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Can You Mix Wine and CBD?

Can You Mix Wine and CBD?

iLoveWine Staff

Wine and CBD are two substances that improve your mood. However, does this mean that it’s safe to assume that mixing the two will have the same effect?


But first, you should find out what CBD is.


What’s CBD?


CBD is just one out of 113 cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. It’s one of the vital element inside medical marijuana and won’t get you “high.” In fact, it’s already legal across most states in the USA. Right now, CBD is used to treat many kinds of sickness and diseases, such as:


  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic pain
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Inflammation
  • Skin health
  • Prevent diabetes
  • Depression
  • Reduce acne
  • And many more!


Because of these health benefits, you can already find CBD in sprays, lip balms, vape juice, oils, food products, body cream, beverages, and more. If you want a sweet CBD treat, you can go and buy chocolates that are made from it. In addition to that, you can even find CBD in beer and other alcoholic drinks.



Should You Mix CBD and Wine?


Since CBD is already being mixed in beer and chocolates, it’s about time that we find out if mixing CBD and wine is actually good.


Here are some factors that affect your body when you mix CBD and wine:


  1. Amplify effects


Since CBD is already used to treat anxiety, we can concur that CBD has properties that make you calmer. At the same time, good wine also has the same effect in a way that makes you more confident and relaxed.


Combining the two, these effects can be amplified in a way that you become more relaxed and drowsy. You’ll get both effects of alcohol and CBD, such as an altered perception of time and increased sleepiness. However, there’s still very little research on how mixing wine and CBD amplifies the effects of each.


  1. Lower Alcohol Content in Blood


According to a study in Psychopharmology, combining alcohol and CBD lowers alcohol content in the blood of those who took both compared to those who only took alcohol. If you want to lower alcohol content in your blood, at the same time continue drinking wine, then it’s advisable to take CBD together with wine.


Take note that one of the effects was also an impairment of motor coordination and cognition.


  1. Less Liver and Cell Damages


Having too much alcohol can actually cause many kids of damages to your organs that could potentially lead to pancreatitis, cancer, and liver disease. There are some tests with animals showing that CBD has cushioned the effects of alcohol on cells.


In another study from Free Radical Biology and Medicine, it was found that rats taking CBD 30 minutes before drinking alcohol had a lower chance of getting liver damage compared to those who just took alcohol. But, this is only one study.


There are still many more tests and studies that have to go through to verify this occurrence.


  1. Varying Effects


CBD and wine both have varying effects on different people. For instance, if you’re a person who feels happy when drinking alcohol, you might end up feeling happier when you mix it with CBD. Also, if you’re a person who gets sad while drinking alcohol, then CBD might just amplify that sadness.


On the other hand, if you get angry when you’re drunk, then taking CBD with wine will make you calmer and less angry. So, the effect of the combination also depends on how each person’s chemical composure and body react to both substances.


If you want to try mixing both, you must know yourself first and try them individually. See if you become happier, sadder, or paranoid when you take CBD. Alternatively, you must also check your mood when drinking wine and see if you become angry, hyped, or sadder.


These are important steps to take. So, find out how your body reacts to each kind of substance before you take CBD and wine at the same time.




It’s still difficult to judge whether you should mix wine and CBD together since the effects of wine and CBD to each individual is different. These are just initial information gotten from a few observations.


Because of limited studies, there’s still no clear verdict as to the effects of mixing wine and CBD. Experts advise keeping doses low when you try to mix both alcohol and CBD.

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