Grill Perfect Salmon with these Cedar Planks


Perfect Salmon with Cedar Grilling Planks 


Cedar Grilling PlanksThere are thousands of food pairings with wine, but one of our firm favorites is a delicious piece of grilled salmon with a dry Pinot Gris or a luscious Pinot Noir. Salmon is one of the most versatile choices for wine pairing and can work in perfect unison with red, white AND rosé.

The key to striking the ideal combination? Creating the perfect piece of grilled salmon. Let us share our top secret that will see you be successful every single time: Cedar Grilling Planks.

Cedar Grilling Planks are an easy way to cooking your salmon just right. The method is simple: you place the fillet on the plank of wood and place it over a source of heat, such as a grill, oven or BBQ.

Cedar Grilling PlanksCedar Grilling Planks add robust flavor to the salmon, infusing the flesh with delicate notes of smokiness. They also help bring out even more flavor in your meats, seafood, vegetables or fish, maximizing the impact on your taste buds.

At I Love Wine, we’ve listed 10 of the Best Cedar Grilling Plank for creating the perfect salmon. Use them to create the most delicious piece of grilled salmon to impress your dinner party guests.

All that’s left to do is to crack open the wine and savor the irresistible palette of this food pairing! Bon appetit!


TiCedar Grilling Planksp: To help you understand the magic even better, we’ve included a ‘How to use Cedar Grilling Planks’ at the bottom of this article. Learn how to create the perfect grilled salmon in just 7 easy steps! Quick, simple and tasty: enjoying a perfect wine & food pairing has never been so easy!



Best Cedar Grilling Planks

14-Pack by Wood Fire Grilling Co.

Cedar Grilling Planks 12 Pack Plus 2 Free Alder Planks Western Red Cedar 5 x 11 Inches Size for 2-4 Servings - Cook Salmon, Vegetables, Pork Chops and More
199 Reviews
Cedar Grilling Planks 12 Pack Plus 2 Free Alder Planks Western Red Cedar 5 x 11 Inches Size for 2-4 Servings - Cook Salmon, Vegetables, Pork Chops and More
  • 14 PLANK BUNDLE WITH FREE E-BOOK - Our package includes 12 Cedar Planks plus your choice of flavor - Alder, Hickory, or Maple (scroll options under "Material Type") for 2 FREE planks! You'll also receive a free e-book full of recipes to try with your new grilling planks!

The 14-Pack Cedar Planks by Wood Fire Grilling Co. is an all-in-one pack that will instantly get you started on your grilling adventures. The set includes 12 of the company’s classic cedar grilling planks, plus 2 flavored planks (choose between Alder, Hickory, or Maple).

And that’s not all. You’ll also receive a free e-book, filled with original recipes for making the most of your cedar planks!

This package is a real steal amongst competitors. It’s affordable and with 14 planks included, you really get a lot of bang for your buck. Though the set is priced for a lower budget, it does not comprise on quality. The planks are made of sturdy, untreated wood infused with robust, striking flavor.

Produced in the US, the brand’s manufacturing location is also a ‘Certified Food Grade Facility’ that using no additives or chemicals; making these an authentic, genuine choice in grilling planks.


12-Pack by Grill Gourmet

Cedar Grilling Planks - 12 Pack
4,014 Reviews
Cedar Grilling Planks - 12 Pack
  • Grill Gourmet Cedar Grilling Planks

The 12-Pack by Grill Gourmet is the #1 Best Seller in Grilling Planks, and it’s no secret why consumers love this set so much. These planks are great value for money, textured for more smoke and flavor, plus feature an upgraded thickness for extra durability.

The set receives rave comments from users, who praise the planks larger size (perfect for family meals), sturdiness (suitable for longer grilling), and their flavor infusion (lovely hints of smoke).

The 12-Pack by Grill Gourmet also comes with grilling instructions included and uses Red Cedar from Pacific Northwest, which is known for its excellent quality standard.




Roasting Plank by TrueFire Gourmet


The Roasting Plank by TrueFire Gourmet is one of our personal favorites for creating perfectly grilled salmon. This quality design is made of superior Western Red Cedar, adding a delicate flavor infusion to any type of fish, meat, cheese, or even vegetables.

Even better: the wood used by TrueFire Gourmet is only sourced from sustainably-managed forests. The brand proudly carries the SFI (Sustainable Forest Initiative) logo and makes an environmentally-friendly, responsible choice in cooking accessories.

This quality product also differs in design from other, standard cedar grilling planks on the market. It features a special recessed area in the center. Ideal for preventing juices from dripping all over your oven, stove or grill.

Some cedar grilling planks are only intended for one-time usage. This beauty, however, should last you for many years. It’s a genuine, authentic choice in cooking essentials that – with the correct care – will give you endless culinary pleasure.



Mega Value Pack by Coastal Cuisine

The Mega Value Pack by Coastal Cuisine includes 9 quality planks made of Western Red Cedar, sourced from Canada. The set includes 5 planks measuring 7″ by 16″, and 4 planks measuring 7″ x 8″: making it super versatile for all your grilling needs!

The set also carries the PEFC (Program for Endorsement of Forest) Certification, meaning the brand supports and adheres to sustainable forest management.

These planks can be used on gas and charcoal grills and are compatible with all types of meat, fish, seafood or veggies. The quality wood plank will infuse your protein with a delicious smokey flavor and delicate hints of sweetness.



XL 6-Pack by Wood Fire Grilling Co.

XL Large Cedar Grilling Planks (6 Pack) - 7x15' - Fits Full Filet of Salmon + Free Recipe eBook
62 Reviews

The XL 6-Pack by Wood Fire Grilling Co. includes 6 extra large cedar grilling planks: perfect for big family dinners or special occasions. Though just as practical for everyday usage, the size of these planks lends itself perfectly for larger portions. According to the makers, you’ll fit 4-6 services or a fillet of King Salmon on a single plank.

The wood used by Wood Fire Grilling Co. is sustainably produced. Durable and sturdy, these XL planks are made in a food-safety certified facility in the USA. The company also refrains from using additives or chemicals, allowing the untreated wood to enhance your dishes with all-natural smoke flavor.

Use them to create the perfect piece of grilled salmon, but also other healthy proteins such as chicken and steak. To help you get even more cooking satisfaction from your cedar grilling planks, the XL 6-Pack by Wood Fire Grilling Co. also comes with a free E-book with more recipe inspiration.



Cedar/Alder combo 8-Pack by Camerons

The Cedar/Alder 8-Pack by Camerons Products is an authentic choice in cedar grilling planks. The company is one of the leaders in ‘Smoke Cooking Technology’ and has more than 25 years of experience in creating cooking essentials. Founded to help enhance your culinary adventures with flavor, it offers premium products to take your dishes to the next level.

In the Cedar/Alder 8-Pack you’ll find two types of planks: western cedar and alder hardwood. Both are made in the USA of all-natural wood and each is cut extra thickly for added flavor. Though intended for one-time usage, the makers also state that you may be able to re-use the planks another two times (depending on how charred/worn they are).

The 8-Pack by Camerons Products also has a very attractive price-tag, making them an affordable choice for home cooks. Grilling the perfect piece of salmon does not have to be pricey endeavor: as demonstrated by this amazing budget buy!



6 Flavor Variety Pack by Wildwood Grilling

Wildwood Grilling - 6 Grilling Plank Variety Pack
44 Reviews
Wildwood Grilling - 6 Grilling Plank Variety Pack
  • 6 Flavor Variety Pack - We include 6 wooden planks, each with a different flavor for all of your grilling and smoking needs! You will receive a sampling of Western Cedar, Alder, Hickory, Cherry, Maple, and Red Oak wooden planks in addition to a free e-book with some of our favorite recipes! Like what you taste? We also offer our grilling planks in bulk packages!

The 6 Flavor Variety Pack is a fun choice for cooks who want to explore different types of wood grilling planks. You might have already guessed from the product’s name, but this set by Wildwood Grilling does indeed include 6 different wood varieties. You’ll receive the following types: Western Cedar, Hickory, Cherry, Alder, Red Oak, and Maple. Each plank has its individual characteristics and will, therefore, add a different taste infusion to your protein.

The 6 Flavor Variety Pack by Wildwood Grilling is free of any chemicals or additives. Manufactured in a food safe facility, you don’t have to worry about finding sawdust on your salmon.

This great value for money pack allows you to experiment with different flavor profiles and food pairings. From salmon to steak, vegetables to seafood: discover the combinations that work best for your palette. This bundle also comes with a free E-book, giving you more tasty recipes and culinary grilling inspiration. Buy it for yourself, or gift it to the cooking enthusiast in your life, either way, it’s a great way to explore your culinary horizons…



Large Roasting Plank by Nature’s Cuisine

Nature's Cuisine NC001 Large Cedar Oven Roasting Plank with Wrench, 17 by 10-1/2-Inch
29 Reviews
Nature's Cuisine NC001 Large Cedar Oven Roasting Plank with Wrench, 17 by 10-1/2-Inch
  • Easy to use and clean-just scrub softly with warm water; as with all fine wood products, do not put in dishwasher

The Large Roasting Plank by Nature’s Cuisine is a durable buy for grilling enthusiasts. This solid plank will add a delicate smoky aroma with sweet, spicy flavoring to any type of protein or vegetables. The large, oven-sized roasting plank is made of premium quality, untreated Western Red Cedar

When you use regular cedar grilling planks, you’ll notice that the wood often starts to warp or crack when exposed to heat. Not an issue with one-time-use planks, but if you want a product that will last longer than a single session, you’ll need a different solution… 

Steel Tightening Rods

This is why the Large Roasting Plank by Nature’s Cuisine comes with steel tightening rods that have been inserted along the edges of the plank. Before each usage, simply tighten these rods with the wrench included in the packaging. The company explains that after repeated usage, the wood will eventually settle in shape and you’ll only need to repeat the tightening trick occasionally.

It is a bit of extra work, but those 30 seconds of prepping your board are worth it. It means you’ll enjoy your plank a lot longer and will get a lot more use out of your purchase!

The product also comes with a recessed area in the center to capture any liquid or juices (preventing these from spilling onto your oven or BBQ). Though this cedar grilling plank is slightly more expensive than others on this list, it also will last you a lot longer with proper care. And we guarantee: it is a worthwhile investment that will help you create the most delicious culinary treats.



Wine Infused Grilling Plank by The BBQ Chef

The BBQ Chef Wine Infused Cedar Grilling Plank Variety, Pack of 4 (2 of Each)
1 Reviews
The BBQ Chef Wine Infused Cedar Grilling Plank Variety, Pack of 4 (2 of Each)
  • The Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest discovered long ago how to enhance the flavor of their foods by cooking with Cedar, the king of Planks.

The Wine Infused Grilling Plank by The BBQ Chef truly embraces the food pairing of wine and grilled salmon. This unique product on our Best Cedar Grilling Planks list is wine-infused; not just adding a delicate smoky aroma to your salmon, but also releasing notes of your favorite wines.

This fantastic product by The BBQ Chef is available in a 2 or 4-pack. Each includes two different types of grilling plank: a version infused by Chardonnay and a version infused by Merlot. Pick your flavor pairing and get experimental with these great value for money buys. They are perfect for celebrating your love of wine and food in one, delicious dish.

The Wine Infused Grilling Plank is compatible with all types of meat, fish, seafood, and vegetables. Priced mid-budget and with the option of free shipping, it’s an excellent deal for wine enthusiasts that love to cook.


Seasoned Grilling Planks by Wasatch Mountain

Wasatch Mountain SEASONED Grilling Planks - Set of 2 (Garlic Lemon Pepper)
5 Reviews
Wasatch Mountain SEASONED Grilling Planks - Set of 2 (Garlic Lemon Pepper)
  • These amazing grilling planks combine the uniqueness of steam cooking with the natural smoking flavor of wood and spices for that perfect unmatched taste.

Maximum flavor, minimum effort. The Seasoned Grilling Planks by Wasatch Mountain make preparing a delicious meal super easy. These quality grilling planks are infused with all-natural herbs, spices, and oils. After infusing, the makers have baked and sealed the flavors into the plank: creating an all-in-one product. Added steam ports in the plank allow your dishes to cook to perfection, whilst the herb and spice aromas are absorbed into your salmon for ultimate flavor.

The one-time-use Seasoned Grilling Planks by Wasatch Mountain can be used for the preparation of all kinds of foods, including poultry, fish, beef, seafood, chicken, vegetables and even wild game. The set includes 2 cedar wood boards and is available in 6 different seasoning combinations.

The seasonal options are Garlic Lemon Pepper, Teriyaki Sake, Chili Lime Chipotle, Orange Citrus, Margarita Dill and Rosemary Merlot. Pick one that matches your protein (and personal preferences) best and enjoy all the flavorsome rewards without putting in the hard work. Wasatch Mountain does all the work for you.



Grilling Plank Gift Set by Wildwood Grilling

Grilling Gift Set - Grilling Planks Sampler (Cedar, Alder, Cherry, Hickory, Maple) + Hickory & Cherry Smoking Chips
6 Reviews
Grilling Gift Set - Grilling Planks Sampler (Cedar, Alder, Cherry, Hickory, Maple) + Hickory & Cherry Smoking Chips
  • 7 Different Products in 1 Set - When you order the Wildwood Grilling Gift Set, you get 5 different types of grilling planks to sample (Cedar, Alder, Cherry, Hickory, and Maple) plus 2 packages of smoking chips in 2 different flavors 1 in Hickory and 1 in Cherry wood. An excellent value and variety for the master smoker of the family!

Cedar Grilling Planks aren’t just great for your own culinary adventures: they also make great gifts for your foodie friends. Our favorite for gifting? The Grilling Plank Gift Set by Wildwood Grilling. This luxurious-looking pack contains 7 different products in one, instant ready-to-give set.

The Grilling Plank Gift Set includes 5 different types of grilling planks (Cedar, Alder, Hickory, Cherry, and Maple wood). It also comes with 2 packages of smoking chips. One package is Hickory-flavored, the other Cherry Wood-flavored). All the products are bundled in fancy gift-style packaging, meaning you don’t even need to wrap it to surprise a loved one.

The set is affordable, fun and great quality. Wildwood Grilling only uses all-natural wood, free of any chemicals or additives. The grilling planks are also sourced, manufactured and packaged in the USA; adhering to the highest quality standard for cooking essentials.



How to use Cedar Grilling Planks


Making the perfect salmon with Cedar Grilling Plank is no rocket science. Every home cook can achieve it by following just a few simple steps. Melt in your mouth tenderness, beautifully tender and bursting with flavor. This method will change your wine/food pairings forever. These 7 Easy Steps are key to creating the ‘Best Grilled Salmon’ you’ve ever tasted:

The Best Grilled Salmon in 7 Steps



Cedar Grilling Planks1: Soak your cedar grilling planks. Before you grill the salmon, you’ll need to submerge the cedar planks in water (or alternatively wine, cider or sake) for a minimum of an hour. This helps bring out the planks flavors, needed for the grilling process.

2: Heat a grill (gas or charcoal, both work) to a moderate heat of about 350 degrees.

3: Arrange the planks on the grill. Place them in a single layer and leave some space between each board to allow heat and air to flow freely.

4: Place the salmon skin-side down on the Cedar Grilling Planks and drizzle a thin layer of olive oil to coat the fillets. You can choose to add any type of seasoning, though the classic method only uses some salt, pepper and lemon juice. However, we fully encourage you to get creative and add your own twist on this foolproof grilling method.


5: Cover the grill and let it work its magic for 12 to 15 minutes. Cooking time may vary slightly depending on the size and thickness of your salmon. Be sure to keep a close eye and check if your fish is done after the 12-minute mark. A perfectly grilled salmon should be uniformly pink in the center, though you can adjust grilling time to your own serving preferences.

6: When the salmon is done, transfer it from your Cedar Grilling Planks to a cutting board to remove the skin. Optional: You can remove the skin with a spatula or blunt knife after grilling, as it will stick to the board and separate quite easily.

7: Cut into desired portions and serve.

Voila, just 7 Easy Steps and you’re done. Don’t forget to pour a beautiful glass of wine to compliment your scrumptiously grilled, perfect piece of salmon, and bon appetit!