who Said No Drinking by the Pool?

While it is true that a nice crystal wine glass is a staple of sophistication, a collapsible wine glass is a staple of having fun with your friends without having to worry about broken glass. Using this glasses is far from being the best way of consuming your favorite beverage, but it is a very entertaining way and a very safe way.

Like most things, collapsible wine glasses have their advantages and their drawbacks, but in certain situations, these advantages know to really shine and to make these silicone cups one of the best wine accessories you have in your kitchen.

Additionally, these glasses are an excellent solution for people we tend to forget from time to time, the elderly, as they provide a better grip and added security because there is no chance anyone could cut themselves. Also, if you are making a family barbeque by the pool, you will never pour a child some juice in a Zwei crystal glass, but you can always use one of these, and the child will be happy because they are drinking from the same glass. Obviously, keep the Riesling for yourself and leave the apple juice for the under-aged.

Unlike traditional wine glasses, collapsible wine glasses will never break.

Unlike traditional wine glasses, silicone cups will never break.

The Importance of Glass Geometry

There is a big misconception that wine glasses were made to be pretty. No. We have accepted them to be beautiful and sophisticated because they work, but when the first glass blowers in Venice were making wineglasses, they were trying to make the best possible shape so that the wine could sit, breathe, and keep its temperature once poured.

For these silicone collapsible wine glasses, geometry is in many ways tricky, as they will fold inside the hand and make a different shape than they had whilst undisturbed. As this is a 14-ounce stemless cup with a relatively large bowl, it is adequate for red wine while standing, but it does become narrower if it is picked up.

This is where the drinker should come in, as there is some effort and thought involved if you want to get the best taste from your silicone collapsible wine glass. If you are drinking red wine, leave it to breathe undisturbed for a few moments, and then take it from the bottom, cradling it in your hand. This way the glass will not flex, and you will be able to sense all the aroma from the slight aeration.

White wine needs less aeration but is also more susceptible to overheating and becoming both stale and acidic at the same time. Because of this, you should always pour less white wine, about half glass, and toast it as soon as possible. You can take up the cup by the middle and raise it as you wish, as the change in geometry will only help the white wine.

Food-Grade Silicone vs. Glass

Opposite to popular opinion, as a material, food-grade silicone is not always worse than glass, especially when it comes to the taste itself. The silicone can also be chilled as a glass, and there is no residue, smell, or taste in either that the human palate can sense. This is true only for high-quality silicone and high-quality glass, as both can be very toxic if subpar, silicone with residue and glass with led.

This mention of quality is very important, as silicone cups are not as widespread as wine glasses, most people can’t yet distinguish the high quality once from the knock-offs. Actually, testing this is quite easy, as you should just try to tear them. Low-grade silicone tears and changes color when under stress, food-grade silicone doesn’t.

The only real difference between the two materials is the stiffness and the transparency. It is impossible to make the same angles with silicone as you would with glass, and there is no way to make glass as flexible as you would make silicone.

Shatterproof Wine Squishy Cups by Jokel

These are probably the best silicone collapsible wine glasses on the market today, as they are made from the top-tier LFBG grade silicone that tested under German food and commodity standards, which is stricter than the one we have here in the United States. Because of this standard, the cups will never chip, never break, and are even extremely hard to tear with human hands alone. They are virtually indestructible short of cutting them open with a very sharp knife.

There are several additional benefits to having a collapsible wine glass, as it is very easy to clean, and even easier to carry. You can stuff as many of these cups in your backpack as you want, and there is not a specific way to do so as with regular wine glasses.

Finally, these collapsible cups are a perfect gift for any wine lover you may know, as everyone wants to have an option to bring their wine outside and never worry that they will have to clean the shards if they were to drop it accidentally.

Who Should Use a Collapsible Wine Glass?


While there are some cultures in the world which often give children wine, it is probably better to leave them to develop the affinity once they are of age. Until then, you can pour in juice, soda, or any other beverage that they might like and be sure that they will never break the glass and hurt themselves.


This is one of the best gifts you can give to a senior wine drinker, as it is very easy to hold, and even easier to clean. The grip is a very important factor for many senior citizens, and it is even better when apart from the grip they might know that they can’t break the glass, making their hand steadier in the first place.

Party People

Not so different than children and the elderly, party people also want to do the same things as everyone else, not admitting that their capabilities are diminished. If you are having a pool party, the collapsible wine glass is a life saver, as you will never have to clean broken glass from the bottom of the pool again.

Are there any Risks?

The only reasonable risk when using the collapsible wine glass is that you may spray wine all over yourself if you squeeze the cup too tightly. You will never cut yourself, and very little would happen if you would step on the glass, but if you are not careful when picking it up, you can shoot the wine into the air, splashing everywhere.


In the end, it is obvious that the silicone wine cup is not for everyone and that it has its drawbacks but, if you can imagine a situation where you would need an indestructible wine glass, then this is the solution for you. If you have a dream of organizing a poolside wine tasting for all of your friends and their families, then having these cups might just make your wine go down much easier.

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