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The Best Wine Making Kits in 2021

The Best Wine Making Kits in 2021

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Best Wine Making Kits


Best Wine Making KitsIf you love wine and you don’t mind getting your hands a bit dirty, a Best Wine Making Kit might be the perfect way to unleash your inner vintner. These kits are a fun way to dabble at home in creating your own custom wines. You don’t need the whole vineyard or expensive equipment to craft your own blends, one of these quality kits will suffice for the amateur winemaker!

To help you navigate your way towards the best Wine Making Kit for your needs, we’ve listed 5 of our favorite (and affordable) options on the market. There are some kits for specific wines and some that offer the general tools needed for the process.

Browse our Top 5 picks for the Best Wine Making Kits below, and don’t forget to stock up on some essential knowledge about the winemaking process to understand the fundamentals of becoming an at-home vintner with our Best Guides for Making Your Own Wine!



Tip: Want more information about the winemaking process? Check out our other editorials on How to Make Wine Sweeter, the Best Wine Filters for Winemakers, and Best Sommelier Courses (in case you really want to take your wine knowledge to the next level).

Best Guides for Making Your Own Wine

If you’re interested in making your own wine at home, getting the right equipment is an important step. However, you might also want to consider buying a winemaking guide, to navigate you step-by-step through the process. Yes, a lot of information is available online. But we’ve found that having an actual paper copy of a guide handy really does help!

There are dozens of titles available, so which ones are worth the splurge? These are our 5 favorite Best Wine Making Guides:

You’ll learn all the fundamentals on winemaking in these easy-read titles. Read more about what each guide offers by clicking here and be inspired to think outside the box. Or should we say: your regular bottles!




Best Wine Making Kits


Fresh Harvest Fruit Wine Making Kit

Master Vintner Fresh Harvest One Gallon Small Batch Fruit Wine Making Kit
  • Everything you need to make remarkable wine from scratch in under an hour from your own fresh fruit
The Fresh Harvest Fruit Wine Making Kit by Master Vintner contains everything you’ll need to make delicious wine from scratch using your own fresh fruit. Even better: this kit is super efficient, meaning you’ll only need about an hour to kick-start your wine-making adventures.

The big difference between this Fresh Fruit Harvest kit and regular grape-wine kits is that harvest fruits such as berries or apples mature faster than grapes. This means the wine is ready to drink quicker, needing less time to develop its flavor. If you want a traditional set, this might not be the kit for you. But if you simply want to dabble in wine-making and try something experimental, tasty, and fun: then this might be the affordable product for you!

Creating your own wine blends with the Fresh Harvest Wine Making Kit by Master Vintner is easy, even for those with limited to no wine-making experience. The kit includes a winemaker recipe handbook, a 2 gallon plastic fermenter with a lid, 1 gallon jug, tubing, an airlock, a screw cap and straining bag, sanitizer tablets, pectic enzymes, acid blend, grape tannin, yeast nutrient, all-purpose dry yeast, stabilizer, a racking cane, and a hydrometer. All the essentials to get your winemaking process started. This means you’ll only have to invest in some fruit, a corker, corks, and bottles to complete your own vintner set.


Pinot Noir Wine Making Kit

The Pinot Noir Wine Making Kit by Master Vintner is a fantastic starter set for crafting your own delicious reds. Extensively tested for quality, it makes an authentic, highly-rated choice in Best Wine Making Kits, and includes all the gear needed to help you on your way.

This set is aimed in particular at Pinot Noir, but there are more varieties available, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Chardonnay. As each wine type is different, each kit includes different components catered exactly to a wine’s specifications.

The Pinot Noir kit by Master Vintner includes a primary glass fermentor, a 1-gallon glass jug secondary fermentor, a triple scale hydrometer, a test jar and thief, a corker, and even corks. Even better, with clear instructions, the kit promises to make winemaking ‘as easy as brewing a pot of coffee’. The comprehensive set created for wine enthusiasts with very limited experience, providing a foolproof, step-by-step (visual) guide to make every vino venture a success.

The kit is also compatible with ALL wine ingredients and allows you to ferment from both fresh juice and concentrate. Rated highly by other wine aficionados, the Pinot Noir Wine Making Kit by Master Vintner is a reliable, authentic choice for at-home experimentation – and offer great value-for-money for the price listed.



1-Gallon Fruit Wine Kit

1 Gallon Wine from Fruit Kit
  • 2 gallon plastic fermentor w/ lid, 1 gallon jug, tubing, airlock, screw cap and straining bag Sanitizer and campden tablets
The 1-Gallon Wine Making Kit by Midwest Homebrewing and Winemaking Supplies is a great starter-option if you like fruit wines. Again, this is not a traditional grape-style kit like the Pinot Noir set by Master Vintner. Instead, you’ll receive all the tools and equipment needed to create your blends from fruits such as berries, apples, or even bananas. According to the manufacturer, this set comes with enough additives to make up to 15 gallons of wine; adding extra value-for-money appeal.

The kit includes a 2-gallon plastic fermenter with lid, a 1-gallon jug, tubing, a 15-inch racking cane, an airlock, a drilled screw-top cap, a straining bag, 2 oz. of oxygen wash, Campden tablets, pectin enzyme, yeast, yeast nutrient, potassium sorbate, acid blend, and wine tannin. The set by Midwest Homebrewing and Winemaking Supplies also comes easy-to-follow instructions and an in-depth Winemaker Recipe Handbook, which over a 100 fruit wine suggestions.

Not included in the kit are fruit, a corker, corks, and bottles. Also missing is a hydrometer and a thermometer. Now, they might not be a 100% necessary… But we would definitely recommend getting both as they are very useful tools in any winemaking process. And we’re quite surprised they are not part of this set.

If you’re looking for an affordable, comprehensive product to get you started: this makes a great beginners’ choice on our Best Wine Making Kits list. But, be warned. It’s a basic set and might be missing some essentials to take your winemaking skills to the next level. For example a hydrometer. Cheap and cheerful, though tool upgrades can be required!



3-Gallon Wine Making Kit

The 3-Gallon Wine Making Kit by Winemakers Depot is a versatile set for amateur winemakers with some experience with the process. We wouldn’t necessarily recommend it per se for first-timers. Because the kit doesn’t come with as clear instructions as other on this list. However, if you want to upgrade your start kit equipment to a larger, comprehensive, and multifunctional set: this could be the product for you.

The kit includes a 3-gallon carboy glass, a 6.5-gallon fermenter with lid, a hydrometer, a dual-scale thermometer, an adhesive thermometer, a 24-inch racking cane, siphon hosing for transferring wine, a separate siphon hose with shut-off clamp, an airlock drilled rubber stopper, and 2 packages (4-ounce) sterilizer.

Amateur vintners rate the Winemakers Depot 3-Gallon Wine Making Kit highly for its large capacity, easy set-up, and manufacturer’s service. Be advised that this set will require you to buy additional ingredients and components. Such as yeast, C-Brite, and additional sterilizer. If you’re interested in stepping up your winemaking game or simply want to start big, this set offers a lot of options. Do invest in a quality Best Wine Making Guide to secure yourself of step-by-step instructions. Because this kit does not include an in-depth recipe book.




Pinot Grigio Wine Making Kit

Craft A Brew Making Home Kit – Easy Brew Beginners with Ingredients and Supplies – Ultimate Wine Brewer Experience, 1 Gallon, Pinot Grigio
  • COMPLETE BEGINNERS WINE KIT – You don’t have to be a master vintner or expert to create the perfect wine. We provide it all, with enough ingredients and supplies for 1 gallon (or 5 750mL bottles)...
The Pinot Grigio Wine Making Kit by Craft A Brew is an all-inclusive kit that contains everything needed to make 1-gallon of finished wine (approx. 5 regular 750ml bottles). If you’re looking for a set that will get you started instantly, this may be your ideal match!

Craft A Brew, the brand behind the kit, states that ‘you don’t have to be a master vintner to create the perfect wine, all you need are the perfect tools’. And that is exactly what the manufacturer has included in the Pinot Grigio Wine Making Kit. When you order the quality box, you’ll receive a glass carboy, a funnel, a rubber stopper, a racking cane, a transfer tubing, a tubing clamp, and an airlock. Also included are a winemaking guide, Pinot Grigio juice with years and additives, cork closures, and even sanitizer. Making this truly one of the most comprehensive, all-in-one options on this Best Wine Making Kits list.

4 Easy Steps

This kit only requires 4 simple steps to creating your own custom wines. 1: Mix the juice and yeast. 2: Ferment for 2 weeks. 3: Degas and add clarifiers. 4: Bottle and enjoy!

We’d also like to point out that this set comes packaged in a beautiful, gift-worthy box. This also makes it an original, fun present for the wine lover in your life. We think for the price listed you do get a lot of bang for your buck. When you break it down, each self-crafted bottle will only set you back around 10 dollars. Which make it excellent value-for-money. Especially considering after the first batch of wines, you’ll still have all the main equipment needed for the process. Lowering the cost of each batch the more wines you produce.







If you’re new to winemaking and want to take your first steps to become an at-home vintner, the Pinot Noir Kit by Master Vintner is a great choice. The all-inclusive set pretty much contains nearly all the essentials needed for the process. This includes equipment AND some key ingredients. It can instantly kick-start your winemaking adventures and is easy to use even for those with limited to no experience.

If you’re looking to gift a winemaking kit to a loved one in your life, we’d recommend the Pinot Grigio Wine Making Kit by Craft A Brew. Not only is it a great-value choice and comprehensive set, but this kit also comes in beautiful gift-style packaging. Which makes it an original present for any occasion, gift-wrapping optional!

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