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Black Oak White Zinfandel Wine Review in 2023

Black Oak White Zinfandel Wine Review in 2023

iLoveWine Staff

Are you a fan of Zinfandel?

Do you crave a refreshing, crisp wine that tastes brilliant on its own, but also pairs well with the best meal of the day?

If you said yes to either, or both, of these questions, read on. This is a white zinfandel with a quality taste sure to dazzle your taste buds again, and again.

Black Oak White Zinfandel
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Black Oak White Zinfandel Wine Review

As a child, a simple, small joy is finding a honeysuckle. Combing through the grass and finding one of these deliciously sweet plants was like getting a tiny gift from Mother Nature herself.

As adults, we are combing through the grass less, but divulging in equally spectacular bits of nature. Keep your inner child happy by sipping on Black Oak White Zinfandel.

  • This “Zin” is brought to you from Chateau Diana, and it boasts aromas of the honeysuckle you would have chomped on as a tiny tot.
  • It also has sweet aromas of ripe melons, and cherry blossoms.
  • The flavors found in this pretty, pink wine balance fresh acidity and complex layers.
  • Your palate will recognize strawberries—just plucked from the plant, white peaches, and tangerine. Don’t forget a small hint of lime.
  • This sassy, fun wine is best served chilled, and in good company, of course!
Black Oak White Zinfandel
Source: Amazon

Composition break down of Black Oak White Zinfandel is as follows:








Mixed Floral Whites

A Little About Chateau Diana Winery”As a winemaker, I’ve found that small amounts of blending grape varieties, can give the resultant wine more character and a sense of balance. Every afternoon I am in the laboratory experimenting with wine blends; sometimes right up until the time of bottling them. I am always in search of that unique and special component that ties the wine together, making it superb” —Winemaker Dawne Sacchetti

Chateau Diana winery is a labor of true love, right from the time is was a gleam in the eyes of its founders.

Tom and Diane were from New York, and in pursuit of the American Dream, they packed up their four children and moved to California. They bought land in 1984 and turned nothing into a winery that thrives today. Because of his honor for his wife, Tom named the estate after her. Chateau Diana means “Home of Diana”.

He was grateful for her love, and their children. These things were not a part of his young life as he grew up on the streets of NYC.

Both Tom and Diana passed away within a few short years of each other. Their dream continues on with their children, and in 2012 they opened a Tasting Room in their parents honor. In a continuation of celebrating their parents, they also adopted a bench in Central Park and placed their parent’s names on it.

If this isn’t the full circle of love, I’m not sure what else is.

Black Oak White Zinfandel
Source: Chateau Diana

Now a days, they believe in a diverse range of quality wines. Each representing a piece of the Chateau Diana family.

Adopt A Vine, For Real!

Chateau Diana is home to a seriously unique club. Signing up to Adopt-A-Vine Club comes with mementos and perks that are unlike typical wine clubs. Joining this club gets you:

  • Your very own grape vine. You can choose it, or the winery will pick one for you.
  • A photo of your vine. Plus seasonal photos of the vineyard where your vine is planted. This way you can see how it’s growing and changing throughout the year(s).
  • Email updates about the vineyard.
  • A personalized plaque placed at the base of your vine. Engrave it with whatever you hold dear.
  • 3 annual bottles of 707 brand, made only from grapes in your vine’s vineyard.
  • All of the perks found in the Chateau Diana wine club including addition wine discounts, complimentary tasting, entry to club events, and more!

By adopting a vine, you are helping the vineyard grow, and also reaping some pretty awesome rewards.

Black Oak White Zinfandel
Source: Chateau Diana

The Consumer Reviews Are In…

Consumers on Amazon have rated Black Oak White Zinfandel with five stars. Here is what a couple of them have to say about this pink delight:

I normally will drink Beringer or Sutter Home white zinfandel. This is far smoother and much better flavor than either one.” —Betsy Mcleod (Amazon)

“Love this wine, it’s the best.”—Laurie (Amazon)

Others enjoyed this zinfandel, too. However, reviews are just starting to come in for the 2015 batch of this light, zesty Zin. So, when you purchase a bottle, which we both know you will, make sure to add a review! Let other consumers in on this super satisfying wine.

Zinfandel Fact: Zinfandel is a grape that loves to soak up the rays. Because of its tanning lust, this grape ripens quickly, leading to higher alcohol levels. (A grape after my own heart!)

Did Someone Say Brunch?

Black Oak White Zinfandel
Source: Pixabay

My favorite meal of the day is often served with mimosas, and is mistaken for lunch.

Brunch is the best time to drink booze, and enjoy eggs benedict, waffles, Huevos Rancheros, and other yummy breakfast fare. Another partner in crime to brunch is Black Oak White Zinfandel. Its balanced, smooth taste goes perfectly with brunch, as well as spicy appetizers, desserts, and lighter menu options.

Not that you need a perfect excuse to host a brunch party, but in case you do; buy a bottle of Black Oak White Zinfandel from Amazon. Then text your besties a picture captioned ‘SOS! I need help drinking this Zin!’ They will come for the wine, and stay for the delicious eats.

Bon Appetite!

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