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The 10 Best Wine Magazines in 2023

The 10 Best Wine Magazines in 2023

Jonas Muthoni
wine magazines


wine magazines

If you like Wine as much as we do, you’ll love a Wine Magazine subscription. A monthly or quarterly magazine allows you to indulge your curiosity and get entertained by interesting editorials, humorous columns, and delicious wine & food pairings.

Treating yourself to a Wine Magazine doesn’t have to be expensive. Yes, subscriptions used to cost quite a lot, but there are some fantastic offers available these days.

As print magazines sometimes struggle to retain readers, you can profit from irresistible deals on top titles, including the renowned Wine Spectator and the Wine Enthusiast.

We’ve made a list of our Top 10 picks of the Best Wine Magazine options for your reading pleasure.

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Oh, and if you need more reading material, we’ve also got a list of the Best Guides for Making Your Wine. Let out your inner bookworm and treat yourself to one of these exciting copies!

Why should you have a Wine Magazine subscription?

wine magazinesYes, we’re well aware that the internet – for example, our I Love Wine blog – provides a wealth of free wine information. You can find nearly every wine topic online, so why would you need an additional Wine Magazine subscription? Because it’s not just for information, but also relaxation!

Indulge yourself!

Flipping through a beautiful magazine allows you to indulge in some ‘me time.’ Instead of simply scanning information online, you can take a moment to unwind and take your time to absorb information.

Pour yourself a nice glass of white or red, put on your comfy socks and curl up on the sofa with a copy of one of these Best Wine Magazine options.

We love being inspired by new food pairings, in-depth interviews with winemakers, and news on must-try labels. It is more than just reading up on Wine: it’s an experience where you can take a step back and immerse yourself in the world of Wine. And that’s something we all deserve once a month (or quarterly, depending on your subscription).

Top 10 picks of the Best Wine Magazine

Here are our top 10 Best Wine Magazine options. Some are solely focussed on vino, and other titles have a general ‘good living’ vibe. But we’re sure there is a match for every wine lover in this excellent magazine selection.

1. Food & Wine

Food & Wine
  • English (Publication Language)

Food & Wine is all about celebrating two of the best things in life, which you might have already guessed from the title: Food and Wine. This magazine is a visual treat for your taste buds, filled with culinary inspiration and the best wine pairings.

wine magazinesOne of the most established wine magazines, the title has nearly four decades of experience, providing a wealth of expertise that its editorial team draws inspiration from for each issue.

Food & Wine isn’t just a magazine. It’s an experience, as the magazine takes you on a journey to new foodie destinations, fabulous restaurants, and salivating culinary delights.

  • What you’ll find in Food & Wine is an inspiring mix of content. From delicious gourmet recipes to try at home to reviews of the newest wines and spirits.
  • The magazine also features in-depth, long-read editorials and columns by some of the most renowned chefs and food experts on the globe.
  • The magazine was created to believe that the best delights in life should not be reserved for the elite and experts but should be available to every food and wine lover.
  • Its recipes and food pairings are, therefore, suited to every entry-level.

Something for everyone

  • Regardless of whether you’re an amateur chef or kitchen pro, you’ll find plenty of tips and tricks to take your dinner parties to the next level.
  • Subjects featured in Food & Wine Magazine include wine guides, kitchen equipment tutorials, entertaining inspiration, food trends, wine tasting advice, and more.

Beautifully designed, tastefully filled with delicious content: the Food & Wine Magazine subscription makes a great gift to yourself or any foodie in your life!

Frequency: 12 issues yearly

2. Wine Spectator

Wine Spectator is the ultimate source in wine reviews. The magazine, founded in 1976, is a must-read for true wine enthusiasts who want to know exactly what they are buying.

  • The magazine has a high frequency, releasing 15 editions yearly. All issues include anywhere between 400 and 1000 wine reviews per magazine, providing you with the inside knowledge on the hottest new labels, niche vineyards, and classic choices.
  • Wine Spectator is an authentic, reliable publication with a very impressive pedigree in wine experts and editors.

wine magazines

  • Its tasting panel includes highly regarded critics includes James Laube, Bruce Sanderson, Kim Marcus, James Molesworth, and Harvey Steiman.
  • If you sometimes struggle to identify tasting notes, tannins, and acidity, let these experts guide you and navigate you to the best labels on the market.


  • Another reason why we love Wine Spectator is that it takes wine tasting very, very seriously. The magazine has special, outlined blind tasting procedures, ensuring you receive an unbiased, honest opinion – purely based on the Wine itself.
  • These stringent standards include dedicated ‘tasting rooms’ in the magazine’s offices in Napa and New York, including a dedicated staff to coordinate the blind tastings. Each editor also covers the same wine regions from year to year. This allows them further to develop expertise in their allocated region’s wines.
  • For example, James Laube (Senior editor) reviews wines from Napa, while Bruce Sanderson (Senior editor) focuses on Italy and Burgundy. This demonstrates Wine Spectator’s commitment to providing a neutral source of information, solidifying its authenticity as the leading magazine in Wine tasting notes.

Education vs. Entertainment

This magazine is a top choice for wine enthusiasts that take their vino seriously and want in-depth, honest, and detailed reviews of labels. That said, this magazine is quite ‘high-brow.’ We don’t say that to discourage you but do note that this title has more of an educational value than an entertaining value.

If you want an easy read, it might not be the title for you. But if you crave expertise and genuine reviews: this magazine should land on your doorstep every few weeks!

Frequency: 15 issues yearly

3. Wine Enthusiast

Wine Enthusiast Magazine is the world’s most prominent periodical devoted exclusively to the wine lifestyle. The magazine was founded in 1988 by Adam and Sybil Strum, who – from their attic – decided to embark on a new venture. They aimed to create a comprehensive magazine that reflected their passion for Wine and would guide every type of wine enthusiast.

wine magazinesWine Enthusiast Magazine is now a renowned wine publication, read by amateurs and professionals alike.

  • Each issue is packed with information on the latest wine trends, ratings and reviews, food and travel, award-winning commentary, and other wine lifestyle features.


  • It even includes a buying guide to help you determine which bottles to try and which to avoid, based on your taste preferences.
  • The magazine has a seasoned team of editors that do all the hard work for you. These experts rate over 700 wines each edition, plus share their insights on the hottest wine trends, inventive food pairings, must-visit wine destinations, and more.

Bundled in one stylish publication, Wine Enthusiast Magazine offers a moment of indulgence for every reader.

Frequency: 12 issues yearly

4. Wine & Spirits

Wine & Spirits Magazine is the proud winner of multiple James Beard Awards for excellence in writing. Known as ‘The Oscars of the food world,’ these awards are a prestigious recognization of the magazine’s unique flair and quality.

wine magazinesThis magazine is one of the top choices for wine enthusiasts and wine professionals.

  • There are eight issues yearly, all filled with the latest information on wine regions, winemakers, the arts and science of viticulture, industry news, and wine & food pairings.


  • Wine & Spirits pays attention to both established labels and vintners and also spotlight new, up-and-coming names in the wine world.
  • One of the central pillars of this magazine is its in-depth wine reviews. Wine & Spirits evaluates a whopping 15.000 bottles yearly.
  • By publishing their knowledge and expertise in an easy-to-read, educational way, you can use the magazine as a great buying guide for Wine.
  • Wine & Spirits takes the guesswork out of wine shopping, pointing you in the direction of must-try bottles and labels that are worth the splurge.

They are made by wine lovers, for wine lovers. Wine & Spirits is simply a must-read and very affordable subscription if you want to be kept up-to-date on everything vino.

Frequency: 8 issues yearly

5. Bon Appetit

Bon Appétit is all about good food, Great Wine, and how to enjoy them together. This title on culinary delights isn’t solely a wine magazine, but it’s nevertheless one of our favorite reads. This magazine offers loads of cooking, wine pairing, and recipe inspiration.

wine magazines

  • We love that the magazine doesn’t just provide recipes for cooking, but also recipes for great (dinner) parties: providing you with all kinds of tips & tricks on how to entertain.
  • Bon Appétit has a great blend of ‘at home’ versus ‘going out’. Either pick a delicious recipe to try at home or browse the hottest restaurants, and newest culinary delights found all around the world.
  • Whether you’re an amateur cook that loves trying new dishes or a foodie that loves eating (and drinking) out all the time: there’s something for every lifestyle in this great magazine!

Frequency: 10 issues yearly

6. Saveur

  • English (Publication Language)

Saveur is a foodie’s ultimate dream. If you’re looking for a magazine that solely focuses on Wine and spirits: this is not it. But, if you’re looking for a magazine that will tickle ALL your taste buds: Saveur is your match. This title is all about the good life, taking you on an inspiring journey through the world of culinary delights.

wine magazines

  • We particularly love this quarterly magazine because Saveur is about more than just recipes and food pairings. This title explores the authentic cuisines of the world, traveling all over the globe to deliver salivating insights into international cooking.
  • Unlike other titles that merely highlight ingredients and preparation guides, Saveur tracks recipes to their roots. It showcases their history, tradition, and cultural significance.
  • Saveur contains articles on all aspects of food and drink: including eating, cooking, and reading tips. It will keep you up-to-date on the newest culinary trends and events and educate you with handy kitchen tips and techniques.
  • This magazine is outstanding in its storytelling. Its team of editors has won over 17 James Beard Awards in journalistic excellence and four American Society of Magazine Editor awards: a testimony of the title’s engaging narratives.

If you want a magazine that takes you on a global adventure through the world of food, wine, and dining: Saveur is your flavor.

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Frequency: 4 issues yearly

7. Decanter UK (Kindle version only)

Decanter UK
  • Amazon Kindle Edition

Decanter magazine is a staple in any wine lovers’ reading material. This publication has a core focus on quality wine and spirits, with in-depth reviews on a broad spectrum of labels.

wine magazines

  • The magazine contains reviews, industry news, guides on wine regions, travel surveys, interviews, market reports, and more.
  • Aimed at the amateur wine enthusiast, wine professionals and winemakers are also highly rated – and read – due to their expertise and quality standard.


  • Decanter Magazine takes wines seriously and goes the extra mile to help its readers determine which labels are worth the splurge. Though it also highlights more affordable labels, you can also find plenty of inspiration on more exclusive, vintage wines to treat your taste buds.
  • The magazine makes over 4000 wine recommendations every year, which means there’s a review that matches your personal preferences.
  • Decanter magazine is made in the UK but doesn’t focus solely on English. Read in over 90 countries; it’s a global favorite amongst wine enthusiasts.
  • But, a subscription on the print version can, therefore, be a bit expensive, which is why we recommend getting a Kindle subscription. Though, if you don’t own a Kindle or e-reader, we’d say it’s still worth spending the extra dollars on this international title.

Frequency: 12 issues yearly

8. Wine Press Northwest

Wine Press Northwest
  • English (Publication Language)

If you live in the Northwest, we’d recommend a subscription to this title. Wine Press Northwest is a quarterly wine publication that focuses on the Washington, Oregon, Idaho & British Columbia regions—giving you all the regional inspiration to tickle your taste buds with delicious wines and spirits.

wine magazines

  • The magazine’s localized focus makes it a bit less interesting for those in different states but – at the same time – a must-read for wine lovers that DO live in the region.
  • In each quarterly issue of the Wine Press Northwest, you’ll find a great mix of content. This includes news on local winemakers, features on local wine regions, recommendations for new restaurants and vintners, and more.
  • If you love Wine and the Northwest: you should consider a subscription. It gives readers a chance to explore their turf in a delicious and inspiring way.

Frequency: 4 issues yearly

9. WineMaker

If you love making your Wine, Winemaker Magazine is your match. This title is all about producing your quality vino and creating an inspiring read for the amateur (and pro) winemaker.

wine magazines

  • Winemaker Magazine is filled with everything relevant to making your Wine. From innovative and classic wine recipes to interviews with winemakers: it’s a creative combination of practical, hands-on advice and general wine education.
  • Winemaker Magazine has been a source for technically-reviewed and trustworthy winemaking advice for over 20 years.
  • A favorite amongst wannabe and amateur vintners, it’s a comprehensive periodical to keep you up-to-date on news and trends.
  • If you’re new to winemaking and want to start by learning the basics, we’d recommend buying a subscription to this magazine. A guide will teach you the process fundamentals; WineMaker will take your expertise to the next level.

We give this magazine a thumbs-up for aspiring winemakers and DIY vino enthusiasts, which is practical, inspiring, and fun to read.

Frequency: 6 issues yearly

10. Wine Advocate

Wine Advocate
  • English (Publication Language)

Wine Advocate is an amazing wine magazine, regarded for its expertise, in-depth reviews, and vintage wine summaries. If you want a magazine filled with snippets of info, beautiful photos, and illustrations: this is not the title for you.

wine magazines

  • Wine Advocate contains zero photographs, advertisements, or quick trivia. It has a wealth of wine knowledge, poured into extensive reviews using a 50-point grading system.
  • The title was founded and developed by Robert M. Parker, one of the most renowned wine critics.
  • The Wine Advocate has quite a ‘cult following’ amongst wine enthusiasts and professionals.
  • The bi-monthly publication has been in circulation for over 40 years and is one of the most influential wine periodicals.
  • Fun fact: In the 1980’s, some wineries were even accused of making wines tailored to Parker’s tastes – to receive a positive review.
  • Though Parker’s name is still inherently attached to the Wine Advocate, his editorial contributions have become less. Nevertheless, the magazine maintains an expert team of editors (including Parker) that writes enticing reviews on wine regions all over the globe.
  • We have to note that this title might feel a bit pretentious for the amateur wine drinker with a limited budget. You need a fundamental knowledge of tannins, tasting notes, and more to understand the reviews.

However, if you want to work on your wine education and crave a magazine that bypasses all ‘fluff’ content and goes straight to the core, Wine Advocate may be the magazine for you!

Frequency: 6 issues yearly

Our Verdict

We can’t say which magazine is best, as they all cater to a different type of reader. Here are our top 3 picks.

  1. If you want a publication dedicated solely to Wine: Wine Enthusiast, it is a popular, entertaining, and educational choice.
  2. If you want a more diverse magazine, a ‘foodie’ title such as Saveur might tickle your taste buds.
  3. And, if you want to get serious – and don’t mind a challenge – Wine Advocate could be the magazine for you.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with any of these magazines. Each has its unique appeal, yet all are a moment of self-indulgence. And we all deserve a bit of that once in a while!

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