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The Best Wine Glasses in 2023

The Best Wine Glasses in 2023

iLoveWine Staff
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To the casual wine drinker, the shape of the wine glass probably doesn’t matter much. They can get by with a single set of glasses that they pull out for reds, whites, or that new rosé, and have a perfectly enjoyable evening.

But for the budding wine enthusiast, using the right wine glass can make all the difference in the world. Suddenly you’ll be able to smell and taste all those gorgeous subtleties so often described by sommeliers.

Wine Glass Basics

Wine glasses have three main parts: the bowl, the stem, and the base. Each of these may vary, but the shape and size of the bowl is the key to matching the glass to the wine.

Why is this?

  • Wine surface area- A wider bowl provides a greater surface area, allowing for more evaporation and interaction between wine and air.
  • Aroma delivery- The shape and size of the bowl also determines how aroma vapors are trapped and how they meet your nose.
  • Temperature control- It’s easier to keep wine cooler if the bowl is smaller.
  • Smoothness- Wines may taste smoother from a glass with a wider mouth.

So, where do you begin in building your stemware collection?

Here we present nine of our favorite wine glass sets arranged by category.

Stemware Wine Glasses

We recommend picking up at least one set for reds, whites, champagnes, rosés, and dessert wines. Of course the best thing is to build a deeper collection based on your favorite styles. Until you know what those are, these wine glasses will help you explore all the possibilities.

I. Red Wine Glasses

Red wine glasses tend to have larger bowls and wider mouths. This allows a greater surface area for the wine to interact with oxygen, which brings out fruitiness and tempers tannins.

1. Nachtmann Red Wine Glasses

Nachtmann Supreme Collection Red Wine Balloon Glass, Set of 4, Clear, Made of Crystal Glass, Stemmed Burgundy Glasses, Water Goblets, 28-Ounces, Dishwasher Safe
172 Reviews
Nachtmann Supreme Collection Red Wine Balloon Glass, Set of 4, Clear, Made of Crystal Glass, Stemmed Burgundy Glasses, Water Goblets, 28-Ounces, Dishwasher Safe
  • SUPREME: impresses with its clear design and sophisticated shape and is perfect for any occasion. The versatile glass series is equally suited for red wine, white wine, and Champagne. Whether a gala,...
  • This set of four red wine glasses is an excellent starter set for any wine enthusiast.
  • They’re beautiful, affordable, and the perfect size for reds.
  • In an age where stemless wine glasses are becoming more common, we also love the long stems.
  • These crystal glasses are also exquisitely crafted.
  • Nachtmann is a division of Riedel, which makes some of our favorite stemware.

2. Riedel VINUM Bordeaux Glasses

Riedel VINUM Bordeaux Glasses, Set of 2
  • Produced by world renowned Austrian glassmakers
  • Riedel also makes varietal-specific wine glasses which are wonderful for exploring particular styles that you love.
  • This VINUM series is an excellent step up, offering a more nuanced tasting experience without breaking the bank.
  • These generously-sized glasses are perfect for bolder reds, such as Cabernet Sauvignons and Merlots.

3. Riedel VINUM Syrah Glasses


Riedel VINUM, 2 Count (Pack of 1), Clear
  • Set of two machine-made, fine crystal syrah glasses
  • For enjoying a Syrah, we recommend this set from the Riedel VINUM series.
  • The shape highlights the tannins for a better overall balance with the fruitiness of this style.
  • Winemakers in regions specializing in Syrahs contributed to the design of this stemware to showcase the style brilliantly.

II. White Wine Glasses

Smaller bowls are better for white wines since they maintain cooler temperatures and keep the surface of the wine closer to the nose. They beautifully accentuate the floral notes of white wines.

Full-bodied whites like Viogniers and Chardonnays tend to shine in white wine glasses with slightly wider bowls. These are still smaller than those of your typical red wine glass, of course.

1. Nachtmann Vivendi White Wine Glasses

Nachtmann Vivendi Set of 4 White Wine Glasses, 16-Oz., Clear -
  • This set contains 4 pieces NACHTMANN Vivendi White Wine glasses
  • These white wine glasses from Nachtmann are our most often recommended starter set.
  • They come in sets of four and are made of clear glass finished with platinum for more durability.
  • Just like the set of red wine glasses from Nachtmann, they’re as beautiful as they are affordable.
  • These, plus a lovely bottle of white wine, make a thoughtful gift for a new wine lover.

2. Riedel VINUM Sauvignon Blanc Glasses


Riedel Vinum, 2 Count (Pack of 1), Clear
  • Glass size: 3.11Lx3.11Wx8.43H (Inches)
  • These Riedel VINUM glasses are specifically balanced for enjoying Sauvignon Blancs and other lighter white wines.
  • They’ll bring out the floral aromas so you can appreciate the delicate nuances with every glass.
  • These come in sets of two but are priced so well that once you taste the difference, you’ll likely replace your starter white wine glasses with them.

III. Champagne and Sparkling Wine Glasses

Champagnes and sparkling wines also taste quite different depending on the shape of the glass. Overall, these glasses have longer, slimmer bowls than glasses for reds or whites. Champagne flutes are the most recognizable variants, but the others vary in bowl shape. Tulips have wider bowls that enhance fruitier sparkling wines, for example.

1. Nachtmann Champagne Glasses


Nachtmann Vivendi Champagne Flutes | Set of 4 Glasses | 9-Ounce Modern and Elegant Stemmed Glass, Crystal Clear, Dishwasher Safe
766 Reviews
Nachtmann Vivendi Champagne Flutes | Set of 4 Glasses | 9-Ounce Modern and Elegant Stemmed Glass, Crystal Clear, Dishwasher Safe
  • Nachtmann Vivendi Champagne Flutes - a meticulously crafted set of 4 glasses designed to transform every sip into a luxurious indulgence.
  • Just a few sets of these Nachtmann champagne glasses and you’ll be ready for your next celebration.
  • Once again, Nachtmann offers an elegant and affordable option for adding to your collection.
  • These come in sets of four, and while they are delicate, they’re remarkably sturdy for champagne glasses.

2. Riedel VINUM Champagne Glasses


Riedel Vinum Champagne Glass, Set of 2
  • Made in Bavaria by world-renowned glassmakers
  • If you prefer champagne glasses with a more classic, straight-edged silhouette, this set from the VINUM collection is for you.
  • Much like the Nachtmann series, these are very sturdy.
  • Many people cringe at the thought of putting champagne glasses in the dishwasher, but many users report safely sending these through. (We still wash all ours by hand.)

IV. Rosé Glasses

While rosés are more reminiscent of whites in appearance, they’re better in slightly wider bowls than white wine glasses traditionally have. While there are no hard and fast rules about serving them, specialty glasses for rosés can accentuate the aromas.

1. Riedel Rose Wine Glasses


Riedel SST (SEE, SMELL, TASTE) Rosé Champagne/Rosé Wine Glass, Set of 2, Clear -
26 Reviews
Riedel SST (SEE, SMELL, TASTE) Rosé Champagne/Rosé Wine Glass, Set of 2, Clear -
  • SST - See, Smell, Taste - glasses designed for the optimum enjoyment of wines
  • This set of rosé glasses from Riedel is from their See, Smell, Taste (SST) series which also optimizes the tasting experience for different varietals.
  • The bowl allows plenty of room for aromas to develop and add depth to every sip.

V. Dessert and Fortified Wine Glasses

Glasses for dessert wines and fortified wines vary as much as the wines themselves. Some are more decorative than practical, but as with all wines, the glass can make a substantial difference in what you can smell and taste. We recommend just picking up a few of these for the specialty wines you like.

1. Riedel VINUM Port Glasses


Riedel Vinum Port Glass, Set of 2
3,490 Reviews
Riedel Vinum Port Glass, Set of 2
  • The classic machine-made port glass of the established glass collection Riedel bar is the essential glassware for every home bar
  • These beauties from Riedel are our favorites for drinking port, bringing out its sweetness and rich fruitiness.
  • The small, narrow mouth helps minimize evaporation since the alcohol content is high.
  • Although they’re small, they have an excellent weight in your hand, too.

Need More Suggestions?

unique wine glasses 2If you want to add a touch of style to your wine drinking, then you should indulge yourself with some Unique Wine Glasses! These designs don’t follow the traditional rules, instead, they redefine the shapes, materials, and styles of vino stemware. Original, eye-catching, and with big gift-appeal, there’s something for every preference, and wine enthusiast!

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of unique wine glasses available online. But how to determine which products are actually suited to daily usage, and which are only for novelty purposes? After all, a wine glass might have a unique shape, but it should still have functionality. Otherwise, what is the point right?

Our Top 10 choices

That is exactly why we’ve selected 10 of our Favorite Unique Wine Glasses that offer style AND functionality. Rated highly by us, and other vino lovers, these beautiful designs are perfect for adding a bit of flair to your wine collection.

Get inspired by the many possibilities and find your favorite in our Best Unique Wine Glasses list below:

tipTip: Want more stemware inspiration? Then don’t forget to check out our other editorials on the Best Wine Tasting Glasses, the Best Funny Wine Glasses, the Best Red Wine Glasses, and the Best Wine Tumblers!

1. Sommelier Aerating Wine Glasses

Sommelier Aerating Wine Glass (Set of 2) by Chevalier Collection – Patented Wine Glasses with Built In Aerator – Unique Gift for Wine Lovers
  • Patented Design: Our patented aerating wine glass is made of durable, high-quality tempered glass and features a wine aerator built into the glass. The glasses instantly aerate 7 oz of wine on each...

The Sommelier Aerating Wine Glass is a premium choice in unique stemware. The innovative glass is designed to add simplicity to the aerating and decanting process. Plus, it’s fancy aesthetics will definitely make you look like a true vino connoisseur amongst your wine-loving friends.

How does this unique wine glass work?

It’s super simple! You pour wine into the internal cell and wait. The cell will ‘shower’ the wine into the bell of the glass, instantly aerating it. This automatic aeration lets your wine breathe in style, bringing out more flavors and enhancing your tasting pleasure.

Product Details

  • The Sommelier Aerating Wine Glass comes in a set of 2, meaning you also get to share the aerating fun.
  • Each glass is individually handcrafted, and handblown, from durable Pyrex glass.
  • We like the artesian, authentic aspect of these glasses.
  • Also, the pyrex material makes it dishwasher-safe; convenient for everyday usage.
  • This set of 2 glasses is produced in the USA and packaged in a high-gloss, sturdy box.
  • Its elegant appeal makes it an original, chic gift for any wine enthusiast.
  • The Sommelier Aerating Wine Glass is rated very highly by other vino lovers, who praise the design’s ability to bring out more aroma and flavor, and its sophisticated appeal.


  • Instant aeration of wine
  • Made of Pyrex glass


  • Slightly large to handle
  • Inner aerator fragile

2. Elixer Glassware Wine Set

Square Wine Glasses Set of 4 - 14 oz - Crystal Wine Glass Set in Gift Packaging - Large Red Wine Glass on Long Stem - Housewarming Gifts New Home - Glasses Drinking Set - For White & Red Wine
  • MODERN CRYSTAL WINE GLASSES - Are you looking for new red wine glasses or white wine glasses? These large wine glasses with stem are suitable for all your favorite wines. They will add a touch of...

The Elixer Glassware Wine Set includes 4 quality wine glasses with a unique cylindrical body. The sleek silhouette really makes them stand out from the crowd. Sophisticated, original, and functional: this set is a chic addition to any stemware collection.

Product Details

  • Each glass in the set is shaped and hand-blown by artisans using traditional methods. The wide rim is carefully cut and polished to perfection, allowing the wine to flow straight to the center of your tong. This fully brings out the flavor of the wine, blending the acidity, tannin, and fruitiness in one, delightful sip.
  • The Elixer Glassware Wine Set is made of a 100% lead-free, ultra-clarity crystal. The glass sparkles beautifully when it catches the light, and has the durability to keep its brilliant shine for many drinking sessions to come.
  • The set of 4 glasses also comes with a 1-Year Satisfaction Guarantee, meaning that if you have any issues with your set, you can contact the seller to find a suitable solution.
  • The only minor downside is that glasses may vary slightly in thickness. As each is hand-crafted, you could spot minor differences between the 4 pieces in your set. So if you’re big on uniformity, these might not be the unique wine glasses for you.


  • Unique cylindrical silhouette
  • 1-Year Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Thickness may vary
  • Glasses may not identical

3. Lolita My Tiara Wine Glass

Lolita My Tiara Artisan Painted Wine Glass Gift
957 Reviews
Lolita My Tiara Artisan Painted Wine Glass Gift
  • “My Tiara” wine glass from Designs by Lolita.

The Lolita My Tiara Wine Glass is an original gift for the wine-loving princess or queen in your life. The handcrafted design has a very feminine, fun appeal; allowing you to sip your wines in ‘royal’ style.

Product Details

  • The design is hand-blown and hand-painted into a true work of art. Dressed up with an elaborate tiara-inspired design, it certainly is an eye-catcher in any wine collection.
  • The glass is also adorned with dozens of colorful faux-gems, adding an extra dose of glamorous sparkle to your drinking fun.
  • Each glass also has a cocktail-recipe printed on the base, giving you extra drink inspiration when you want something else than vino!
  • The Lolita My Tiara Wine Glass holds 15oz of your favorite wine and is hand-wash only to preserve its fun design-accents. We also like that the glass is shipped in a very luxurious gift-packaging. Instantly ready-to-gift, it’s a girly, decorative choice on this unique wine glasses list.


  • Chic gift packaging
  • Faux-gem detailing


  • Handwash only
  • Slightly pricey for a single glass

4. KOVOT Tilted Wine Glass Set

KOVOT Tipsy Wine Glass Set | Includes (2) Tilted Wine Glasses
  • THE PERFECT PAIR – Each set comes with 2 tipsy wine glasses. Treat yourself or that special someone with this corky wine glass set

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. This KOVOT Set really features a tilted glass silhouette. The unique glasses are purposely designed with a subtle bend in the stem, creating an optical illusion that will no doubt capture the imagination. Or make you question how much wine you exactly had to drink…

Product Details

  • The KOVOT Set includes 2 tilted wine glasses with a 13oz capacity each. Though, a word of warning from the manufacturer: only fill a glass with a maximum of 5oz of wine to avoid actual tipping. Yes, this is a risk of the unique shape of the design, but it is easily avoided by simply adhering to the 5oz rule.
  • Other wine aficionados rated the design highly for its novelty appeal and say it’s a real conversation starter. Though be warned, some consumers do warn that when overfilled, the glasses are indeed likely to tip.
  • Plus the actual angle of the tilt might vary from the image pictured. Some wine-lovers say the tilt is less significant, whilst others state it’s too tilted. Which makes us a bit apprehensive, however, for the affordable price listed; we still deem it a risk worth taking if you love the look of these glasses.


  • Conversation starter
  • Unique tilted silhouette


  • Prone to tipping
  • Can only fill with max. 5oz

5. Stainless Steel Wine Glasses Set 

Modern Innovations Stainless Steel Wine Glasses, Set of 4, 12 Oz Stemmed Wine Glasses, Dishwasher Safe Unbreakable BPA Free Shatterproof SS Great for Daily, Formal, Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • ★ STAINLESS STEEL WINE GLASS COLLECTION: These stainless steel stemmed wine glasses are perfect for serving all your beverages holding up to 12 ounces.

The Stainless Steel Wine Glasses Set by Modern Innovations is available in a 2-piece or 4-piece version. The glasses are not traditional stemware, as they are made of quality stainless steel instead of delicate crystal. This gives them a sleek, industrial-style look, which definitely will add a touch of contemporary style to your wine glass collection.

We love the modern look and feel of the set. And appreciate that it’s still very suited to every usage, instead of just being a ‘novelty’ buy.

Product Details

  • The steel used for the glasses’ construction in high-grade, 18/8 – ensuring durability and no transmittance of flavor or odor.
  • The designs also feature a sleek satin finish, meaning they feel smooth and comfortable when held. Plus, steel can’t break, so even if you’re a bit clumsy, this set should last you for years.
  • With hundreds of 5-star reviews, the Stainless Steel Wine Glasses Set by Modern Innovations is rated very highly by other wine enthusiasts.
  • Consumers praise the shatterproof convenience and talk about even taking the glasses into the pool or hot tub with them.
  • Though a word of caution: some wine-lovers also mention that the base of the glass can have slightly sharp edges, so you might want to use coasters on wooden tables to prevent scratching the surface.


  • Shatterproof
  • Great for outdoor drinking


  • Rim of the base may be sharp
  • Material may scratch

6. Touchstone Wine Glasses Set

Sea Stones “Touchstone” Universal Wine Glass Set of 2-18oz Thin Rim, Long Stem Summer Glassware - Artisan River and Ocean Stone - Perfect for Birthday, Wedding and Anniversary or New House
  • A PIECE OF THE SEA - Every stone used to craft these elegantly timeless glasses has been hand selected and polished to ensure the beauty and power of the ocean is brought to your home. Each glass is...

The Touchstone Set includes 2 premium wine glasses with a unique, ocean-smoothed stone accent. Handmade in New Hampshire, also known as the ‘Granite State’, the glasses are real eye-catchers in any wine collection.

Product Details

  • The silhouette has a classically shaped bowl and a sleek stem with a beautiful hand-picked rock. Each design is, therefore, also one-of-a-kind, meaning that the stoned-enhanced stem serves as a handy wine-marker during any dinner party or festive occasion.
  • According to the manufacturer, the Touchstone Wine Glasses Set is inspired by cairns: man-made rock markers found all through the New England mountains to help hikers find their way.
  • If you want even more stone accents, the brand also offers matching Stone Bottle Stoppers; allowing you to mix and match your favorite pieces in one, ‘rocking’ at-home collection.
  • The only big downside to this 2-piece set is the price. It retails quite a bit higher than other options on this unique wine glass list, meaning it’s a bit of an indulgence, rather than a budget buy. But if you want something artisan, original, and quite unlike anything you’ll find in regular stores: this might be the set for you.


  • Beautiful stone accents
  • Each glass is one-of-a-kind


  • Pricey

7. Crackle Wine Glasses Set

The Crackle Wine Glasses Set is a stylish set with a unique ‘crackle’ twist. It includes 4 glasses with a crackled effect on the base of the bowl.

Yes, on first glance it might look like you’ve dropped the glasses in the sink and damaged the delicate crystal, but it’s only a chic illusion!

Product Details

  • Each glass has a 14oz capacity, a stabilized base for minimum spillage, and is dishwasher safe. The designs have received a special treatment to create the eye-catching crackle-effect; which reflects and refracts light like crushed ice.
  • We like that the Crackle Wine Glasses Set is handmade by talented artisans, using their talents to create one-of-a-kind pieces according to traditional glassmaking methods.
  • This set also comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee by the manufacturer. Ensuring that if you have any issues with your purchase, you’ll be able to request a refund, or return, if desired. We always appreciate these guarantees, as it serves as a testimony of the confidence the makers have in the product.
  • The Crackle Wine Glasses are also available in a tumbler set, allowing you to mix and match stem – and stemless – designs to match your drinking needs best.


  • Eye-catching crackle-effect
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee


  • Glasses are not 100% identical
  • Minor inconsistencies in design

8. Bezrat Wine Glasses Set

Bezrat Red Wine Glasses Set of 2, Hand Painted Wine Glass, Drinkware Essentials, 11" H, 28oz Wine Lover Large Glass, Glassware Gifts Ideas for Women Inspired by 'Duomo di Milano' Mothers Day (Red)
  • 🍷 CLASSIC WINE GLASSES WITH A TOUCH OF ELEGANT SOPHISTICATION: These jumbo goblets hold a generous amount, and are able to be enjoyed at home, as well as at special occasions and gatherings. Our...

The Bezrat Wine Glasses Set includes 2 sophisticated designs with a beautiful stained-glass effect. Inspired by the ‘Duomo di Milano’ – Milan’s famous cathedral – they add a touch of Italian flair to your wine drinking pleasure. Plus have big gift-appeal to treat a wine enthusiast in your life to some stylish stemware.

Product Details

  • The glass itself has a very large, 28oz capacity. Now, we know bigger isn’t always better, but we do like that it requires fewer refills, and feels extra indulgent.
  • The Bezrat Wine Glasses Set is hand-made using a special mouth-blown technique. This both preserves the durability of the glass, and also adds a one-of-a-kind artisan appeal to the set. It also means that no glass is identical, meaning this product fully encapsulates the ‘unique’ aspect on this list.
  • The elegant stained-glass effect features multiple colors, delicate swirls, and captures the light beautifully when you swirl the glass in your hand. We like that the material used is lead-free, and dishwasher proof, making the glasses perfectly suited to everyday usage.
  • Though other wine enthusiasts rated the set highly for its chic design, large-sized bowls, and elegance, there are some con’s to consider. The glasses are, according to consumers, quite fragile.
  • Overall, the Bezrat Wine Glasses Set still scores outstanding marks, so if you fancy a bit of Italian design, we’d definitely say ‘go for it!’


  • Chic stained-glass detailing
  • Hand-crafted


  • Glasses are not 100% identical
  • Reported to be a bit fragile

9. Walnut Wood Wine Glass 

Yes, we know it’s expensive, but we can’t help but love the Walnut Wood Wine Glass by David Rasmussen. This designer glass is absolutely beautiful and definitely a statement piece in any wine enthusiast’s collection. If you’re looking for something truly special, you might have found your perfect match in this wooden stemware.

Product Details

  • The Walnut Wood Wine Glass is made, as you’ve probably already guessed, from solid walnut wood. Rasmussen, the designer, has carefully sanded the wooden surface to make it velvety smooth. The glass is then finished with food-safe, ultra-durable oil to keep the material from interfering with your wine’s flavors and ensure its longevity for many years to come.
  • The glass its trim is done with a non-toxic, water-based acrylic paint. Which is hand-rubbed between each coat to maximize the natural color and grain patterns of the wood. This special finish also allows the wood to ‘breathe’ as it did in the forest, ensuring it stays in optimal condition without required maintenance from your part.
  • The Walnut Wood Wine Glass has a 12oz capacity and features a clear glass stem, attached to an elegant, walnut wood base. It is not dishwasher-safe and requires a hand wash with a damp cloth, soap, and water.


  • Shatterproof bowl
  • Premium, artisan design


  • Expensive
  • Glass stem can be fragile

10. RADICALn Marble Wine Glasses

The RADICALn Marble Wine Glasses might be small in size, but it is big on unique appeal. Each design holds approximately 6oz of your favorite wine. The set includes 2 glasses, both crafted from quality marble and onyx.

We know it might not be traditional stemware, but that’s exactly why we wanted to finish this unique wine glasses list with this option. We’ve never seen marble glasses at any wine tasting or dinner party; so they will certainly be a conversation starter amongst your vino-loving friends.

Product Details

  • These marble goblets are smooth, comfortable to hold, and super durable. Available in a variety of colors, each glass is unique and featuring a one-of-a-kind pattern thanks to the use of natural stone.
  • Wine aficionados rated the set highly for its gift-appeal, and artisan look & feel.
  • Though be warned that these glasses will be a lot heavier than glass. The marble material is quite weighty, meaning if you want a design that’s delicate and easy to swirl: this is not the set for you.
  • It is quite affordable, meaning you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy the luxurious feeling of smooth marble in your hand. It might not be the product for every wine drinker, but it’s without a doubt a contender for the ‘most unusual set’ on this unique wine glasses list!


  • Made of smooth marble
  • Affordable pricing


  • Relatively heavy glasses
  • Smaller capacity (approx 6oz)


We can’t really decide on the number 1 choice in Best Unique Wine Glasses, as all these products hit the mark. Each design on this list has great ratings and offers a fancy way to enjoy your vino in style. Whichever glass matches your style and needs best, is completely up to you!

Personally, we like the Crackle Effect Wine Glasses Set, as it offers 4 quality glasses with a stylish twist at very reasonable pricing. That said, we also lust over the Walnut Wood Wine Glass, but that might just be a bit too pricey for the regular wine enthusiast.

We’d advise to simply go for a glass that makes you happy. Drinking wine should be a moment of indulgence, so picking a glass that you love only adds to the experience. Plain, crackled, wooden, marble, glamorous, or steel: the choice is yours!

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