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Best Wine Opener in 2023

Best Wine Opener in 2023

Jonas Muthoni

How do you choose the best wine opener?

There are several styles available these days, each offering different features and advantages.

It’s no longer a simple battle between corkscrews vs electric wine openers.

Manual corkscrews have come a long way since the classic straight pull corkscrews, and electric wine openers are now affordable as well as precise. This is wonderful for the wine community as a whole, allowing more options to suit your personal style as well as your needs.

Whether you choose a manual corkscrew or an electric opener, it should be comfortable in your hands and easy to use. The opener should also remove the cork seamlessly, without breakage or leaving bits behind in the bottle. It should also handle all standard sizes, whether the cork is natural or synthetic.

Beyond that, choosing a wine opener is a matter of personal preference. Here are some of our favorite wine openers of each type.

Waiter’s Corkscrews

Historically, manual corkscrews could be somewhat of a challenge for the uninitiated. Fortunately, clever designers have added hinges for better leverage to make these even easier to use. Waiter’s corkscrews are popular because they’re compact and usually contain several tools, much like a Swiss army knife.

In addition to the corkscrew, most also have a foil cutter and a bottle opener.

1. Barvivo Professional Waiter’s Corkscrew 

Barvivo Wine Opener Professional Corkscrews for Wine Bottles w/Foil Cutter and Cap Remover, Double Hinged Manual Wine Key for Bartenders, Servers, Waiters, Stainless Steel - Natural Pekkawood
10,422 Reviews
Barvivo Wine Opener Professional Corkscrews for Wine Bottles w/Foil Cutter and Cap Remover, Double Hinged Manual Wine Key for Bartenders, Servers, Waiters, Stainless Steel - Natural Pekkawood
  • Effortless Wine Opening: Experience seamless uncorking with our double-hinged wine key—ideal for wine enthusiasts, bartenders, and servers seeking smooth, hassle-free operation.

Price- $13

The Barvivo is a beautiful little all-in-one waiter’s corkscrew

Product Details

  • It has a double-hinged fulcrum to make dealing with long corks easier.
  • The spiral has a “double worm” design to grip both synthetic and natural corks firmly.
  • We also love the weight of the corkscrew, which makes it easy to handle.
  • The handle is available in rosewood, as well as a variety of colorful resins.
  • And the cute packaging, this makes an excellent gift for new wine lovers.

2. Prestige Waiter’s Corkscrew by Coutale Sommelier

Prestige Waiters Corkscrew By Coutale Sommelier - Rosewood - Handmade and Sustainable Pinewood Crate - French Patented Spring-Loaded Double Lever Wine Bottle Opener for Bartenders and Gifts
  • FRENCH PATENTED SPRING-LOADED DOUBLE LEVER – The Coutale Sommelier range of corkscrews are the ONLY range of patented spring-loaded double lever corkscrews on the market. Patented by Philip...

Price- $40

The Prestige from Coutale Sommelier also makes a marvelous gift.

Product Details

  • Their wine openers are gorgeous, crafted from stainless steel and hand-cut rosewood.
  • This one is also available in natural wood, black, or all stainless steel.
  • Once again, we love the weight of this corkscrew and the craftsmanship is bound to make an impression whenever you use it.

Winged Openers

While winged openers are easier than the old school corkscrews, we find them a little clunky to use.

Maneuvering the wings and thumbwheel can take some practice and there are other easier-to-use styles on the market. Still, we know they have diehard fans out there, so we’ll recommend one.

1. HiCoup Wing Corkscrew Wine Opener

HiCoup Wine Opener - Wing Corkscrew Beer and Wine Bottle Opener w/Winged Grip and Stopper - Easy to Use
  • FORM MEETS FUNCTION - This wine corkscrew opener feels substantial in your hand and looks elegant on the table. It's no wonder professional sommeliers use this type of cork remover for foolproof...

Price- $16

The HiCoup Wing Corkscrew opener is one of the more comfortable versions of the winged corkscrew that we’ve tried.

Product Details

  • The corkscrew has a nonstick coating to help it slide into the cork and the knob is wide, making it easy to turn.
  • This set also comes with a wine stopper in case you leave the bottle unfinished.
  • Both items arrive in a felt-lined gift box which is also useful for storage.

Vertical Lever Openers

Lever openers are a quick way to manually open a bottle of wine. Simply place the opener over the bottle with the spiral by the cork and the lever in the up position. When you press the lever, it will gently force the spiral straight down into the cork. Pull the lever up and the cork will come with it.

1. OXO SteeL Vertical Lever Corkscrew

Price- $42.13

The OXO SteeL is a marvelous lever corkscrew.

Product Details

  • Like other OXO products we’ve tried over the years, it impresses with both its durability and its design.
  • It’s simple to correctly position and the lever lifts and lowers easily.
  • We also love that the foil cutter clips into the body of the tool for quick storage.
  • We miss having a bottle opener, but appreciate that it comes with an extra replacement spiral.

2. Brookstone Compact Wine Opener: $50

Brookstone Compact Wine Opener
  • Brookstone Compact Wine Opener

Price- $34.99

The Brookstone works similarly to the OXO SteeL, but has a slightly different design.

Product Details

  • The handle is a little longer, which gives more leverage.
  • If you prefer more stainless steel to the black body on the OXO SteeL, that would also give this model the edge.
  • Unfortunately it does not come with any extra accessories or replacement parts.

3. Holleringlan Wine Bottle Opener

Wine Bottle Opener Corkscrew Set-[2020 Upgraded] Holleringlan Wine Opener Kit With Foil Cutter,Wine Stopper And Extra Spiral
  • 🥂【High-quality & Ease Of Use】 Each element of our set is made of high-quality materials due to its simple and attractive design made of durable stainless steel, it provides an excellent...

Price- $25.99

The holleringlan wine bottle opener is the perfect kit that contains everything a wine lover will love.

Product Details

  • The kit contains a corkscrew opener that is accompanied by a foil cutter, wine stopper, and an extra spiral just in case. With this kit, opening your bottle of wine is no longer a struggle.
  • This wine opener is made from the best grade of stainless steel there is.
  • Made from bronze-plated grips, metal gears & a Teflon-coated spiral, this opener provides nothing but comfort and efficiency.
  • Every element that makes up this kit is made from high-quality materials that promise nothing but durability and efficiency.
  • This kit is not just a practical addition to your home but it is also extremely classy and deserves a place at every gathering that requires bottles of wine to be present, be it dinner or a wine-tasting party.
  • The wine opener is an ergonomic design that uses a simple manual lever procedure to remove the cork from a bottle of wine.
  • The opener along with the foil cutter is easy to operate and extremely safe as it fully and completely removes the cork without breaking it or leaving it in bits and pieces.
  • As a promise of its durability, the brand provides a 2-year warranty that covers a replacement or total refund for a faulty kit.
  • The Holleringlan wine opener kit also makes a very thoughtful and beautiful gift option. 

Electric Openers

If you’re accustomed to manual wine openers, electric wine openers may feel strange at first. You won’t feel the resistance of the cork in the same way, nor feel the control as you pull it out. You will find, however, that they’re wonderful for quickly opening bottles of wine with very little effort. This is also perfect for wine lovers who have difficulty holding and manipulating manual corkscrews.

1. Ozeri Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener

Ozeri Nouveaux Electric Removable Free Foil Cutter Wine Opener, Black
  • Features a European inspired curved design that stands vertically without the need for a separate base

Price- $19

The Ozeri Nouveaux is an electric wine opener that pulls the cork with the push of a button.

Product Details

  • The battery holds enough charge to open 40 bottles of wine and the unit stands upright without a base thanks to its hourglass design.
  • It also has a foil cutter nested inside the removable lid.
  • We love that this opener is available in black, red, or silver, offering some flexibility of styling.
  • Most of all, however, we love the price point. It’s incredible that you can get a good electric wine opener for less than $20.

2. FLASNAKE Electric Wine Opener

Price- $29.99

The FLASNAKE wine opener is another affordable electric corkscrew that gets excellent marks for design and performance.

Product Details

  • It comes in rose gold and, like the Ozeri, has a clear chamber at the bottom so that you can watch the cork extraction.
  • It removes the cork in seconds and can handle 80 bottles of wine on a single charge.
  • This opener also comes with a foil cutter and a USB charging cable.
  • There’s no stand for this opener either, though we find this useful if you don’t want to display it on your countertop. It fits neatly in your pantry or drawer until you’re ready to use it again.
  • For the price, this opener is surprisingly durable and holds its charge well.

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Looking for accessories to spruce up your bar area, kitchen, or wine nook?

A Best Wall Mounted Bottle Opener might just be the thing you’re after. These luxury wine tools make uncorking a breeze, whilst their wall-mounted silhouette also adds decorative value. Never lose your corkscrew again and create a nifty serving station for you, and your guests, to enjoy!

Though this wine accessory might not be for everyone, we’re sure some of you will love the convenience and professional-style of this fancy design. The good news is that there are options for every budget and decor preference. From more affordable, basic buys to luxurious, brass-plated beauties to enhance your home.

We’ve rounded up some of our personal favorites and suggestions by established brands, helping you navigate your way towards the Best Wall Mounted Bottle Opener for your needs.

Get informed about the benefits a Best Wall Mounted Bottle Opener can offer, and discover if this is the perfect wine tool to add to your wishlist!

1. Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Oster Electric Wine Bottle Opener
  • Electric Wine Bottle Opener's stylish and ergonomic design features a soft grip handle that fits in the palm of your hand for a firm grip

Price- $33.98

Amazon’s bestseller, the Oster Cordless Electric wine bottle opener makes opening your wine bottles very easy. Even better, it is accompanied by a wine foil cutter and makes the perfect pair to add to your kitchen.

Product Details

  • It is available in 3 different colours in a style suitable for use at your parties and gatherings.
  • The Oster wine opener set slices through the foil and uncorks your bottle in no time at all.
  • It is the perfect tool to have if you are one to hold a lot of parties especially. One single charge of your wine opener will uncork up to 30 wine bottles in a row.
  • It is a sleek, portable, and ergonomic piece of tool that can be moved around with no hassle at all.
  • The device itself is made from high-quality plastic, making it light and safe for use.
  • It is designed to have a strong grip handle that fits comfortably in the palm.
  • It is cordless yet rechargeable so you do not have to worry about wires while it is in use.
  • The Oster wine opener includes a LED power indicator that lets you know when it is charging or has power on it.
  • The operation is very simple; it works with the push of a button to uncork your bottle of refreshing wine.
  • The Oster wine bottle opener and wine foil cutter set come with a gift box. This beautiful packaging makes the set a sophisticated and thoughtful gift for friends and family.

tipTip: If you’d like to see more products that make uncorking a breeze, then don’t forget to check out our other reviews on the Best Rabbit Wine Openers, the Best Electric Wine Openers, and the Best Wine Opener Keychains.

2. BOJ Professional Wall Mounted Bottle Opener 

Traditional Wall Mounted Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener (Nickel Finish)
  • Corkscrew is made from nickel plated with sapele wood back support

Price- $244.99

The BOJ Professional Wall Mounted Bottle Opener is by far the most luxurious, and highly-rated choice on this list. Yes, we know this premium accessory costs a pretty penny… But if you want a professional-grade device with outstanding durability and style: this is it.

The BOJ Professional Wall Mounted Bottle Opener is often found in bars, restaurants, and wine-tasting rooms. However, it could also enhance your own home with its professional standard and ease of usage.

If you love wine and love entertaining, why not indulge yourself with a bottle opener to last you for years. And one that also makes an eye-catching centerpiece in any bar area or kitchen?

This design by BOJ makes opening bottles a breeze.

Product Details

  • The opener comes with an extra long leverage arm, measuring 12 inches, to maximize extracting power.
  • How to use it? Simply place the bottle in the holder to position. Pull down the lever to penetrate the cork. And pull up once fully engaged. It really is that easy. And, an added bonus is that you are not required to hold the bottle. As the device will keep it firmly in place during the unscrewing process. Which makes a welcome change from the previously listed New Star Wall Mounted Bottle Opener.
  • This elegant choice in Best Wall Mounted Bottle Opener products is made of exquisite materials. Both the handle and backing are produced from Sapele, a large tree native to Africa. This wood, also known as Aboudikro, is often used by high-end car brands in their luxury vehicles’ finishes. Polished and stylish: it certainly adds a touch of class to this fancy opener.
  • The body of the BOJ Professional Opener is made of Zamak. This special material is a blend of zinc and alloying elements and offers outstanding durability.
  • The corkscrew itself is made of quality steel with excellent longevity, ensuring that every cork extraction will go as smoothly as the first.
  • When you’re buying a bottle opener from BOJ, you know you’re getting a genuine, authentic brand in wine accessories. The company produces all its premium products in Spain and still operates as a third generation family-owned company in the same workshop since 1905. Making it a trustworthy, albeit slightly pricey, choice in wine tools.
  • The BOJ Professional Wall Mounted Bottle Opener is rated highly by other consumers for its durability, ease of usage, fancy aesthetics, and functionality. Admittingly, it is expensive. But if you only want to settle for the best, you might have to splurge the cash…

3. Franmara Brass Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Price- $90.11

We rate the Franmara Brass Wall Mounted Bottle Opener as one of the best value-for-money designs on this list. Though not the cheapest on this Best Wall Mounted Bottle overview, we reckon it is still quite affordable. Plus, unlike the cheapest options, it doesn’t compromise on quality and functionality.

Product Details

  • The brass-plated design has a classic polished finish, enhanced by various design elements such a quality wooden handle. This gives the Franmara Brass Wall Mounted Bottle Opener more of a vintage-feel and retro-appeal, often found in the style traditional wine-tasting rooms.
  • The elegant Franmara Brass Wall Mounted Bottle Opener is easy to assemble and includes all necessary screws and inset to mount it on the wall.
  • We would have preferred this design to include a bottle holder, such as the previously listed BOJ Professional product. As there is nothing to ‘hold’ your bottle during the cork extraction, you will need to support it manually and hold it steady. Though according to other consumers, it works as intended, but does take a bit of getting used to in regards to how much force to apply.
  • That said, the Franmara Brass Wall Mounted Bottle Opener is rated highly for its beautiful decorative appeal, value, and functionality. It may take some practice, but the device should get the job done quickly once you get the hang of it.
  • Overall, this product makes a solid, mid-budget choice to enhance your wine tool collection. It’s luxurious brass-plated finish, combined with its affordable pricing, make it a great value deal for any wine enthusiast’s home.


We think the Franmara 5515-BX Bottle Opener offers the best value-for-money appeal. This mid-budget design has a reliable user-rating, reasonable pricing, and looks very chic in any decor. It might not be the top-rated option, but considering it’s over $200 cheaper than the BOJ Professional Wall Mounted Wine Bottle Opener we’d say it makes up for that in affordability.

If you want the highest quality standard, the BOJ product is the way to go. But if you don’t want to hurt your bank account too much, the Franmara opener seems like the better deal.

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