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Which Celebrity Do You Share A Favorite Wine With?

Which Celebrity Do You Share A Favorite Wine With?

iLoveWine Staff

Who are you most likely to share a glass of vino with? While you might not be on any red carpets this year or wearing any VIP badges, you can still drink amongst the stars by finding your celebrity wine soulmate!

Celebrity Wines

1. Beyonce – Pétrus


If you’re anything like Beyonce (and let’s face it, we all want to be), you like your drink fancy and unique. Pétrus is extravagant wine made from the extravagant grapes of the finest soils in France.

It’s also extremely hard to acquire, mostly found online through third-party sellers. Recommended to be bottled 10 years prior to consumption, even a 2006 Red Blend is currently out of stock. Oh, and extremely expensive. The ‘‘06 there clocks in at $1,579.00.

2. Hugh Jackman – Hill of Grace Vineyards


Avid wine lover Hugh Jackman has professed his love, not to any one specific kind of wine, but to specific vineyards.

If you are simply a lover of great wines, adhering more to brands than to types, you and Mr. Jackman would probably hit it off over a glass of whatever you’re feeling that day. One of Jackman’s choice vineyards is the Australian Hill of Grace Vineyards, home of Henschke brand wine.

If you’re not going to be in Australia anytime soon, you can browse the vineyard online.

3. Oprah – Modern House Red Wine


If you enjoy a moderately-priced, but tasty red wine, you and Oprah might be best wine-drinking buds!

This Modern House blend landed on Oprah’s famous list of Favorite Things back in 2013. Oprah touts it as a “delicious proprietary red blend”, which will have red-lovers already curious. The best news is that it’s sold at Target. Actually, the best news of all: it’s only $13.

4. Michael Sheen – Barolo


Actor Michael Sheen has openly declared his fondness for Barolo wine–and who wouldn’t? This spectacular style of wine, made specially from Nebbiolo grapes in the Piedmont region of Italy, is considered one of the best wines in the world and certainly from Italy.

If you’re like Sheen and want nothing but the best and try this Mauro Molino Barolo for a robust, delicious Italian red. At only $35, it’s good to be the best.

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5. Michelle Obama – Graham Beck Brut Sparkling Wine


Maybe you like to explore new avenues of alcoholic indulgence. If you’re a rebel who likes to branch out from the norm, your wine soulmate may be the Former First Lady of the United States herself, Michelle Obama.

A source has it that this Graham Beck sparkling wine is a favorite of Ms. Obama. A brut champagne, using a chardonnay and pinot noir blend, the crisp, fruity flavors combined with richer, savory aftertastes make it an interesting and complex drink for the more refined drinker.

At $16.99, this wine will go easy on the wallet, too.

6. Scarlett Johansson – Moët et Chandon Champagne


Maybe you’re more of a champagne person, and enjoy pouring a glass for those special occasions (or maybe just a Monday night). Scarlett Johansson certainly is–she’s been a spokesperson for Moët et Chandon since 2009.

This luxurious, tasty champagne has a variety of bubblies to choose from--dry, but sparkling; light and fruity; sweet, but tangy. It also doesn’t hurt to have a little Johansson money, either. A bottle of Grand Vintage Rosé will run you $84.99.

7. Charlize Theron – Prefers Wine As a Gift


If you think the best wine is free wine, your celebrity wine drinker is Charlize Theron.

Although a big fan of all wine, Theron has admitted the best wine is a gift. She has also been vocal about her favorite vineyard Blaauwklippen in South Africa. This particular Zinfandel from their vineyard promises “cinnamon and dry fruit aromas against a slightly peppery backdrop”.

It’s $26 price point is also very attractive.

That’s a wrap!

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