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The Best Wine Bottle Carrier in 2021

The Best Wine Bottle Carrier in 2021

iLoveWine Staff
Bring-Joy-Everywhere Bottle Carrier
A good wine bottle carrier will protect your bottle, make light work for your hands and also keep it insulated so that it can be enjoyed at the best temperature. Click to learn more! Love wine | Wine Carrier | Wine Storage | Wine Tote | Wine Bag #lovewine #wine #winecarriers
Wine lovers don’t need to break the bank for a great wine carrier. In this guide, we’ve narrowed down the best of the best and put together our top 5 wine bags with full reviews. Click to learn more! Love wine | Wine Carrier | Wine Storage | Wine Tote | Wine Bag #lovewine #wine #winecarriers

Carrying and transporting bottles of wine isn’t always straightforward, they’re heavy, large and fragile. Carrying one can prove to be a challenge while taking on any more bottles becomes increasingly difficult as they clang together and risk breaking each other. That’s where a wine bottle carrier comes in. Handy to have for any wine lover, a good wine bottle carrier will protect your bottle, make light work for your hands and also keep it insulated so that it can be enjoyed at the best temperature.

There is a wide range of wine bottle carriers available on the market, from the most basic simple bags to luxury multiple bottle carriers that can include everything apart from the kitchen sink. However, most wine lovers don’t need to break the bank for a great product. We’ve narrowed down the best of the best to put together our top 5 product reviews, with something for everyone. Read on to find out more about each of our top 5, and which one is our overall winner in the wine bottle carrier category.

Bring-Joy-Everywhere Bottle Carrier

Built, NY 1B-DBW Insulated Neoprene Wine Bottle Tote

If you want a safe way to transport a bottle of wine, perhaps back from the supermarket to a friend’s house or a party, then this NY 1B-DBW Insulated Neoprene Wine Bottle Tote from Built is an excellent choice.

The tote bag is made from stretchy neoprene material, which provides excellent cushioning, is soft to the touch and ensures that your bottle won’t break during transit. Two soft-grip handles at the top of the bag help you keep a firm, comfortable grip and make transporting the bottle much easier than trying to hold the bottle directly in the palm of your hand.

The thick material provides some insulation so that it keeps a consistent temperature, and a Velcro closure keeps the bottle secure by stopping it from sliding out. With a relatively low price tag, this is a great product to transport your favorite bottle safely.


  • Soft, thick neoprene material
  • Soft-grip handles
  • Velcro closure


  • Only fits one bottle
  • No shoulder strap

Vina, 2 Bottle Wine Tote Bag

Sometimes, choosing just one bottle to take with you can be a real tough decision, especially if you want to carry red wine and white wine at the same time. Luckily, you don’t need to stick to just one with the 2 Bottle Wine Tote Bag from Vina.

This durable polyester bag is well-designed not only to look great but also to keep your wine at its best. The bag is padded and has an aluminum foil layer for thermal insulation, keeping your bottles chilled for hours as you travel to your destination. There is even room for an ice pack to keep your whites refrigerated.

As well as sturdy leather handles, this bag also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, to take the strain off your wrist and carry the bag easily over your shoulder instead. To top it all off, Vina even through in a free corkscrew to help you enjoy your wine.


  • Fits two bottles
  • Has an insulating aluminum foil layer
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Free corkscrew


  • A polyester material as opposed to neoprene
  • Not machine washable

Handy Laundry, Bottle Carrier Tote Bag

Are you and your family or friends planning a picnic in the park or a day out at the beach? Do you pick up a few bottles of wine on a supermarket trip, but always struggle to get them home safely? This four-piece Wine Bottle Carrier Tote Bag from Handy Laundry may well be the product you’re looking for. Able to fit four standard wine bottles stood upright, without them clanging together, this is a safe way to transport multiple bottles at once.

Two large handles mean that you can easily carry this bag by hand, although without a shoulder strap you may find it cumbersome for long distances. The bottles can be safely secured in the bag, thanks to its durable zipper which fully closes the tote, and the extra-thick layer of padding not only insulates the bag but also stops damage from the bottles knocking together.

For a comfortable and convenient way to carry multiple bottles for short distances, this product ticks all the boxes.


  • Fits four bottles
  • Fully closable zipper
  • Thick padding to prevent breakage


  • No shoulder strap
  • No room for an ice pack
  • Not machine washable

Du Vino Wine Purse Tote

Now, this is a wine bottle carrier that’s after our own heart’s desire. The truth is that when transporting a bottle of wine to enjoy, it’s the wine you actually want, not the bottle. But the bottle is what makes things so tricky. The bottles are heavy, awkward, and made of glass. So the people at Du Vino have flipped this on its head and created a Wine Purse Tote that lets you get rid of the bottle altogether. Simply decant up to four bottles of your favorite wine into a disposable bag, insert into the tote and enjoy your drink straight from the handy stop/start spout. Alternatively, you can also insert the inner bladder of any bag in a box wine, and enjoy on the go.

This functional and fun design is made of thick but lightweight neoprene, which makes it machine washable, insulated, and comfortable to carry around. The adjustable shoulder strap even means that you can keep your hands free for going about your day as usual. If you want to keep your wine as cold as possible, then there is room for an ice pack, and the flat bottom of the bag means that you can easily set it down on any surface.


  • Ditch the bottle
  • Lightweight
  • Machine washable
  • Insulated
  • Fits up to 4 bottles


  • Can’t be used with bottles

All of these great products make carrying your favorite wine around much more comfortable, but it is clear to see that one of them makes this task a piece of cake and makes it fun at the same time. The Du Vino Wine Purse Tote is our favorite of the bunch; we love the idea of being able to ditch the bottle altogether and take only the good stuff on the go. With easy pouring, a comfortable shoulder strap and insulation, you can wear this bag all day without really thinking about it and can take it anywhere you go. For a reasonable price, we think you’ll never look back.


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  • The NY 1B-DBW slides right into any purse or tote bag of mine so it’s naturally become my favorite way to transport our wine. Couldn’t recommend it more.

  • I’m looking for one for a family picnic next week and Du Vino is perfect except I don’t have much experience with wine bags. Will this keep it cool?

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