The Best Wine Travel Bags For Your Wine Adventure in 2021

We love great wine more than anything but, traveling comes in a close second, so traveling with wine is nearly perfect. So when looking to stow some vino and meet up with a few friends, nothing works better than a specially designed wine travel bag. For any event ranging from an afternoon picnic to a 6-course feast on the riviera with a new wine for each flavor, there are loads of options within this market. And that’s why we reviewed these wine travel bags which are also great bags for air travel with wine.

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Whether your event is across the street or across the country really factors into what kind of bag is best appropriate. It presents some challenges depending on how far you’re traveling and whether you need to keep the wine chilled in transit. We’ve reviewed some wine travel bags that can be used as checked luggage and those with insulated interiors that solve part of the problem, but they vary in quality. 

Additionally, wine bags are also available in a variety of styles, so you need a carrier that reflects your taste as well as the formality of the event. If you look good, you feel good, and that makes the wine taste even better. 

Whether you’re carrying wine for a picnic on the beach, a train ride through Napa Valley, or a plane trip across the Atlantic, we have the perfect options for you. Here we share ten of the best wine travel bags.

Best Wine Travel Bag – Overview

1. OPUX Insulated 2-Bottle Wine Tote

This insulated wine tote bag from OPUX is perfect for an afternoon picnic. It’s simple design and easy aesthetic and color scheme make it a perfect addition to your hazy hangout alongside friends and your favorite wine.The wine compartment is insulated to keep the bottles cool and has a divider to protect them from clinking together. It has convenient dual zippers, plus a front pocket for carrying other accessories.

For a wine tote under $20, we’re impressed with its durability. It has a handle at the top, plus a detachable shoulder strap, offering a few transit options. We also love that it’s available in so many colors. For the price point, you can easily pick up a few of these to match the mood of the occasion. As a bonus, it comes with a free bottle opener.


  • Affordable and aesthetically accessible
  • Comes in a variety of colors


  • Insulation doesn’t keep wines cool as long as some competitors. 

2. Picnic at Ascot Insulated Wine Tote with 2 Wine Glasses

If you are a big wine lover, you know how difficult it is to go somewhere, and not have a glass of wine ready for you to drink. Well, we may have a solution for you, even if you are going hiking to some remote location.

Picnic at Ascot, a wine accessory manufacturer in the USA have focused their attention on creating a high-quality wine holder with two state-of-the-art thermal shield insulated glasses. Within the package, you will get a wine tote bag, two glasses (the glasses compartment can also hold a second bottle, napkins, and a combination of corkscrews.

Using this wine tote bag, you can maintain your wine at the perfect temperature, regardless of your outside environment. This will allow you to sit down and have a nice glass of wine once you get to your destination. While the original tote bag bottle compartment can hold a wine bottle of up to 1L, the glasses compartment can hold an additional standard 750ml bottle (provided you don’t bring the glasses with you).

Furthermore, the integrated elastic at each compartment will keep the bottles in place during your travel. The overall tote bag can fit perfectly into a weekend-sized bag and keep the bottle(s) protected. The carrier bag is lightly insulated, which allows your wine to remain somewhat chilled for some time.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Keeps wine at the perfect temperature
  • Can carry two bottles at a time


  • Risk of breaking when put two bottles together.

3. KOVOT 9-Piece Wine Travel Bag and Picnic Set

KOVOT boasts one of the most complete picnic kits on the market, including accessories you might not have even thought about. The wine checklist has been thoroughly completed when designed this bag, thanks to its ingenious interior. For example, it includes an insulated compartment to hold two bottles of wine with a divider in between. Champagne will stay cool so you can pop off the top in style. Plus the side pocket holds two acrylic wine glasses, cloth napkins, a corkscrew, and a bottle stopper. The surprise accessory is a pair of stakes so you can secure your wine glasses on uneven ground.

At first blush, this wine bottle carrier seems like overkill, but it’s perfect if you need to set your glass down on the beach. To transport wine worry-free is a welcome relief, and with this bag from KOVOT, all you have to do is bring the carrier bag without worrying about breakage. This picnic set would make a wonderful impression on a first date and also makes a marvelous gift for any wine lover.


  • Efficient design boasting every key amenity
  • A great deal for the price considering all the added options


  • With an emphasis on efficiency, the design is a bit lackluster

4. Kato Insulated 2-Bottle Wine Carrier

If you want a 2-bottle carrier that looks more like a regular tote, Kato makes this stylish wine bag. The insulation within means the wine coolers do their job, that is, keeping the wine chilled for hours, plus it has a flexible divider to protect the bottles in transit. When looking at the design of this tote, it seems no detail was left to chance.

To highlight their precision and emphasis on quality, we love the zippered side compartment for carrying your phone, keys, or wine accessories. It’s nice to know that all the things you hadn’t thought of are already available thanks to the guys at Kato. And like some of the other, it also comes with a free corkscrew. Above all, we love the variety of colors and patterns available, making this one of the most versatile and stylish totes at this price point.


  • Great design and lots of patterns available
  • Comes with a free corkscrew


  • The cooler bag isn’t completely leak proof 

5. OPUX 2 Bottle Wine Tote Carrier

The Bottle Wine Tote Carrier by OPUX is a great addition to any wine lovers’ life, especially if you have the need to travel somewhere. It has a controlled padded lining that protects the bottles from breaking during travel, while the thermal-insulated material keeps the temperature of your wine steady, whether chilled or at room temperature.

One of its most notable features is that it contains an adjustable shoulder strap which makes it easy to carry. It consists of a vegan PU leather top flap with hook and loop attachment. It includes a zipper for security, and its Interior consists of an active flap/divider to ensure that your wine bottles will fit regardless of size. Furthermore, the padded protection somewhat increases the chance of getting your favorite wine bottle smashed if you accidentally drop the bag.

This tote wine carrier bag is made from high-quality 600D polyester, which provides maximum durability. The leather bag itself measures 8” x 3.5” x 12.6” and fits most standard wine bottles of 750ML. The Maximum height of the bottle, however, must be 13”.

The carrier also allows you to store more items thanks to the front side pocket. The overall design of this wine bag is fairly lightweight and versatile, making it perfect for carrying around regardless of the occasion. A corkscrew is included with the tote carrier, so you will never have to worry about bringing with you to crack open a bottle of wine.


  • Can easily maintain your wine protected
  • Durable and intelligent design
  • Non-removable strap


  • It does not contain elastic to hold wine bottles.

6. Kato 4-Bottle Insulated Wine Tote

We love the styling of this 4-bottle carrier from Kato, with its leather accents and stainless steel hardware. It’s a simple layout that serves a great understated role, allowing the contents to bring great compliments.

Speaking of design, the tote is made of canvas and comes in gray or a cute navy and white striped pattern. It doesn’t have side pockets, but we love that the divider inside is removable, which gives some storage flexibility.

For such a stylish bag, we love the affordability. The quality of insulation is also impressive, keeping chilled wines cold for hours.


  • Wines stay cool for hours at a time
  • Stainless steel keeps it looking sharp


  • Insert made within seems lower quality than others

7. Wine Enthusiast 6-Bottle Weekend Wine Carrier

For higher-capacity totes, sturdy construction becomes critical. If the carrier isn’t built to handle the weight of the bottles, it will wear out quickly. Worse, it might break while you’re carrying it. For transporting up to 6-bottles, whether to a wedding or a lively local party, our favorite is this fantastic tote from Wine Enthusiast. It has a padded divider that leaves space to carry up to six Bordeaux bottles, plus a side pocket for accessories. Also, the insulation and padding are excellent and the exterior construction is just as impressive. You won’t have to worry about breaking, slippage, and other unfortunate downsides. Regarding color, the forest green canvas is durable and we love the chocolate brown trim. There’s also a monogrammable leather hangtag in case you’d like to personalize it.


  • Can personalize the bag with a monogram tag
  • Superior insulation to keep champagne chilled


  • The shape of the bag starts to sag once 3+ bottles are inserted

8. Wine Enthusiast 6-Bottle Leather Wine Bag

This gorgeous leather weekend bag is a beautiful choice if you’re willing to open up the wallet a bit. It’s much more expensive than a simple canvas carrier, but you won’t find a classier wine travel bag on this list. It’s 100% handcrafted and the attention to detail is apparent in all aspects of the bag, both inside and out. It holds up to six bottles upright, separated with padded dividers, and has an outer pocket for small accessories. It’s the perfect bag to accompany you on that train trip through the wine country you’ve always dreamt of.


  • Gorgeous handcrafted leather
  • Spacious room design and exceptional attention to detail


  • One of the more expensive options on the market

9. Wine Wings Wine Bottle Protector Sleeve

Planning a long journey? If you’re traveling by plane, Wine Wings are an inexpensive way to safely pack your wine from point A to point B. 

These carry-on bags completely seal the wine bottle inside with Ziplocks and velcro to keep any leaks contained. They’re easily collapsible for extra added storage capabilities, and are an easy way to bring bottle bags through security. 

While not as durable as a wine suitcase, the bags are also padded internally with bubble-wrap and have a stronger exterior to prevent piercing by other items in your bag.

They’re durable and reusable, so investing in these means your only worry will be keeping your suitcase under the weight limit. Basically, they are worthwhile travel protectors when considering the value and importance of a good glass of wine, and you can easily store them in your tote bag for effortless accessibility. 


  • Get the job done at a fraction of the price
  • Simple and practical


  • Still requires planning on how to move your wine without worry
  • Bags quality feels a bit elementary

Our Winner:

With so many great wine travel bags to choose from, a lot depends on your personal preference and expectations of a protective carrying device. Considering all the necessary factors that go into a great travel bag for wine, from size, weight, potential capabilities regarding how many bottles can be moved and at what temperature they can be held consistent, a lot is up to the personal consumer’s vision. 

That being said, a great option that won’t break the bank (or your bottles) is the OPUX 2 Bottle Wine Tote Carrier. We love the chic design, the reliable build that keeps the bottles sturdy and in place, plus a super affordable price tag. If you need to move white wines that require a cooler temperature across a longer timespan, perhaps delve into other pastures, but all other concerns aside it’s a fantastic design from a thoughtful team. So next time you’re planning a picnic or weekend away with friends or fiancée, pack a couple of bottles of the good stuff as well and be sure to keep the good times rolling. 

Bonus tip: Here’s a great video explaining how to travel with wines across airlines with TSA approved travel bags!

With all of the great wine travel bags out there, it can be hard to find what works best for you. Learn more about the best options with this guide!

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Amazing wine articles, infographics, tips and videos. Every week.

Start your wine enlightenment. Get the I Love Wine newsletter and special offers today. Always amazing. Always free.

Amazing wine articles, infographics, tips and videos. Every week.

Start your wine enlightenment. Get the I Love Wine newsletter and special offers today. Always amazing. Always free.