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The Best Wine Gifts for Friends and Family in 2023

The Best Wine Gifts for Friends and Family in 2023

iLoveWine Staff

Looking for the best wine gifts? has got you covered! We’ve made a list of our favorite wine gift options, which will definitely put a smile on wine-lovers’ faces!

We understand that every reader of our blog has a different budget, so we’ve included options at all price-points.

Hopefully, there is a suggestion that perfectly matches what you want to spend! From small, novelty gifts like a pair of socks for a lazy wine aficionado to a fancy mini-fridge giftable on very special occasions: get inspired to get original with your gifting choices!

Your wine-loving friends, family member, colleague or special someone will thank you for it!

Best Wine Gifts

1. PortoVino Beach Tote

This bag is ‘Totes Amazing’. Sorry, we couldn’t resist the pun. But truly, every wine lover needs this fashionable and functional PortoVino Beach Tote in their life!

The PortoVino Beach Wine Tote Bag allows you to discreetly enjoy wine at any location! Take it to the park, the beach or a festival and enjoy your naughty wine secret…

Product Details

  • This purse features a removable ‘party pouch’ that holds up to 2 bottles of wine.
  • Fill the party pouch with a wine of your choice and place it back in the zippered, insulated compartment to start the fun! When you’re ready to drink, simply use the special pouring spout for easy access!
  • There is a special designer flap to hide the pouring spout when not in use.
  • Not only does this bag have amazing wine functionality, but it also is roomy enough to hold your wine party pouch and all your essentials in a separate compartment!

It’s the ultimate ‘fashion accessory’ for liquid, discreet pleasure on the go!

2. Whine

This laugh-out-loud book by Jennifer Todryk makes a fantastic present for any wine-lover struggling with young children.

Product Details

  • Whine humoristically takes all kinds of frustrating scenarios involving kids and pairs them with the perfect wine to relieve the tension. “Did your son just have a meltdown in the middle of the grocery store? We’ve got a Pinot for your pain”, a snippet of the book reads.
  • Todryk paints a vivid picture that parents of youngsters will easily recognize and then solves any horrible situation with a delicious wine suggestion.
  • She also shares her own top-tips for wine-loving parents, such as how to open a wine bottle with a shoe- just in case you’ve hidden the corkscrew from your kids and can’t remember where you put it.
  • Whine comes with 50 wine pairing suggestion to ‘match your child’s perfectly rotten behavior,’ the book states.

It’s a fun, playful and sometimes inspiring read; and an ideal present for new mums that can finally start drinking again…

3. UNCORKED! Wine Wordplay Game

UNCORKED! is a ‘wine wordplay game’ that makes a great gift idea for your wine-loving friends. This playful present challenges you to propel your next dinner party with a whole lot of wine knowledge.

Product Details

  • The game includes 54 theme cards on wine.
  • The aim is to describe the wine-variety or facts to your friends, based on your own expertise, or purely on what your imagination comes up with.
  • Suited for both wine novices to true connoisseurs; it guarantees an evening of fun. And who knows, you might even learn something from it! But that also depends on how much wine you pair with it of course…
  • The game comes complete with wine charms, cheat sheets, notepads, pencils, and rules.

All you need to do is add your friends. And wine. A lot of wine.

4. Cozy Wine Socks

You might have already seen them online: the ‘If You Can Read This, Then …’ socks. Available in a lot of designs, our favorite is (how did you guess!) the wine-themed version. Who doesn’t love to spell out their desire for a glass of wine via their lazy feet?

This novelty gift makes a great surprise for wine lovers if you’re on a bit of a budget.

Product Details

  • The socks itself are made of super soft, premium combed cotton. Plush and comfy!
  • One sock has the words ‘If you can read this’ on the bottom, the other completes the message ‘Bring me some wine’.
  • The letters are printed in non-slip ink, which also helps you keep your footing after one too many glasses of Pinot Noir.
  • Another reason why these one-size-fits-most socks are included in this list of best wine gifts is their packaging. They come in a wine-bottle shaped tin! No need for gift-wrapping: these beauties are ready to give – and ready to be worn whenever you silently want to communicate your wine desires to your environment.

5. Paisley Wine Tote

The Paisley Designs Wine Tote is a colorful gift for wine-lovers on the go. This versatile tote perfectly fits a wine bottle of your choice and has soft, comfortable-grip handles that make carrying it a breeze.

Product Details

  • Made of protective, neoprene fabric, this durable tote will protect your bottle when carried – ideal if you want to take your wine to the park, a picnic or a friends house.
  • Even if the ride is bumpy or the weather horrible: your bottle will make its journey feeling snug, insulated and dry in its pretty patterned bag.
  • Consumers rate this bag with top marks, commenting on its great quality and fun design.
  • The Paisley Designs Wine Tote is also machine washable and compatible with champagne bottles, bonus!

Enjoy carrying your bottle in style with these best wine gifts option!

6. Coastline Vine Wine Growler

The Coastline Vine Wine Growler is truly one of the best, unisex wine gifts! This trendy stainless steel wine bottle doesn’t just look amazing: it also has amazing functionality!

Product Details

  • The 750ml/25oz bottle keeps your favorite wine at temperature for up to 24 hours. Perfect for a cold glass of white on a warm summer day or a glass of red at a winter campfire.
  • The wine growler bottle is shatterproof and durable. Created to survive any type of hardcore wine situation.
  • It is made of kitchen-grade, rust-proof stainless steel.
  • The design also features a special double-walled design to maximize temperature control.
  • The bottle comes with an easy-to-wash, Silicone Funnel to help you transfer your wine to the growler without spillage.
  • Also included is a 13-inch Wire Cleaning Brush to help you get it sparkling clean again in just minutes.

7. Travel Themed Wine Charm Set

Have a friend that loves to host parties?

Give them the ultimate accessory to keep their guests from losing sight of their wine. The 10-Piece World Travel Themed Wine Charm Set is a smart way to keep track of which glass belongs to which drinker.

Product Details

  • This delightful set includes 10 unique, travel-themed shapes to help you navigate your way to the right glass during your wine drinking adventures.
  • The charms, made of zinc alloy, have a silver coloring and are connected to a 30mm x 25mm easy to attach to the stem of a wine glass.
  • Inspired by travel-destinations, the charms include miniature versions of the Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Opera House, the Taj Mahal and more. Oh, and if you love the idea of charms, but aren’t a big traveler: these also come in other themed variations such as nautical and animal.

8. SPACECARE Wine Opener Kit

The SPACECARE Wine Opener Kit is a unique, very affordable, and original wine gift. This versatile 10-piece set includes all the wine accessories you need, plus a full chess-set; all in one beautiful box. Get playful whilst drinking, or get drinking whilst playing; it’s fun either way!

All you need to add is the wine and a competitive spirit!

Product Details

  • The 10-piece Wine Opener Kit includes a corkscrew bottle opener, an aerator, a thermometer, a stopper, and various other accessories.
  • Also included are 16 quality chess pieces. The board? You’ll find it on the outside of the elegant wooden case.
  • This all-inclusive set is a practical and entertaining gift for wine lovers. And even though it might look pricey, this amazing kit retails on a budget.

For an incredible price, this chess AND wine opener set is simply a steal!

9. Wine Cork Holder Monogram

The Metal Monogram Wine Cork Holder is one of the best wine gifts to spruce up your interior. It’s a fun, unique option to display the wine corks you’ve collected. Or – if you don’t have the drinking habits to feel it quickly – simply buy a bag of corks online. Either way: it looks great in any home!

Product Details

  • The monogram letters are made of quality metal and have a glossy black finish.
  • Simply lay your corks in the deep, hollow interior and voila: you’ve created wine art!
  • You can choose to stand a letter freely on a countertop, or hang it on the wall.
  • All monograms come with eyelets for easy hanging.
  • This wine gift is available in a 4-piece set that spells out WINE, but you can also order the letters of the alphabet separately.

For example: if you need a wedding or engagement gift for a wine-loving couple, why not order the monograms to match their initials? The choice is yours! Mix and match to your hearts’ delight and surprise your loved ones with this decorative wine gift.

10. hOmelabs 18 Bottle Wine Cooler

One of the best wine gifts for true wine aficionados. Though this is a relatively expensive choice, we simply couldn’t ignore it. Why? Because the hOmelabs 18 Bottle Wine Cooler is one of the best wine gifts for the wine enthusiast that has everything, expect a wine cellar.

Product Details

  • This free-standing chiller is exclusively designed to keep your wine at a perfect temperature. Cooling wines at a consistent, stable temperature helps maintain their flavor.
  • You can set the temperature anywhere between 54°F – 66°F; depending on which wines you want to store.
  • The hOmelabs 18 Bottle Wine Cooler also features very user-friendly details. An example is the polished-chrome shelves that slide-out for instant, easy access.
  • The cooler’s door also has a magnetic seal to help maintain the humidity inside, keeping your wine in optimal condition!

Yes, we do realize that this wine cooler might be a bit expensive for regular gifting occasions. However, if willing to splurge for a special occasion, this is the perfect, luxury choice for the wine-lover in your life!

Best Mimosa Gifts for Cocktail Lovers

Is there anything better than a boozy brunch with friends, sipping a delicious Mimosa?

This popular wine or champagne mixed with orange juice cocktail is perfect for guilt-free, daytime drinking. This brunch-favorite doesn’t just provide the vitamin c, it also boosts your vitamin b(ooze).

Though traditionally served in a tall flute at weddings or as a luxurious perk of first-class air travel; it no longer is restricted to special occasions. With Mimosa going mainstream, it has legions of new fans loving the cocktail’s light and refreshing taste.

So, in honor of this classic brunch drink and its devout followers, we’ve listed the Best Mimosa Gifts for cocktail lovers. These items are perfect for surprising the Mimosa enthusiast in your life.

From apparel to edible: these 5 Mimosa-inspired products truly fizz with fun gift appeal!

Tip: Need more gift inspiration for the cocktail or wine lover in your life? We’ve done all the hard research for you and listed other favorite gift option in articles such as Best Wine GiftsBest Wine Apparel for Him and Her, and Best Mixology Sets. Browse our site and get inspired about the fun gifting possibilities!

1. Mimosa Women’s Cap

The ‘Mimosa’s Made Me Do It’ cap by Katydid is a fun way to express your love for the classic cocktail. Whilst simultaneously providing an excuse for any naughty (post) boozy brunch behavior. This quality cap with a cheeky message makes the perfect gift for any mimosa lover in your life!

Product Details

  • The cap is made and designed in the USA.
  • Its material is a blend of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, with a trendy, distressed finish.
  • The trucker-style cap features quality embroidered lettering that won’t fade or fray.
  • The design is both stylish, fun, and comfortable!
  • It features a one-size-most fit with a fully adjustable Velcro rear-tab; completely customizable to your preference.
  • The trucker-style silhouette also has a curved bill for maximum sun protection and mesh back, making it breathable in hot weather.

Indulge the Mimosa lover in your life with this stylish accessory on the Best Mimosa Gifts list – or stock up big to outfit your entire girl squad with this boozy brunch-approved cap!

2. Bottomless Mimosa Glass

The Bottomless Mimosa Glass by BigMouth Inc is the ultimate indulgence for Mimosa lovers. Don’t get fooled by its name: this glass, unfortunately, isn’t bottomless, but will hold a whopping 8 servings in one ‘glass’.

Though a bit of a gag gift, this funny design still has great functionality and makes a fun way to serve your mimosas at a garden party, boozy brunch or any other get-together with friends.

Product Details

  • The design is made of all glass. Yes, you might have thought the bottle-part of the design was plastic, but no: this beauty is all solid, quality glass.
  • The product features a fake label that reads ‘My Personal Bottomless Mimosa’ with a glitter rim.
  • The bottle-neck part also has realistic black and gold detailing, whilst the top narrows into a classic flute glass-shape.

If you’re looking for a Best Mimosa Gift that will surely bring out the laughs, this unique Bottomless Mimosa Glass by BigMouth Inc might be the best deal for you!

3. Brunch & Mimosa T-Shirt

The Brunch & Mimosa T-Shirt by Thread Tank is a quality apparel choice to showcase your love of the delicious cocktail. The T-Shirt is bang on trend, featuring a relaxed fit with a slouchy neckline and graphic lettering.

Product Details

  • The shirt is made of a soft cotton, rayon, and polyester blend, ideal for everyday wear.
  • A comfortable choice to wear to a boozy brunch! The design features a modern font lettering that reads ‘Brunch & Mimosa’ and is available in the colors Heather Black and Heather Grey.
  • There is a perfect fit for every body shape and size. The Brunch & Mimosa shirt comes in a small, medium, large, XL, 2XL, and a 3XL option. If you are between sizes, the brand recommends you to size up.
  • Plus, as this is intended as a relaxed fit, sizing up will not just offer a more flowing silhouette, but also help accommodate a ‘Mimosa-belly’ after a boozy brunch!
  • This product on our Best Mimosa Gifts list makes a stylish present to yourself or the Mimosa drinker in your life. It is a great basic addition to your wardrobe.
  • The shirt is also machine-wash safe and suited for low tumble-dry, making it easy to care for.

Fashionable, fun, and affordable: we think every cocktail enthusiast deserves this comfy tee by Thread Tank in their collection.

3. Mimosa Jam

Stonewall Kitchen Mimosa Jam, 12.5 Ounces
1,792 Reviews
Stonewall Kitchen Mimosa Jam, 12.5 Ounces
  • Stonewall Kitchen Mimosa Jam, 12.5 Ounces
The Stonewall Kitchen Mimosa Jam is the perfect way to indulge your Mimosa cravings with a delicious, non-alcoholic alternative. This jam, inspired by the classic cocktail, is a tasty addition to your breakfast or lunch table. Skip the boozy part, and enjoy a sober brunch with just as much flavor with this original creation!

Product Details

  • The Mimosa Jam is made with a blend of oranges and champagne, the core ingredients of the cocktail.
  • We have no doubt that its zesty freshness and hints of sweetness will delight your taste-buds. Great for a lazy Sunday brunch with family, or as a special treat for your daily breakfast.
  • Made of quality ingredients, produced in the USA and gluten-free: its a cocktail-inspired must-have in any kitchen cupboard.
  • The jam only contains Pure Cane Sugar, Water, Champagne, Orange Peel, Orange Juice Concentrate, Tangerine Concentrate, Citric Acid, and Fruit Pectin – no actual alcohol.

This Best Mimosa Gifts choice has all the flavor of the cocktail, but none of the hangover risk. ‘Cheers,’ or should we say, ‘Bon appetit!’

4. Mimosa Cozy Socks

The Mimosa Cozy Socks by Karybella are fun, cheap and cheerful. A Best Mimosa Gifts option for the cocktail enthusiast in your life, they will keep your feet toasty, whilst communicating the message loud and clear. Bring me Mimosa. What more can a girl ask for?

Product Details

  • These cozy socks are an affordable choice to express your Mimosa-inspired desires.
  • The design isn’t just fun, it’s also super comfortable.
  • The socks are made of quality materials and have special moisture-wicking capabilities; helping to keep your feet dry.
  • The design also has a cushioned sole and comfort toe seam, making them a great addition to any sock drawer.
  • The socks are a one-size-fits-most, which covers female sizes 6-11.

An ideal choice for those looking for gifts that won’t break the bank. These Mimosa-themed socks are an original option for surprising your boozy-brunch companion that simply can’t get enough of the sparkling fun…


Our favorite from the list are Mimosa Jam, Mimosa Women’s Cap, SPACECARE Wine Opener Kit and Paisley Wine Tote since they are all stylish, budget friendly and makes a most lovely present for any wine enthusiast you know.

We hope this list helped you find a perfect wine gift for yourself or family and friends.

Thanks for reading!


tipTip: Need a simple Mimosa recipe? Check out one of our favorite, super-easy recipes by clicking here. And don’t forget to browse our 8 Ways You Can Transform Cheap Wine Into Delicious Cocktails and 6 Cocktails You’ll Want to Sip All Summer Long editorials for more cocktail inspiration!


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