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How Many Bottles in a Case of Wine? – The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Case of Wine in 2023

How Many Bottles in a Case of Wine? – The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Case of Wine in 2023

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When you’re buying wine for a party or an event, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the options. There are so many different types of wines and labels that it can be hard to know which one is best for your party.

Many people find it hard to know what to buy or how much to buy. That’s why it’s important to know how many bottles are in a case of wine. If you’re hosting a party, you’ll want to consider how many cases of wine to buy.

How many Bottles are in a Case of Wine?

In a standard case of wine, you will receive 12 bottles of wine. In exceptional situations, some cases also have 6 bottles of wine. For example, Champagne usually comes in a case of six.

Each wine bottle (if standard size) contains 750 milliliters of wine.

Therefore, if you have 12 bottles, you will have 9 liters or 2.3 gallons of wine in one case of wine. Just make sure you have a good wine opener that can handle the long wine list you have created.

The Benefits of buying a Case of Wine

  1. When you buy a case of red wine for your event, you will end up saving money in the long run. Purchasing wine bottles for a large event will ramp up a significant price. But, opting for a case of wine will save you money in the long run.
  2. Many retailers give a discount for their cases of wine – typically 10% – 15% off what the entire situation would cost if you bought the wine bottles individually.
  3. Buying a case of wine makes it easier and is a great option for larger parties like weddings.
  4. It is very easy to store the case of wine as it is, without any risk of the wine bottles breaking.

How many Cases Should You Buy?

The biggest question when it comes to planning a party is how many cases you should buy for your guests. There is a simple formula that you can follow that will allow you to accurately estimate how many cases of wine would be sufficient for your occasion.

1. Calculate total number of glasses of Wine you will need

Let’s say you were inviting 100 guests to your wedding. If the wedding lasts for four hours, you will do the following equation:

100 guests X 4 hours X 1 glass/hour = 400 glasses.

2. Number of bottles of Wine required = Glasses / 5

Then, you take the 400 wine glasses and divide it by five glasses that you find in each bottle. You will get 80 bottles of wine. And, if you wanted to make sure that both wine lovers are taken care (red and white lovers), you can divide the 80 by 2 to get 40 bottles of red and 40 bottles of white.

If you have figured out that you need 80 bottles of wine for your 4-hour wedding for 100 guests, you will then need to figure out how many cases you will need.

3. Number of Cases of Wine Required = Bottles Required / 12

Divide the 80 bottles of wine you will need to keep the 100 guests happy at a wedding by 12 (how many bottles are in a standard case), and you will get 6.6 cases.

Round that up to 7 cases of wine, and your wedding is sure to be a hit, with wine glasses never being empty.

How Much does a Case of Wine Cost?

As with anything, there are expensive and inexpensive options. What you should decide is what kind of budget you are willing to have when it comes to buying cases of wine for your party.

You can certainly find inexpensive, yet great tasting, wines that cost anywhere from $6 – $12 when bought in bulk cases. If you want to spend less than that, you probably won’t be able to keep to that budget.

The best thing about buying a case of wine is that buying in bulk guarantees a bulk discount of at least 10% – 15%!

How Should You Select Your Wine?

Remember that there are many different wine lovers out there. Buying multiple cases of red wine may not do your party much service. However, if you choose a variety of wine to compose your case of wine, you will be sure to please everyone.

A great way to start with your wine selections is to choose:

Make sure to choose some bold and light red wine and white wine to keep the selection interesting and versatile, and that you will always have a wine bottle of the variety you prefer at hand.

Choosing the wine to create an exceptional case for your next party can be easy and affordable! Hope it will be easier to order wines at the next social event you plan. Do check our reviews of the different black box wines.

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