Best Wine Storage Cabinet

Finding the Best Wine Storage Cabinet


best wine storage cabinetThere are lots of solutions to store your wine: from classic wine racks to state-of-the-art wine fridges. But have you already considered a wine storage cabinet?

These hybrid between wine racks and cupboard are a great choice for wine lovers that want to maximize storage space. A wine storage cabinet doesn’t just hold your bottles, but can also come with additional features including shelves, drawers, or serving trays.

For this post, we’ve selected 5 of our favorite wine storage cabinet options. Each has its own unique appeal and capacity, yet all are a great way to display your bottles in style.

Get inspired about the trendy possibilities and discover if a wine storage cabinet may be the perfect addition to your home decor!




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What is a Wine Storage Cabinet?


A wine storage cabinet is a furniture piece designed to also store your wines. This hybrid between a regular cabinet and a wine rack can have many compositions: from tall designs with a single drawer to larger, buffet-style cupboards with ample space for your vino stash.

The most common material used in wine storage cabinets is wood, though there are many different finishes. From unpolished, rustic looking designs to sleek polished surfaces: there’s a wine storage cabinet for every style preference.

An important thing to note is that a wine storage cabinet will not preserve your wines. Unlike a wine fridge or cooler, that stores your wines in optimum conditions to prevent oxidation and spoilage, a cabinet serves merely as a stylish place to keep your bottles.

But, not everyone needs a fancy cooler. If you drink your wines within weeks or months of buying them, you don’t need all the bells and whistles – which is exactly why we think every wine lover should consider adding a wine storage cabinet to their interior.


How to find the perfect Wine Storage Cabinet


There are many different kinds of wine storage cabinets on the market, so how do you know which design is right for your needs? Our advice is to consider the following 3 points when browsing designs:

We would say that capacity is one of the most important things to consider when shopping for a wine storage cabinet. Some models might only store up to 10 bottles, while larger, buffet-style cabinets can offer space for up to 40 bottles.

Ask yourself how large your wine collection is, and how much space your bottles will actually take up. A half-empty cabinet simply does not catch the eye quite as much as one stocked to the maximum, so don’t go ‘too large’ on capacity. At the same time, you don’t want to go ‘too small’, buying a cabinet with limited capacity that turns out to lack the storage you need. Remember that the wines stored in your cabinet should be drunk within a few months of purchase to prevent them from losing flavor and quality, a wine cabinet is not a cellar!

Therefore, think realistically about size. Yes, it’s tempting to size up, ‘just in case’ you might need the space in the future, but you can always upgrade your cabinet when that day arrives. Plus, your style preferences might also change, so we’d recommend you to buy something that matches your current storage needs and decor preferences.



Wine storage cabinets come all in shapes, sizes, and styles. Take into consideration what would work best for your decor and home layout. Do you want something colorful and minimalistic, or a more classic wooden design as found on our Best Wine Storage Cabinet list? There are many different wood finishes, from rustic oak to smooth walnut, polished to unpolished, chunky to streamlined.

Besides determining what type of style and material you prefer, it’s also important to consider the configuration of your wine storage cabinet.

Do you want a design that solely focusses on wine storage, or would you prefer a cabinet with additional drawers, cupboards, and space for other personal belongings? Some cabinets come with a serving tray on top, whilst others include wine glass racks for stylish safekeeping of your glassware. If you think about this before going online or to a store to look at options, it will already make a big difference in navigating you towards the best design for your needs!



Last, but certainly not least, set a budget for your wine storage cabinet purchase. There are options for every budget, so looking within a certain price range helps make the choice a lot easier. It might be tempting to look at pricey, solid wood options, but why waste the time if you already know you’re not willing to spend that type of money?

We’d recommend it’s much more efficient to allocate your time looking for the best value option that matches your budget. Which is exactly why we’ve made a list of our Top 5 Best Wine Storage Cabinet options that tick all the boxes: great value-for-money, high user-ratings, and timeless design.


Get inspired by our favorite wine storage cabinets below and update your home decor with one of these stylish and practical designs:




Powell 502-426 Wine Cabinet

Powell 502-426 Black with Merlot Rub Through Wine Cabinet
59 Reviews
Powell 502-426 Black with Merlot Rub Through Wine Cabinet
  • Removable tray top allows you to carry drinks and snacks to other areas of your home.
The Powell 502-426 Wine Cabinet is a stylish storage solution for your favorite bottles of vino. The classic design is designed specifically to keep your bottles safely mounted in a wine rack, with some exciting extra’s.

We love that this design includes a removable top tray. Not only is this tray convenient when mounted to the top of the cabinet, but it also comes in handy when carrying your drinks to another area in your home.

The Powell 502-426 Wine Cabinet offers room for 16 regular-sized wine bottles and comes with a handy drawer, perfect for storing your wine accessories such as corkscrews or aerators. The tall, slim dimensions (24″L x 12.5″W x 37.5″H) means it also is suited to smaller rooms and spaces, easily blending in with your existing furniture thanks to its timeless style.

We love that the cabinet has a sleek black finish with a special ‘Merlot’ rub, which is a slightly red-tinted accent that comes through most on the edges of the wood. It gives the cabernet a slightly vintage touch and makes it a bit more unique than other, plain black designs.

Rated highly by other consumers, this stylish solution to your wine storage needs makes a solid, and also an affordable choice in Best Wine Storage Cabinets!



Stylish ‘Merlot Rub’ wood finish

Built-in wine rack


Minimum storage for other accessories



Walnut Finish Wooden Wine Cabinet 

Wooden Wine Cabinet with 20 Bottle Capacity, Wine Rack, Glass Hangers, Storage Drawer, Practical Furniture, Transitional Style, Perfect for Dining Room, Restaurant, Walnut Finish + Expert Guide
  • This 20-Bottle Wine Cabinet allows for convenient storage and organization of your collection. Suitable for home or restaurant use, it is made of solid beech wood, making it sturdy and durable. There are spots for as many as 20 bottles of wine, as well as an open space to hold glasses with racks to suspend them by their bases.
The Walnut Finish Wooden Wine Cabinet by Care 4 Home is a spacious choice on this list. The design holds up to 20 regular-sized wine bottles, offering plenty of storage capacity for the regular wine enthusiast.

The wine storage cabinet is made of solid beech wood, sturdy and durable, with great longevity. The wood has a sophisticated walnut-finish, making it a timeless addition to any home decor.

We particularly like that the Walnut Finish Wooden Wine Cabinet also comes with a built-in stemware rack. This rack can hold up to 15 wine glasses, making it a one-place-fits-all solution for all your wine essentials. An additional drawer provides an out-of-sight place for other wine accessories such as corkscrews or foil cutters, keeping clutter at bay.

Assembly of the cabinet is required, but all items are conveniently shipped in 1 box and according to other consumers, it is relatively simple to put together.

The Walnut Finish Wooden Wine Cabinet is a bit pricier than other models, but it is made of the highest standard materials such as solid wood. If you want a durable, sturdy cabinet with ample storage opportunities, this may be your match.



Holds up to 20 bottles

Built-in wine glass rack


Slightly pricey



Annabelle Mid Century Wine Cabinet

Annabelle Mid Century Wenge Finished Faux Wood Wine and Bar Cabinet
2 Reviews
Annabelle Mid Century Wenge Finished Faux Wood Wine and Bar Cabinet
  • The perfect piece for the true connoisseur, this has space up top for 16 bottles and two shelves behind doors below to keep your wine glasses dust free. Built with the highest quality materials and to exacting specifications to insure a fine quality of craftsmanship. You'll love this piece as much as we do.
The Annabelle Mid Century Wine Cabinet by Great Deal Furniture is perfect for those wine aficionados that want both wine storage, and additional storage options for other belongings. This design combines the best of both worlds!

How? Well, the cabinet has a very convenient layout. The top offers individual storage slots for 16 regular sized wine bottles. The bottom part of the design features two spacious shelves, kept hidden behind stylish doors to keep the dust-out, and your clutter in! These shelves can be used to store either your wine accessories such as glasses and decanters, but also offer plenty of room for books, board games, or anything else you like to want to out of sight.

The Annabelle Mid Century Wine Cabinet isn’t just convenient in its storage capacity but also has big decorative appeal. The sleek cabinet features fancy iron legs and has a neutral, dark stained finish.

The downside is that this cabinet is made of faux wood. This means that it’s slightly less sturdy and durable than a cabinet made of solid wood. That said, for the price listed, you can’t really expect a drawer of this size to be made of the highest grade materials. But it is something you should be aware of, as there is a difference between the two…



Ample storage for bottles and accessories

Elegant dark-stained wood finish


Made of faux-wood


Christopher Knight Clovis Wine Cabinet

Christopher Knight Home 301891 Clovis Bar Cabinet, Dark Oak
8 Reviews
Christopher Knight Home 301891 Clovis Bar Cabinet, Dark Oak
  • "Includes: One (1) Bar Cabinet Material: Acacia Wood Finish: Dark Oak Assembly Required Hand Crafted Details Dimensions: 16.00 inches deep x 22.00 inches wide x 36.00 inches high"
The Christopher Knight Clovis Wine Cabinet offers great value-for-money and is one of the most affordably priced designs that doesn’t comprise on style. The cabinet is made of beautiful acacia wood with a dark oak finish and has plenty of storage space for the amateur wine lover.

The design does not have traditional rack-style bottle storage. Instead, it features two diagonal planks that create 4 separate bottle compartments. The advantage is that you can store any bottle of your choice, not just regular-sized 750ml labels. This offers a bit more versatility and allows you to mix-and-match bottles in one, stylish cabinet display. The downside is that your bottles will not be held as securely as in a rack-configuration, so some care with bottle placement is required!

Other wine lovers report storing up to 12 regular sized bottles and 2 champagne bottles at the same time, meaning that the Christopher Knight Clovis Wine Cabinet should offer sufficient space for most regular wine enthusiasts.

The design also comes with an additional shelved compartment, perfect for placement of wine glasses and/or decanters, plus has a separate storage drawer to keep your wine accessories close at hand.

For the price listed, you can’t really go wrong with this classic choice in Best Wine Storage Cabinets. Budget-friendly, spacious, and stylish: what’s not to like?



Made of quality acacia wood

Extra shelved compartment storage


No standard built-in wine rack



Kings Brand Jamestown Wine Cabinet

Kings Brand Jamestown Wood Buffet Server Storage Sideboard Wine Cabinet, Cherry
5 Reviews
Kings Brand Jamestown Wood Buffet Server Storage Sideboard Wine Cabinet, Cherry
  • Kings Brand Jamestown Cheery Finish Wood Buffet Server Storage Sideboard Wine Cabinet
The Kings Brand Jamestown Wine Cabinet is one of the most spacious choices on this list. The classic design has a glossy dark cherry finish and two elaborate glass doors, making it a statement piece in any decor. Yes, we do know this might not be to everyone’s taste, as it’s a bit more outspoken than other cabinets, but if you want a design with a bit more personality – this style might hit your sweet spot.

The design features built-in wine storage (features 4 separate compartments) that holds up to 16 bottles. On top of the wine storage, an exposed shelf offers additional storage for plates, wine tumblers, and more. The configuration of the Kings Brand Jamestown Wine Cabinet also includes two glass-doored compartments, ideal for keeping stemmed glasses, plates, or liquor bottles.

And the storage options don’t stop there. You’ll also have two separate drawers for corkscrews, cutlery, and other (vino) knick-knacks. The buffet-style design even includes space on top for displaying your favorite wine accessories.

We like the affordable pricing of the Kings Brand Jamestown Wine Cabinet. It’s not the cheapest option on this list, but we think it is still very reasonably priced for the large, spacious, cabinet you’ll receive.



Ample storage for all wine accessories

Glassdoor closure on compartments


Slightly more expensive

Style is not to everyone’s taste






We can’t decide which wine storage cabinet fits your personal style and needs best. However, we can advise you that if you have the budget for it, to choose a solid wood design over a faux-wood finish. A solid wood wine storage cabinet is more sturdy, durable, and will most last you for a long time.

That said, if you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful design and don’t mind that it might need replacing after a few years, a faux-wood style will still offer you ample wine storage space.

We personally really like the Walnut Finish Wooden Wine Cabinet, as its made of solid beech wood and offers great value-for-money. However, which cabinet is ‘Best’ is – in the end- not up to us, but up to you!