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Canned Wine: Here is What You Need to Know

Canned Wine: Here is What You Need to Know

Jonas Muthoni

Okay, so what is happening with whole canned wine thing? You may have been seeing canned wine everywhere lately; in your liquor store, gas station, or at the concert you just went to. What is canned wine? Is it any good?

What is canned wine?

You guessed it…it’s wine, in a can. Just like beer or soda. They can range in size from 250ml (equals almost two glasses of wine) up to 500ml (over three glasses of wine). So while they can seem small or spendy, you are getting a couple of standard wine glasses full in just one can.

Is it good?

Yes! Canned wine is actually quite impressive. There is no metallic taste, just like with beer and soda cans. Any wine can be canned and more and more wineries are opting for this production niche. While you won’t see a Chateau Margeaux in a can, you can expect to see some quality tasting wines in there.

Canned wine comes in all varietals; Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, sparkling rose, Pinot Grigio, you name it!

How much are they?

Canned wines typically run from $5-12 in most cases. This is a great deal considering even the smallest cans hold almost two glasses of wine. So you would be saving yourself a lot of money by buying canned wine at concert venues, restaurants or pubs, and golf courses.

Is canned wine sustainable?

While there isn’t any research out yet comparing the footprints of canned wine and bottled wine production, it is not hard to guess which one comes out first. Aluminum cans are infinitely recyclable. Also, many rural places do not have options for recycling bottles but have options to recycle cans.

Yes, I know. But when you think about it hauling semi-loads of heavy glass elsewhere is just increasing the footprint of these bottles taking them from one town to the next. In that case, you will have to up-cycle your bottles by making wine bottle crafts.

Canned wine also needs less equipment than bottled wine from bottling to drinking. You don’t need as much equipment on the bottling line because you are just putting labels on and putting wine in. Bottled wine goes through the process of getting corked or having screw caps put on. You also don’t need any equipment to open the wine (anyone else constantly losing their wine key?).

Canned wine is also easier and lighter to ship.

What canned wine can do for you…

Canned wine is convenient and the adventurer’s dream come true. You can take canned wine anywhere; backpacking, camping, fishing, or just your back porch. They are lightweight and easy to pack in and out of campsites. Plus you don’t have to remember glasses or corkscrews.

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Where can I find them?

Liquor stores, gas stations, supermarkets, you name it. Canned wine is popping up everywhere.

One of the top canned wine companies in Canada, Enso Beverage Company, has been taking wine to all the places wine has never been.

Enso focuses on selling their wines to golf courses, concert venues, and brewpubs. They have a no-stuffiness and all-fun approach to wine. Wine shouldn’t just be for special occasions or nice restaurants. #freethewine

Check out your local liquor stores, brewpubs, or concert venues. Do they not carry canned wine? Create a demand for it by having you and your friends email the company and ask for them to carry it!

Popular canned wine brands include Enso, Underwood, Union Wine, House Wine, and Sofia.

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