Bottle Stopper: Don’t Let Your Wine Catch a Cold with Beanie Cap Stoppers

Bottle stopper is in no way a new invention. Although the modern ones outperform the old ones in any way imaginable, since the time of the cork they all shared one feature that placed them apart from the rest of wine accessories: they were boring!

Don’t get us wrong, practicality should be above all, and something working its purpose is the reason why we even have human inventions, but once something has become mundane and easy to produce, there is no reason whatsoever to keep it plain an boring. New colors, new designs, thinking outside of the box, and making the product more fun, in general, should be the goal of every company producing things that were around since time immemorial.

Beanie Cap bottle stoppers are just such a thing, making something all wine lovers take for granted new and exciting. It is impossible not to have a giggle when you see that your wine wears a cap, especially if it is winter time and you are wearing the same one.

beanie cap bottle stopper

Why Should You Use a Bottle Stopper?

Back to practicality, there are two significant reasons to use a bottle stopper while your wineglass is still full, oxidation and carbonation. And the name suggests, both oxidation and carbonation are processes including oxygen and carbon, but while we would like to keep excess oxygen out, we would want to keep the carbon in when we are drinking bubbly wines such as Champagne or Prosecco.

Oxidation for wine is significant and there a specific amount of aeration that you want from your wine. Especially for red wine, you want some air to be in contact with the wine as to promote decadent aromas with a small number of wine molecules diffusing into the air and enabling you to smell the wine as much as you taste it. This small amount of oxygen would also reduce the edge and the sulfuric substances that have gathered inside the bottle. That being said, there is definitely such a thing as too much air.

If there is too much oxygen reacting with the wine, it will first become dull and reduced in taste, and this can happen after just an hour. Further exposure would make the wine reduced more and more, finally leading it to become vinegar. Using a simple bottle stopper would prolong the freshness, as the only air that is touching the wine would be the one in the bottle. This doesn’t mean that the wine would stay fresh indefinitely, as just that air is enough given more time, but your bottle would remain of premium quality for a few hours, enough for you to drink it.

More people are familiar with carbonation, as that is something that happens with sodas and other carbonated drinks as well. Unlike oxidation, which can take an hour or more, decarbonation would take much less. Champagne should be drunk upon opening ideally, but if that is not a possibility, you will have to use a bottle stopper unless you want to drink your champagne flat after twenty minutes or so.

Monkey Business Beanie Cap Bottle Stopper

The Beanie Cap bottle stopper from Monkey Business, from a practical standpoint, is a high-quality silicone stopper that is easy to place on the bottle, and even easier to clean. If these were the only things about the product, no one would mention it twice as there are literally hundreds of producers of silicone corks and stoppers on the market. What takes there precious things apart is the sheer aesthetics of a cute little cap that is sitting on your bottle.

They come in the ever patriotic red, white, and blue, with the last one being baby blue, which we will assume is used for the smaller bottles. They will fit every standard bottleneck, and as they are slightly extendable and can even be placed on screw tops and bottles with a thicker head.

Finally, the visual appeal is something to talk about, as there is not a chance that someone will forget to place the stopper on a bottle, as it is fun dressing up your bottle and giggling every time. The design is a conversation starter for sure, and it will take some time until you run out of jokes anthropomorphizing your wine into a tiny person.

When Can You Use Them?

On the first glance, this wine stopper might seem like something you wouldn’t bring out for a serious wine tasting where you will present your best wines to your best friends and probably future business contacts. But this is wrong. There is not a wrong time to show that you have a sense of humor, and there is not a wine lover in this world who wouldn’t appreciate the little caps on the small bottles.

Otherwise, the perfect time to bring out your beanie cap silicone cork stoppers is during the holidays, as they embody the winter spirit with the cheer and joy they bring. They are also the perfect gift for any wine enthusiast that has a sense of humor.

Are There Risks?

These little things have no moving parts and are made from food-grade silicone, meaning that there is no toxicity involved. They are also virtually indestructible, short of cutting them in half with a knife.

There are some risks mainly that they are a choking hazard for small children, primarily due to the bright colors, so if you have toddlers around better keep them in a kitchen drawer when not in use. They are also quite small so when placing them in the dishwasher make sure that you put them in the utensil tray so that they don’t fall back where they will be hard to reach later.


In the end, there is no reason not to improve your wine drinking experience with a fun new bottle stopper. These things are usually the dullest part and making them a joyful addition would help both you and the wine. You will never be able to forget to place the stopper on the wine if that is something that can make you laugh every time.