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The Best Wine Purses to buy in 2022

The Best Wine Purses to buy in 2022

iLoveWine Staff
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If you love wine on the go, you need a Wine Purse: ideal for picnics, outdoor festivities, or simply for taking your vino from point A to B in style.

Don’t settle for an ordinary grocery carrier, or – even worse – a brown paper bag: indulge yourself with a fashionable wine purse, and travel with flair!

If you want to travel with your wine, there are various product options: wine carriers, wine purses, and wine cases. In this article, we’ll quickly look at the difference between these designs – but will focus solely on reviewing the best wine purse options.

Tip: Want more options for taking your wine on the road? Check out our Best Wine Case review for suitcases, and our Best Portable Wine Flask article for light-weight flask options! Or, if you want to keep your wine close to your heart whilst traveling, read 10 Reasons You Need A Wine Bra!

What Is A Wine Purse?

A wine purse is a carrier designed especially for taking your wine with you, anywhere you go.

Designs range in shape, size, and functionality. From compact purses with regular handbag dimensions to store a single bottle, to larger purses with special wine dispensers: there’s a fashionable match for every wine enthusiast.

Unlike regular purses, those designed for carrying wine come with many special features, including insulated pouches, pouring nozzles, ‘hidden’ compartments for discreet wine storage, and more.

The Difference Between Wine Purses And Carriers

  • The difference is in design. Though you could argue a wine purse is essentially a wine carrier, the first has a more fashionable, feminine appeal. The silhouettes, aesthetics, and materials resemble those of purses found in a regular fashion store. This makes a wine purse a more discreet, stylish way to travel with your wine.
  • Another difference between wine purses and wine carriers is capacity. The average wine purse will either have a 1 or 2 bottle capacity, whilst most wine carriers hold a minimum of 4 bottles (some even 9). This makes a wine carrier more suited for longer trips or bigger get-togethers.

In effect, a wine purse is more suitable for weekends away, informal occasions, or simply a trip to the beach or park.

Difference between a wine purse and a wine case

The difference between a wine purse and a wine case is simple: the first is a handbag-style design, the second a suitcase-style design. Wine travel cases are for the diehard wine lover, or wine professional, who needs maximum storage, and maximum durability.

Or, to summarize based on our own personal experiences we use a:

  • A Wine purse about once a week.
  • Secondly, a wine carrier an average of once a month.
  • Finally, a wine travel case up to once a year.

So, depending on your travel and drinking habits, wine lovers – on average – will get the most usage out of a wine purse versus the other options.

Best Wine Purse Choices

1. PortoVino Double Pour Tuscany Vegan Leather Tote

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The PortoVino Double Pour Tuscany Vegan Leather Tote is one of our personal favorites on this Best Wine Purse list. This beautiful bag is perfect for size-queens: holding up to 2 separate bottles of your favorite vino in its secret pouches.


  • It does not hold the actual glass bottles, but the content of your bottles poured into the included plastic wine pouches. Simply transfer your wine to the pouch, place the pouch in the zippered tote compartment, attach the valve and voila: you’re ready to pour – and party!
  • As the pouch compartments are also insulated, you can keep your favorite Chardonnay chilled for hours. Perfect for a picnic with friends!
  • This tote has a designer flap on the back, which hides the pouring spouts until you are ready to use it. Discreet and functional: nobody will suspect your stylish secret!
  • We especially love this PortoVino Vegan Leather Tote because of its luxurious look and feel. Made of soft vegan leather and with a classic silhouette, it’s a very chic choice in wine purse.
  • Besides holding 2 (750ml) wine pouches, it’s also roomy enough for your personal essentials. A separate compartment offers plenty of space for your wallet, phone, sunglasses, charger, make-up; or anything else you want to take on the road with you.

An elegant, versatile, and spacious choice: this PortoVino bag is simply ‘Totes amazing’. Pun intended. Indulge yourself, or a wine-loving friend, with this premium wine purse and sip in style, anywhere life takes you.

2. Primeware Insulated Drink Purse w/ 3L Bladder Bag

Primeware Insulated Drink Purse w/ 3L Bladder Bag | Thermal Hot and Cold Storage | Portable Drinking Dispenser for Wine, Cocktails, Beer, Alcohol | PU Leather Finish (Pink Tweed)
  • Portable Wine Purse – This cute drink cooler and dispenser holds a 3L bladder to keep wine, beer, cocktails, juice, and beverages crisp, cool, and tasting delicious.

The Primeware Insulated Drink Purse holds a whopping 4 bottles (4 x 750ml) of wine. If you like to drink, a lot, this purse may be your new favorite accessory.


  • The design comes with a (removable) wine pouch that holds up to 3 liters of your favorite liquid. The pouch comes with a dispenser spout, which is easily accessible via a discreet flap on the side of the bag. Use the ‘hidden’ pocket for instant pouring – anywhere, anytime you desire.
  • The purse also features special insulation to keep your wines at an ideal temperature for up to 4 hours. Enjoy chilled whites, or keep your reds at optimal serving temperature: the choice is yours!
  • The reusable pouch is easy to remove, and easy to clean, allowing you to alternate between wine types and even use it to store beer.
  • The Primeware Insulated Drink Purse has a classic handbag-style silhouette. The purse comes with both a standard handle and an adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Do note that the shoulder strap is a bit on the thin side, meaning that if the bag is filled to the max, it might not be the most comfortable to sling over your shoulder. That said, we do love the spaciousness and style of this purse.
  • Another reason this Primeware Insulated Drink Purse is on our list is that the purse comes in 18 different colors and prints. Variations include Pink Tweed, Black Linen, White Cheetah, Camo Green, Quilted, and various bedazzled options with crystal detailing.

This purse oozes sophistication, even if your drinking adventures are not. From neutral and classic, to wild and outspoken: there’s a Primeware Wine Purse for every personality.

3. 7th & Swag Wine Purse With Hidden Spout

If you are looking for a fashionable and stylish wine purse, then this 7th & Swag wine purse would be a fantastic addition to your collection. Besides a purpose for wine, you can also take advantage of some of its hidden functionalities. You can quite literally take your wine on the go, and no one will know.


  • The 7th & Swag wine purse is equipped with durable neoprene wetsuit material, which is ideal for safely storing liquid beverages in the likes of wine. The 22.13” x 16.69” x 6.61” allowing for plenty of space for you to store away your favorite wine.
  • Besides that, you can also carry this wine purse with you very easily wherever you decide to go due to its 2.56 lbs weight.
  • Furthermore, the material that the wine purse is made out of is not only water-resistant, which is perfect for dealing with spillages but is also puncture-resistant and thermally resistant. This is great because you can preserve the temperature of your wine for longer once you store it inside your wine purse.
  • The pouch has a two bottles capacity of 750 ml per bottle. You can also use the secret side pockets to store away an extra 1.5L wine bottle.  A removable pouch is available in this wine dispenser purse; you can remove and use it rather than replacing it with a wine bottle.
  • Besides being able to refill the wine pouches whenever needed, thanks to the padded and insulated compartments with double click technology, the temperature of your wine bottles will remain low and chilled for a few hours.
  • This wine purse also features various rooms for your other personal belongings, such as make-up kits, money, an umbrella, and others. Broaders and extra straps are also available for easily holding the wine purse without the risk of slipping.


  • Roomy enough to store all your belongings
  • The lining is made out of water-resistant polyester
  • The bag can be used as a hidden wine dispenser


  • Beverage pouches are not available in this bag.

4. Picnic at Ascot Wine Purse – Black Diamond

Picnic at Ascot Wine Purse - Black Diamond
  • One of a kind high quality wine carrier that doubles as a clutch or evening cocktail purse - great for parties - restaurants - picnics and outdoor concerts

The Picnic at Ascot Wine Purse is a beauty. This vintage-inspired purse is one of the most dainty ways to take your wine with you. Have a picnic in the park? Add some old-school glamour to the occasion with this classic design.

  • It holds one regular bottle of wine or champagne (glass, no pouch included) and includes a corkscrew housed in a separate interior pocket.
  • This hard-sided case has a nylon padded interior to keep your bottle safe during transit, whilst the exterior features a secure clasp closure.
  • The bag’s handle has a chain detail attached to a regular strap handle for comfortable carrying.
  • What we love about this stylish purse is that it can easily double as a fashionable clutch, or bag, when not used for wine. When you’re not storing a bottle, the purse is spacious enough to hold your essentials such as a phone, keys, make-up, or other compact belongings. This makes it a versatile addition to any wardrobe.
  • Yes, it might lack the functionality of wine dispenser purses (as it does not come with a wine pouch or pouring nozzle), but that also makes it more suited for every day (non-alcoholic) usage.
  • Available in 19 different color and print variations, there’s a chic match for every style. We particularly like the classic Black Diamond print, but the vividly yellow Mango and trendy Straw/Brown editions are also on our wishlist.

If you’re looking for a more elegant way to carry your bottles, and don’t require a lot of space or dispenser options, this Picnic at Ascot Wine Purse may be the petite gem for you!

5. PortoVino Beach Tote

One of our favorite occasions to use a wine purse is a trip to the beach. Sunshine, your toes in the sand, and wine in your hand! Pure bliss. And that is exactly why we had to include the PortoVino Beach Tote on this list.

  • This design is the ultimate choice for beachside escapes but doubles just as perfectly as a great carry-all for your personal belongings.
  • This design features a removable ‘party pouch’ that holds up to 2 bottles of wine (1.5 liters). Fill the party pouch with a wine (or liquid) of your choice and place it back in the zippered, insulated compartment to start the fun! When you’re ready to drink, simply use the special pouring spout for easy access.
  • A hidden flap keeps the pouring spout secure when not in use, whilst the discreet storage will not raise any eyebrows on beaches with an alcohol ban. Not that we’re encouraging that kind of behavior, but – you know – it could be the type of thing you’re interested in.
  • The PortoVino Beach Tote is also roomy enough to hold a wine pouch, plus your personal essentials. The bag has a separate compartment for any other belongings such as your phone, sunscreen, keys, and more.
  • The light-weight design is made of 100% cotton canvas and comes with a soft polyester interior. A top zipper allows for secure storage of all your items.

This great wine purse also has an extra beachy-vibe thanks to its blue and white striped print and rope handle. Add a touch of summer fun to your wine drinking and be the toast of the town – or should we say beach – with this fashionable bag.

How To Choose Your Wine Purse?

With so many options on the market, it’s important to know what type of wine purse you need.

There are many criteria you can have. That’s why we would recommend asking yourself the following questions before you buy:

  • What style do I want?
  • Which capacity do I need?
  • What functionality do I desire?
  • How much am I willing to spend?

1. Style

Wine purses are available in a wide variety of styles. From cute, baguette-shaped bag to elegant leather totes: there’s something for every preference. When deciding on a wine purse, ask yourself what style matches you best.

If you’re always carrying clutch-style, smaller bags – don’t suddenly splurge on a large carrier, as you might find it too bulky for everyday usage. The same goes for size-queens that lug around large hobos with all their belongings on a daily basis. If you like big bags and cannot lie, don’t go for a petite wine purse simply because it looks adorable.

Also, consider how the wine purse would match your own wardrobe. For example: if you wear a lot of prints, you might want to go for a neutral purse. Vice versa, if you have a neutral wardrobe, you could go for something with a bit more sass – to spice up any outfit with a pop of color.

That said, when it comes to being fashionable, there really aren’t any rules, as long as you love it. If you want to clash prints with your new wine purse, go for it.

As long as you are aware of it before you buy, and don’t come to regret your purchase when it’s standing there, waiting for your vino.

2. Capacity

Ask yourself how much wine you want the purse to hold.

Yes, it’s tempting to go for a larger bag that might hold up to 4 bottles, but do you really want to be carrying that weight?

If you’re buying a wine purse because you want a fashionable alternative to a traditional wine carrier, you might want to consider compromising on size.

Though the larger capacity bags are still stylish, a wine carrier offers more support and stability. We’d, therefore, recommend sticking to a slightly smaller capacity purse.

We know fashion isn’t always comfortable, but your wine purse should be. Otherwise, it will only collect dust in the back of your cupboard, so choose wisely!

3. Functionality

A wine purse can either carry wine or also dispense wine.

Yes, some of these fashionable totes come with a built-in pourer/tap for instant access to your vino.

How does it work?

Well, these wine dispenser purses contain a (removable) pouch that you fill with wine, with a tap or nozzle attached.

This tap can often be accessed via a small ‘hidden flap’ – making them discreet. In our experience, nobody will suspect that stylish purse you’re carrying is actually an ‘on-the-go’ wine tap. And when they do see you pouring your vino, the most common remark is: “I need that bag!”

Some wine dispenser purses also feature other compartments for your personal belongings, making them a one-bag-fits-all, multipurpose choice for all your essentials.

But, maybe you don’t need all that functionality. If you only plan on carrying your wine from point A to B, not drinking it whilst traveling, a wine dispenser purse might not be for you. Instead, we’d recommend a bag with either an insulated compartment and/or padded compartment, which will keep your wine safe and at storage temperature during your travels.

Another aspect to consider is the way you carry the wine purse. Some designs might look very dainty with delicate straps: but they might dig into your shoulder when weighed down with wine.

Therefore, if you plan on traveling long distance with your wine, you may consider a purse with broader, padded straps for extra comfort.

4. Price

Lastly, determine what you’re willing to spend on a wine purse. Just like regular handbags, these stylish designs come at every price-point.

If you don’t know how often you’ll really use the bag, consider a ‘cheaper’ option. Then, if you do find yourself grabbing it regularly, you can always upgrade your purse to a more luxurious option…


Choosing the Best Wine Purse is a very personal decision. It really depends on your own needs. Do you need capacity, a wine dispenser, super hidden storage, or simply want a stylish carrier?

For us, the PortoVino Double Pour Tuscany Vegan Leather Tote makes a solid choice. As this tote has all the style, space, and functionality we desire. 

We also like the fashionable appeal and vintage-vibe of the Picnic at Ascot Wine Purse. It might lack the functionality of other options, but as it doubles as a regular handbag, you’ll still get plenty of wear and enjoyment out of this glamorous option. 

That said, you can’t really go wrong with any of the options on this list!

Thanks for reading.

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