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The Best Wine Flutes in 2021

The Best Wine Flutes in 2021

Jonas Muthoni

The best Champagne flutes for your upcoming celebrations

With Valentine’s Day just around the bend, we are thinking of how to express our gratitude for our loved ones. While some of us don’t need an excuse to whip out some bubbly, others take some coaxing. For those of you on the market for some new wine flutes, here are some of the most highly rated and affordable ones on the market.

There have been a few different styles of sparkling wine glasses throughout the centuries that have led to the modern day wine flute.

Why are they shaped like this?

Tall and oblong, wine flutes allow the wine bubbles and aromas to show well. Well-made flutes have a point in the bottom of the glass that allows the bubbles to congregate before they rise. This makes the bubbles rise to the top and look nice.

Wide red wine glasses encourage swirling by nature. Because you don’t want to swirl sparkling wine, having a tall and narrow shape is best. It also allows for all of the aromas to rise.




Our Top 4 Wine Flute Favorites


Arc International Soho Champagne Flutes

This Soho style from Arc International is some of the most modern flutes on the market.

Being one of the top-rated sparkling wine glasses on the market, Soho flutes are dishwasher safe and have a fun, modern design.

They typically come in a set of four and they each have a unique and fun design on them.


WineTanium Stemless Champagne Glass



A shatter-proof, reusable, and dishwasher safe modern stemless Champagne glass.

The wine glass you never knew you needed.

We all have that one friend, or maybe we are that person, who you hesitate to give a wine glass too.

Not to worry, this glass is indestructible, affordable, and will keep you clinking and celebrating all night long.


See Also

Lenox True Love Champagne Flutes


Perfect for the lovebirds, these Champagne flutes are delicate and charming.

6-oz and perfect for creating a special fine-dining experience with your partner.

These also make a perfect wedding gift and are rated 5-stars on Amazon.


Godinger Dublin Crystal Champagne Glasses


Being one of the most reliable companies to make wine glasses, Godinger has yet again created a beautiful and intricate design. Affordable and made from crystal, these typically come in sets of four. They are even dishwasher safe on a delicate cycle. This will bring any dinner or celebration to the next level.

Sparkling wine is made for more than just your special occasions and celebrations. Sparkling wine is a great partner for many appetizers and even main courses. For those who are indecisive about their bubbly of choice! 

Looking to complete the set? Check out the best red and white wine glasses on the market.


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