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The Best Wine Opener Keychains in 2023

The Best Wine Opener Keychains in 2023

iLoveWine Staff
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Love taking your wines on the go?

Then you need a Wine Opener Keychain. Not only are they super convenient for outdoor drinking occasions, but you’ll never have to worry about not finding an opener again!

Dinner and drinks at a friends place, but they can’t locate their corkscrew?

Simply whip out your keys and voila: you’re ready to tackle that bottle. These small, compact, and functional wine opener keychains contain mini corkscrews that get the job done quickly.

There are multiple variations, some might only include a corkscrew, whilst other designs also feature built-in beer bottle openers.

To help you save time, and instantly navigate you to opener worth your money, we’ve listed a few of the Best Wine Opener Keychains.

Cheap, cheerful, and handy: these are essentials for every wine enthusiast!

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Best Wine Opener Keychain

1. Munkees Mini Corkscrew Keychain

Munkees Mini Keychain Corkscrew Tool, Small Key Ring Wine Opener, Emergency Travel Cork Wine Opener, Portable Backpack Camping Kit, Wine Enthusiasts, Waiters, Bartenders, Bottle Opener Gift Set
  • MINI KEYCHAIN CORKSCREW - Packing both a corkscrew and bottle opener into only a 3 inch length, this tool is small in size and big in utility. It is tiny enough to put on your key ring and store in...

The Munkees Mini Corkscrew Keychain is a compact, convenient bottle opener that measures a mere 3 inches in length. It’s might be petite, but this design is also very practical.

When not in use, the corkscrew is securely hidden under a protective cap. This ensures it won’t damage your jeans, or purse when carried on the go. When you’re ready to open a bottle, simply twist the cap off and insert it into the bottle-opener slot at the top. Voila: you’ve now created a handy T-shaped handle to make the uncorking of your wine even easier.

The Munkees Mini Corkscrew Keychain is rated highly by other wine enthusiasts for its compact, yet functional design.

We also like its very attractive pricing, which makes it a budget buy that everyone can afford. The only downside is that it’s not as sturdy as regular wine openers, meaning you should reserve it for occasional use on the go, as daily usage might degrade the materials sooner than with full-sized designs.

Gift it to a wine lover in your life, or treat yourself to this petite wine accessory, and never fret about losing a corkscrew again!


  • Compact size
  • Safe storage of corkscrew in-between usages


  • Not for daily usage

2. Multi-Tool Waiters Corkscrew

Makupon Multi-Tool Waiters Corkscrew Portable Red Wine Bottle hinged Opener Set with Keychain …
  • Set of 2, This travel wine opener waiters corkscrew is made of stainless steel, 2 pack in set, with mini size, you can put it in your pocket or luggage when traveling; no problem getting though TSA at...

If you are a wine lover, you would know that one of the worst things that can happen to you is not bringing a wine opener along with you.

An excellent recommendation for a wine opener is this corkscrew by Macupon. The bottle opener is made out of high-quality stainless steel, which will prevent it from rusting away over time. Thanks to its compact size, measuring just 2.6” in length and 0.4” in width, this corkscrew weighs only 0.02lbs, which pretty much means that you have no excuse for not bringing it with you everywhere you go.

The screw can be folded on its handle when it is not in use, which will make it even more compact. If you never want to forget about it, you can simply put it on your keychain. The great thing about this product is that you get two corkscrews, which means you can have a set of bottle openers in two different locations.


  • The corkscrew can completely fold on the keychain
  • It is compact and can fit into narrow pockets


  • It can be a bit difficult to use due to the smaller size of the leverage rod

3. Screwpop Wine & Beer Opener Keychain 

The Screwpop Wine & Beer Opener Keychain is a great, durable choice on this list.

The brand behind the design, Screwpop, is known for ‘The world’s most clipable keychain tools’. This means that with this compact opener, you’re getting a device by an established brand in mini-sized essentials, built for convenience, built to last.

The compact Screwpop Wine & Beer Opener Keychain measures 3.6 x 1.8 x 0.8 inches and weighs just 0.8 ounces, making it one of the most lightweight options on the market.

The opener’s metal construction uses quality materials, ensuring its petite size doesn’t comprise its big longevity. This wine opener is easy to clip to a keyring, belt loop, lanyard, or even a backpack.

We would have liked it if the design also came with a keychain loop, but you’ll need to use an existing one with the opener’s clip-style. This wine opener is easy to use by simply twisting off the handle revealing the corkscrew and mounting the handle it to create a T-bar shape.

When not in use, the cap keeps the corkscrew protected, whilst also preventing it from snagging on clothes or fabric.

Overall, this lightweight aluminum opener is a solid choice for wine opening on the go and makes the perfect travel companion for all your vino adventures.


  • Made of lightweight aluminum
  • Established brand in keychain tools


  • Does not include keychain loop

4. Infora TU48 Stainless Steel Key Ring Corkscrew

No products found.

Not having a bottle opener with you when you are just about to enjoy your favorite drink can be quite annoying. Thus, for wine lovers, it is almost always recommended to have a corkscrew with you everywhere you go.

During our research, we came across this portable wine bottle opener from True Utility, and after reviewing it, we simply had to make it part of our selection.

This particular wine bottle opener is constructed from stainless steel, which is not only durable and rust-proof but also very lightweight. This will allow you to carry this wine opener in your pocket or as part of your keychain. The total length of this wine opener is 2.6”.

To use this so wine opener, with the sharp end, simply get it stuck deep into the cork center and rotate in a clockwise motion. Then, once you get deep enough into the cork, simply pull it out.


  • Uncork the wine bottles without much hassle
  • Small and compact design
  • Sturdy stainless-steel material


  • The corkscrew doesn’t perfectly align with the rod after folding

5. OrliverHL Portable Corkscrew Keychain

The OrliverHL Portable Corkscrew Keychain is a stylish, highly-functional design with a minimalistic silhouette. The lightweight design is simple, yet functional. Simply slip out the miniature corkscrew and voila: you’re ready to uncork.

The design is made of stainless steel and comes with a keychain ring for easy attachment. The opener measures 2.64 inches in length, making it a super compact, yet effective wine accessory for vino on the go.

Consumers praise its functionality and simple design. Though, on a side note, one wine enthusiast did mention that the cork-pulling may require a bit more force than a regular, full-sized corkscrew. However, another wine lover said it gets the job done quickly, so it might also depend on what you are used to.

Affordable, functional, and lightweight: the OrliverHL Portable Corkscrew may be your new favorite keychain tool!


  • Stylish, minimal design
  • Lightweight


  • May require a bit of force when used


If we had to pick a wine opener keychain to add to our own collection, we’d probably go for the Munkees 3-in-1 Mini Keychain. Not only does it contain a well-concealed corkscrew, but it also comes with a handy knife for foil cutting and a beer bottle opener. Making it petite in design, but big in functionality.

That said, all the designs on this list are affordable, convenient budget-buys, so you can’t really go wrong with any of these compact wine accessories!

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