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The Best Wine Foil Cutters in 2023

The Best Wine Foil Cutters in 2023

iLoveWine Staff
best wine foil cutter

If you’re a true wine enthusiast, you need a wine foil cutter in your kitchen drawer.

Yes, you might also be able to remove foils with a breadknife or blunt scissors, but why should you, when you can use a sleek foil cutter?

Not only does it make it much easier to remove a foil seal from a bottle, but it also makes you look a bit classier amongst friends!

We think a foil cutter is one of the most essential wine accessories. Though some bottles these days have screw tops, most winemakers still choose for a cork and foil seal. Which, if you drink a lot of vino like us, means that a cutter – besides a corkscrew – is one of the wine tools you’ll use most.

And that is exactly why you shouldn’t be a penny-pincher tackling a bottle with any sharp object within reach: you – and your bottles – deserve better.

Our Top 10 Recommendations

To help you select the Best Wine Foil Cutters on the market, we’ve created a list of our top 10 recommendations. This review includes 5 of the Best Classic Wine Foil Cutters AND 5 of the Best Contemporary Wine Foil Cutters.

Yes, there’s a difference!

But before we move on to the review, let’s give you some useful tips & tricks on how to use this wine accessory. And extra info on what you should know before buying a Best Wine Foil Cutter, so you can pick the perfect option for your own collection.

Read, get inspired; and use that kitchen knife on your steaks, not your wine bottles, next time you have a dinner party.

Best Classic Foil Cutter

1. The Original EDGY Wine Foil Cutter

The Original EDGY Wine Foil Cutter is a firm favorite amongst wine enthusiasts.

Product Details

  • This classic-style design features 4 razor-sharp cutting wheels to quickly slice through your foil coating.
  • The sharp cutting blades are made of stainless steel.
  • The cutting wheels are durable, rust-proof and sturdy for everyday usage.
  • We like that this best-selling wine foil cutter comes in a sleek box with a foam insert. This makes it an original gift-option for your wine-loving friends. The gift-box packaging can also serve as a handy keepsake box to keep your foil cutter safe between uses.
  • The foil cutter’s frame is made of plastic, making it lightweight and easy to handle.

Do note though that you only need to exert little pressure to make the EDGY works its magic. Too much force can cause it to snap (as reported by one user), but this can be easily avoided by simply handling it correctly and with care.


  • Affordable
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • Luxury Gift-Box packaging


  • Plastic frame may break
  • The blades can lose their sharpness after extensive usage

2. GoBetter Wine Foil Cutter

Wine Foil Cutter Magnetic Design [2 Pieces], 4 Stainless Blades Foil Remover Wine Bottles Opener Accessory, Removes Foil Top Effortlessly with Gift Box for Wine Lovers, Black
3,346 Reviews
Wine Foil Cutter Magnetic Design [2 Pieces], 4 Stainless Blades Foil Remover Wine Bottles Opener Accessory, Removes Foil Top Effortlessly with Gift Box for Wine Lovers, Black
  • Design: The curved design of the foil cutter allows for a better grip in the palm of your hand. Additionally, the 4 wheel ensure even cutting without leaving behind excess scraps

The Gobetter Wine cutter is a pack-of-2 wine foil cutter. They are simple efficient tools that will make a great addition to your kitchen.

Product Details

  • GoBetter wine foil cutters are made from durable plastic with an added magnetic advantage.
  • This unique magnetic design makes it easy to stick your foil cutters to your fridge for easy storage and ease of reach.
  • The wine foil cutters are ergonomic, durable, and easy to use.
  • They are made with a 4 stainless wheel system with razor-sharp blades to easily slice through your wine foil. Easily open your bottle with no fuss at all. They open bottles cleanly, nothing like the mess gotten from using knives instead.
  • The better wine foil cutters are designed with your comfort in mind. You do not need to squeeze and twist with a wine opener anymore.
  • It is a 100% satisfaction guarantee which is enough to convince you of its durability.
  • What’s more, these wonder tools come in a gift box packing that makes them a perfect gift idea for friends or family. They come in a decent, high-quality box and are a very thoughtful gift.
  • They are easy to use, pocket-friendly, effective, and extremely durable. Unsurprisingly, they are loved and have gathered nothing but good reviews.


  • Affordable
  • Magnetic
  • Gift box packing


  • Plastic might break

3. Dual Blade Wine Foil Cutter (2-Pack)

The Dual Blade Wine Foil Cutter Set includes 2 classic-style foil cutters, though with a slightly different mechanism as others on this list.

Product Details

  • The design does not feature the standard rolling wheels, instead relying on an ergonomically shaped dual-blade to cut your foil in seconds. The serrated blade has the same functionality as the wheels, with the added bonus that it is less prone to breakage.
  • This very affordable 2-piece foil cutter set.
  • The product works in just a few simple steps: Place the cutter on top of the neck of your wine bottle. Squeeze the cutter. Twist it sideways. And voila: you’re already done. Or, as the manufacturer describes it: “Enjoy the freeing feeling of having your top taken off.” Yes, we’re slightly taken aback by that statement too.
  • Once again the frame of the opener is made of plastic,

Since the frame is made of plastic it is more prone to snapping or breaking under too much pressure. If you’re looking for a durable cutter that will last you for years, this might not be the perfect match. However, if you’re in the market for a budget foil cutter that gets the job done quickly right now: this offers a lot of value for its affordable pricing.


  • Steel Serrated Blades
  • Budget-friendly


  • Plastic frame may break
  • Blades may dull/blunt over time

4. Le Creuset Foil Cutter

Le Creuset Foilcutter, Black
  • Handheld foil cutter effortlessly prepares wine bottles for serving
The Le Creuset Foil Cutter is a quality, durable choice that will last you for many years.

Product Details

  • The premium design even comes with a 5-year manufacturers warranty, demonstrating that the makers stand firmly behind the quality standard of this foil cutter.
  • The classic-style Le Creuset Foil Cutter has an ergonomic grip and razor-sharp stainless steel blades.
  • It’s 4 wheels cut effortlessly through foil seals with just the slight twist of the wrist.
  • This sturdy wine cutter doesn’t just offer great functionality but also looks very stylish thanks to its classic black-frosted finish.
  • Created by a well-known, established brand in kitchen essentials, with the Le Creuset Foil Cutter you know you’re getting an authentic, genuine accessory to enhance your wine drinking comfort.


  • Established brand in kitchen accessories
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • Sleek black-frosted finish


  • Plastic frame may break
  • Pricier than other, comparable designs

5. VinoPlease Foil Cutters Gift Set (2-Pack)

VinoPlease 2-Piece Wine Foil Cutters with Box
  • CONVENIENTLY Remove the Foil Top from ANY Wine Bottle! The Fastest, Easiest, & Cleanest Way to Remove Foil Wraps. Never Worry about Foil Bits Falling Inside your Wine Bottle after Opening Again!
The VinoPlease Foil Cutters Gift Set is a great gift idea for the wine lover in your life. This set is the perfect way to express your love for vino and features a fun, printed text on the frame. It includes 2 foil cutters, one reading “Wine Not?”, the other “Wine Time!”

Product Details

  • The included foil cutters have a classic-style silhouette with 4 bladed wheels.
  • Simply attach it to the top of your bottle, gently squeeze and twist to remove the foil in one, easy movement.
  • The VinoPlease Foil Cutters Gift Set comes in a fancy, stylish box with white lettering: instant ready for gifting, no wrapping paper needed!

The downside is that this set is at the higher end of the budget when it comes classic-style cutters, but that’s because you’re also paying for its big gift-worthiness.


  • Established brand in kitchen accessories
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • Sleek black-frosted finish


  • Plastic frame may break
  • Pricier than other, comparable designs

Best Contemporary Foil Cutter

1. EZBASICS Wine Foil Cutter

EZBASICS Wine Foil Cutter, Stainless Steel Shell, Magnetic Design, Gift Box Package
  • Magnetic design: The wine cutter magnet allows for easily accessible storage on your refrigerator.
The EZBASICS Wine Foil Cutter is one of our personal favorites in the contemporary cutter category.

Product Details

  • This futuristic-looking design allows you to remove foils in seconds.
  • The circular design has two stainless steel blades that slice through any seal with one twist.
  • Another bonus is that the EZBASICS Wine Foil Cutter has a stainless-steel shell frame, making it extra durable and sturdy.
  • The rust-proof, quality steel may outlast regular plastic cutters, offering more value for money in the long run.
  • We also like that the EZBASICS Wine Foil Cutter is magnetic. This means you can mount it to the fridge door, or other metallic surfaces, when not in use.
  • The EZBASICS Wine Foil Cutter also comes with a 12-month warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, ensuring the makers of this contemporary design stand firmly behind the quality, and authenticity of their product.


  • Sleek, futuristic design
  • Stainless Steel Shell and Blades
  • Magnetic for easy attachment to fridge


  • Can become demagnetized

2. Vacu Vin Arch Foil Cutter

Vacu Vin Foil Cutter - Black - Wine Foil Cutter for Bottles & Foil Remover - 4 Stainless Steel Cutting Wheels - Ergonomic, Compact & Lightweight Design
  • ELEGANT DESIGN FOR ALL OCCASIONS - The Vacu Vin Foil Cutter has an elegant design that makes it perfect for any occasion or situation where wine is served.
The Vacu Vin Arch Foil Cutter is an innovative design to remove foil quickly. The device stands-out from the crowd due to its unusual shape, but offers the same functionality you’d expect from a quality cutter.

Simply place the Vacu Vin Arch Foil Cutter on top of your bottle, twist it, and the foil will come off easily in one piece.

Product Details

  • The design features 4 razor-sharp, stainless steel mini-blades to quickly slice through protective foil safely, and effectively. Though some users have commented that their bottle required multiple rotations to remove foils, so you might not get the trick done in a quarter turn like other openers.
  • We like that the unusual shape of the Vacu Vin Arch Foil Cutter also doubles as a decorative storage compartment for your wine cork after removal.
  • If you’re looking for an original, contemporary design that doesn’t follow the traditional rules for foil cutters, the Vacu Vin Arch Foil Cutter may be your perfect match.
  • It’s an affordable favorite amongst wine lovers, who praise the gadget’s functionality, style, and most importantly: longevity – commenting that the blades stay sharp for years, making it a fantastic value-for-money choice in Best Wine Foil Cutters.


  • Innovative design
  • Compact sizing
  • Stainless Steel Blades


  • No gift packaging
  • May need multiple turns to remove foil

3. Vinturi Wine Foil Cutter

The Vinturi Wine Foil Cutter is a contemporary, stylish design that promises to remove foil swiftly and safely. We like the modern, minimal aesthetics of this sleek cutter, which has a gadget-like appeal.

Product Details

  • The device is easy to handle. Simply place it on top of the bottle, gentle squeeze, and turn to remove the foil.
  • It has a special ‘spring-loaded technology’ to enable foil removal with very light pressure and features two internal cutting blades.
  • The Vinturi Wine Foil Cutter also has a soft-grip body, with a chrome-plated top plate.

Though this cutter scores top marks on style, we do have to mention that it’s not rated as highly on functionality. Though there are plenty of users who say it does the job well, there are also some remarks that it might take multiple tries or rotations to remove foil.

This means that though it might be one of the prettiest foil cutters, it may not be the most effective.

However, we still felt inclined to add this futuristic gadget to our this list. as for its affordable pricing, we reckon it’s still worth a try. Especially for those wine enthusiasts that value style above anything else when it comes to their wine accessories…


  • Stylish design
  • Chrome-plated accents


  • May need multiple turns to remove foil
  • Hand-wash only

4. WMF Vino Foil Cutter

The WMF Vino Foil Cutter is quality, premium choice in contemporary design.

Product Details

  • This beauty rates very highly on function, style, and durability.
  • The cutter by Wagner Design is made of 18/10 stainless steel and has a sleek, mirror-like finish: making it an eye-catcher in any wine accessory collection.
  • The WMF Vino Foil Cutter has a circular silhouette with integrated steel cutting wheels. When you place the device on the bottle, press the button on the edge to engage all 3 cutters, twist the ring, and your foil will be removed effortlessly.
  • Wine aficionados praise the device its ease of use, longevity and designer-like style.
  • The cutter by Wagner Design also comes in a boxed packaging that makes it a great gift idea for any occasion.

Yes, we do acknowledge it is a slightly pricier option than other wine foil cutters on this list, but we think it’s worth the indulgence if you want premium quality AND stylish, contemporary design.


  • Stainless Steel Silhouette
  • Stylish appeal
  • Boxed packaging


  • Higher retail price
  • Not light-weight

5. Rabbit Wine Bottle Foil Cutter

Rabbit Wine Bottle Foil Cutter (Black), 1 EA - W6113
  • EASY TO USE WINE FOIL CUTTER: The wine foil tool cuts foil fast and precisely, resulting in clean removal of the foil.
The Rabbit Wine Bottle Foil Cutter is a very affordable choice in the contemporary wine cutter category. Though a ‘budget buy’, the design is still big on functionality.

Product Details

  • Its sharp blades promise to remove foil safely and swiftly. Place the circular design on the top of the bottle, squeeze and twist, and take off the foil cleanly.
  • The Rabbit Wine Bottle Foil Cutter features an easy-to-grip velvet-smooth finish.
  • The design is made of plastic.
  • We also like that the Rabbit Wine Bottle Foil Cutter comes in sleek, modern packaging, adding to its gift-appeal.

If you’re looking for a very affordable, contemporary foil cutter and don’t mind being a bit more heavy-handed when opening bottles: this Rabbit foil cutter might be the right bunny to hop along on your wine adventures.


  • Very affordable
  • Modern design
  • Gift-ready packaging


  • Some consumers report that you have to exert quite a bit of force to full ‘clamp’ it around the bottleneck to remove foils.
  • Plastic might break


Classic-style Favorite

The The Original EDGY Wine Foil Cutter is a solid choice in classic-style design. The device is affordable, rated highly by consumers, and comes in a handy keepsake packaging with gift-appeal. For its pricing, you can’t really go wrong with this basic, yet functional cutter. 

Contemporary-style Favorite

Though a bit pricier than other designs on this list, we can’t help but favor the WMF Vino Foil Cutter in the contemporary-style category. This sleek, stainless steel ring looks amazing and is highly recommended by other wine lovers for its functionality. Stylish and convenient, it makes a luxurious addition to your wine accessory collection.

Wine Foil Cutter Design

As you will soon discover from our review, foil cutters come in all shapes and sizes. We’d divide them into two distinct categories: Classic Wine Foil Cutters, and Contemporary Wine Foil Cutters.

Classic Wine Foil Cutters

You’re probably familiar with Classic Wine Foil Cutters.

  • The design involves an ellipse-shaped cutter with blades.
  • This classic shape is one of the best-selling wine accessories and can be found in most wine enthusiasts kitchen drawers.
  • Using a clamp and twist mechanism, it is easy to use and very effective in removing foils quickly.
Contemporary Wine Foil Cutters

However, don’t dismiss the second category: Contemporary Wine Foil Cutters.

  • Though we’ve grouped the designs under one name, each has its own innovative shape, function, and aesthetic.
  • These futuristic-looking cutters are just as good (dare we say: sometimes even better) than the classic silhouettes.
  • Plus, their designer-aesthetic also makes them eye-catchers, and conversation starters, at any dinner party.

How To Use A Wine Foil Cutter?

We’d love to give you an easy graphic on how to use a wine foil cutter.

Problem is: each cutter works slightly different. There are cutters that twist around, designs that puncture foil, or even magnetic options that clamp together around a bottle-neck.

That said, we can guarantee – from our own experience with these accessories – that every wine foil cutter is easy to use. This tool is specifically designed to make foil cutting quick and simple. This functionality is key to the appeal of the product, so though each might work differently, all can be mastered in seconds!

Instruction Videos

If you do require more instruction, check out the video’s below for a better understanding of how a wine foil cutter may work:

Instructions on how to use a classic-style wine foil cutter, such as The Original EDGY (as listed in our top 10 recommendations):

Instructions on the use of a contemporary wine foil cutter, such as the Vacu Vin Arch Foil Cutter (as listed in our top 10 recommendations):


That’s a wrap!

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