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The Best Wine Rack Stands in 2021

The Best Wine Rack Stands in 2021

iLoveWine Staff
Best Wine Rack Stand

Best Wine Rack StandWhy settle for an ordinary wine rack when you can display your favorite vino with a bit more ‘pizzazz’. By storing bottles in one of our Best Wine Rack Stand options, you not only have a safe and secure way to hold them but also get to enjoy some stylish extra perks. From unique silhouettes to practical benefits such as additional shelving or serving areas: there’s something extra for every wine lover.

Check out the top-rated Best Wine Rack Stand choices in this in-depth overview and get inspired by the stylish options. We’ve included top picks for every budget, ensuring that the selection also includes some affordable buys.

Explore our favorites below!


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Best Wine Rack Stand


Wooden Barrel Wine Rack Stand

Puzzled Alexander Wine Rack 8 Bottle Free Standing Wine Holder Bottle Rack Floor Stand Or Countertop Wine Wooden Barrel Decor Storage Organizer Liquor Display to Decorate Home Kitchen Bar Accessory
  • THE WOODEN WINE RACK COMES WITH UNIQUE DESIGN YOU WILL LOVE – Showcase your liquor bottles in a beautiful & compact barrel-shaped wine bottle storage to match any rustic-themed parties, mini bar, &...
The Wooden Barrel Wine Bar Stand by Puzzled is certainly one of the most eye-catching options on this Best Wine Rack Stand list. The design adds an instant touch of wine-style to your home. And offers both great functionality and big decorative appeal in one, barrel-shaped silhouette.

This fun wine bar stand is made of real, dark-brown fir wood. The barrel-shaped silhouette is hand-painted by expert craftsmen, creating a beautiful finish that truly has the artisan touch. The design is further enhanced by various luxurious details, such as top and bottom metal banding and chic golden rivets.

This unique choice in Best Wine Rack Stand options offers multiple practical uses. Firstly, it has a built-in wine rack that stores up to 8 regular-sized bottles. Secondly, the rounded top functions as a solid bar stand. Ideal for placement of your glasses during a wine tasting, or simply as a surface to store your decanters and more. As the top serving area is sunken, surrounded by a sturdy rim, it keeps your glasses safe and less prone to being knocked over.

Conversation starter

We have no doubt that this multi-tiered design will be a topic of conversation when you have guests over. We’ve seen a lot of bar stands in our life, but this one really caught our attention for its artisan finish and fun, vintage appeal. And, for the price listed, we think it’s truly a steal for the craftsmanship and quality you receive.

The Wooden Barrel Wine Bar Stand also comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Meaning that if you’re not fully satisfied with your purchase, the manufacturer will refund or replace your product accordingly.



Magen Wine Rack Stand

WELLAND Wine Rack End Table, Freestanding Small Wine Console Table, 13 Bottles Rustic Wine Stand Storage Organizer Display Rack | Metal & Natural Edge Cedar Wood Top | 13.8" W x 7.3" D x 20.1" H
  • ATTRACTIVE & PRACTICAL - Designed to hold up to 10 wine bottles, and features a natural finish top area to use as traditional serving space to prepare your drinks, all while keeping your wine...
The Magen Wine Rack Stand by WELLAND is a stylish, functional design with an eye-catching rustic wood top. The combination between the black metal swirled frame and the natural wooden shelving creates a highly decorative effect. Perfect for wine enthusiasts who want a Best Wine Rack Stand option with a bit of personality, instead of just a standard streamlined shape.

The design measures 20.1” H x 13.8” W x 7.3” D. It’s compact dimensions make it perfect as a side table in your seating area, or extra storage unit in the kitchen or bar nook. The natural finish top offers extra serving space, allowing you to rest your glasses or present snack platters in a classy way.

The Magen Wine Rack Stand by WELLAND features a built-in rack that stores up to 10 regular-sized wine bottoms. The frame is enhanced by fancy swirled detailing, adding a bit of a retro-twist to the silhouette. The design also offers excellent value-for-money and looks a lot more expensive than its actual, affordable price-tag.

Easy assembly

According to the manufacturer, the wine rack stand is also very easy to assemble in just 15 minutes. The design comes with all hardware and instructions included, allowing you to get it up and ready for bottles in a breeze.

Other wine enthusiasts rate the design highly for its fancy style, compact size, and decorative value. Do note that the color and graining of the wood might differ slightly from the product pictured. And also be aware that some consumers report it to not be the most sturdy of wine racks. That said, if you want a more original, artisan-style option to store, display, and serve your wines. This sophisticated Magen Wine Rack Stand is definitely a contender.



Southern Enterprises Wine Rack Stand

SEI Furniture Wine Bottle Storage Table, Black
  • Easily store up to fifteen wine bottles in this elegant wine rack with attached tempered and smoked glass top
The Southern Enterprises Wine Rack Stand is big on capacity, offering stylish storage of up to 15 regular-sized wine bottles. The chic scrolled iron wine stand also comes with a glass top, adding extra storage space or doubling as a handy serving area.

This choice in Best Wine Rack Stand options measures 16.5 x 16.5 x 33 inches. It is made of quality metal with a painted black finish. The top is made of 5 mm tempered glass with an elegant smoke-colored finish. The table top finish is able to support up to 20lbs in weight, but we would recommend you not to get too close to this limit. Glass is a beautiful option, but also fragile, so a bit of care when placing things on top of the rack is advised.

Rounded top area

We like that the Southern Enterprises Wine Rack Stand has a rounded top, which adds a touch of sophistication to the design. Though it does mean it’s slightly less convenient for placement in corners and against walls. Because a bit of extra space to accommodate the top is required. The classic scrollwork on the feet of the design also adds a bit of a retro feel to the stand, enhancing its decorative appeal further…

The stand is easy to assemble and comes with all hardware included to allow you to set-up your rack in just as few easy steps, as confirmed by other wine enthusiasts who purchased the design. Consumers also rate the design highly for its excellent value, stylish silhouette, and convenience. With over a hundred 5-star reviews praising this Southern Enterprises Wine Rack Stand.

If you’re looking for a spacious option that houses plenty of your favorite labels, plus comes with the added bonus of a glass top serving area, this great quality choice by Southern Enterprises might be your new favorite addition to your home decor.



Mosa Bamboo Wine Rack Stand

Mosa Natural Bamboo 12 Bottle Wine Rack (11.8" X 5.7" X 16.3"), Wood Wine Rack Countertop Wooden Wine Accessories
  • STYLISH DESIGN: Sleek and chic design to accent any home, kitchen, counter top, or bar table
The Mosa Bamboo Wine Rack Stand is one of the most affordable choices on this list. This budget buy has a minimalistic aesthetic, proving that sometimes less can be more when it comes to style.

The sleek design holds up to 12 regular-sized wine bottles, stacked horizontally on its base and 3 tiers. The flat base features scalloped slots to keep your bottles secure. And whilst the tiers might look a bit less sturdy, their ergonomic curved silhouette still keeps bottles firmly in place.

As you might have already guessed, this choice in Best Wine Rack Stand options is made of quality bamboo wood. The material is lightweight and very durable, ensuring long-term enjoyment and usage of your rack. Another bonus is that this compact design only requires minimal assembly. Or, to phrase it as the manufacturer, only one screwdriver is enough to get it up and functional in minutes.

Simplistic, sleek design

We like the simplistic, functional shape of the Mosa Bamboo Wine Rack Stand. It kind of reminds us of oriental temples, yet in a modern and stylish interpretation. The compact measures 11.8 x 5.7 x 16.3 inches, which means you can use it as a decorative statement piece on most kitchen counters, cabinets or wine bars.

Other wine enthusiasts confirm that this option in Best Wine Rack Stand designs ticks all the boxes. Rated highly for its contemporary style, spacious and secure wine storage, and very attractive pricing, the Mosa Bamboo Wine Rack Stand is kind of a steal. So, if you like a bargain, this Mosa Bamboo Wine Rack Stand should be very hard to ignore…



mColorful Countertop Barrel Stand

mColorful Tabletop Wine Rack,Wine Holders Racks for 6 Bottles with Barrel Shaped and Rustic Wood Top
45 Reviews
mColorful Tabletop Wine Rack,Wine Holders Racks for 6 Bottles with Barrel Shaped and Rustic Wood Top
  • ✔ELEGANT CLASSIC DESIGN - Our wine rack applies appearance following the classic outer shape of barrel. By using antique finish process to metal surface so it looks aged,stylish and attractive.This...
The Countertop Barrel Stand by mColorful is a fun, compact-sized design ideal for kitchens and bar areas. The wine stand holds up to 6 of your favorite, regular-sized wine bottles. Displaying them in an eye-catching way that oozes charm.

We rate this options in Best Wine Rack Stand decor highly for its unusual, barrel-silhouette shape. The manufacturer has chosen to follow the classic outer shape of a wine barrel. Enhancing the design with fancy detailing to make it look and feel authentic. This includes a special antique finish on the metal surface to give it an ‘aged’ appearance. And studded metal detailing on the barrel’s rim to add more decorative value.

Freestanding design

The Countertop Barrel Stand by mColorful has a freestanding function, meaning you don’t have to mount or attach it to keep it balanced and in place. The compact wine rack measures 11” L X 7″W X 13.2” H, perfect for placement in smaller spaces or on countertops.

Another bonus is that this fun choice in wine decor and storage comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. This means that if for any reason, you’re not satisfied with the Countertop Barrel Stand, the manufacturer will replace or return your product within 30 days of purchase. We also like it when products come with this type of guarantee. As it shows the makers are confident in the quality of their design, making it a risk-free purchase for your home.

Overall, the Countertop Barrel Stand has great consumer reviews. It is praised for its compact silhouette, decorative appeal, and vintage-finish. Some wine enthusiasts do comment it may not be the best quality product, but negative reviews are very rare.

For the affordable price listed, we think you can’t really can’t go wrong by adding this choice in Best Wine Rack Stand decor to your home. And remember, if you do have issues with your rack, you can always ask for a refund!



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