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The Best Wine Cork Wall Decors in 2021

The Best Wine Cork Wall Decors in 2021

Jonas Muthoni
best wine cork wall decor

Top Picks for Best Wine Cork Wall Decor


best wine cork wall decorWhat better way to celebrate your love for wine than a trendy cork wall display? If you’re anything like us, you’ll probably go through quite a few bottles each month. But we bet you’re simply chucking the corks in the trash. Don’t!

Why throw a cork away if you can recycle it into art? You can create your own wine-inspired wall decor by simply popping them in a decorative display. Instant eye-catchers in your home, they are stylish, easy-to-use and make the perfect gift to yourself, or a wine-loving friend.



At we’ve made a list of the Best Wine Cork Wall Decor options. These are our top picks:

HouseVines Wine Glass Decor


The Wine Glass Shaped Cork Holder by HouseVines is the perfect way to show off your love of wine! Forget about paintings or photo frames to decorate that empty way in your house: go for a fun wine cork display. It’s by far more original and makes a great conversation starter with guests.

This Best Wine Cork Wall Decor pick includes 2 wine glass-shaped cork holders. The holders are a neutral brown color, matching them with nearly all interiors. The cork cages are made of quality metal; durable for long-term use. The set includes mounting hardware to attach the holders to the wall. According to other wine enthusiasts, the wall decor is ‘super easy to install’. You can choose to hang them upright or tilt them, as in the image displayed.

If you like the idea but aren’t fond of the wine glass-shape: HouseVines also makes cork holders in a monogram-letter style. Mix and match your favorites and create some eye-catching wine art.


Home-X Bottle Cork Holder

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The Bottle Cork Holder by Home-X is a wall-mounted cork display in the shape of a wine bottle. Our previous Best Wine Cork Wall Decor pick was contemporary, this cork holder has a more vintage feel. More suited to slightly more traditional or country decors, it works perfectly in rustic kitchens or bar areas.

This decorative bottle-shaped cock holder is quite the work of art. It’s sculpted from quality metal and features vintage style metal detailing. Fill the cage with corks of your choice and voila: you’re not just a wine-lover but also an interior designer.

The Home-X Bottle Cork Holder is generously sized to hold over 70 corks. Wine enthusiasts who already have it hanging in their homes rate it highly for its quality, ease of installation and decorative appeal. Don’t waste your corks, put them to good use in this fun, vintage-style wall display.


Napa Gift Store Shadow Box

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The Wine Cork Shadow Box by Napa Gift Store is a classic wine cork holder with a twist. The wooden case features a glass pane at the front. On the glass cover, a wine-lovers mantra is etched. The quote reads, “All You Need is Love and a Bottle of Wine.” We could have not voiced it better ourselves!

The display itself is roomy enough to hold 70 regular sized corks. Even better: this beauty is also compatible with champagne corks – making it more versatile! The design features a hole at the top to drop the corks inside quickly. If you want to clean it, or change the corks, simply take off the removable backing.

This wall-mounted Best Wine Cork Wall Decor choice can also be displayed free-standing. The Napa Gift Store design scores top marks with other wine-lovers. It rates highly on quality, style, and convenience. Reasonably priced, very stylish and free shipping: it’s simply a great deal!

Wine Enthusiast DIY Wine Cork Board 

Wine Enthusiast DIY Wine Cork Board Frame Kit
  • MAHOGANY WOOD - Decorative and beautiful, the DIY Wine Cork Board Frame Kit by Wine Enthusiast features a stunning wood finish that complements any home or office decor.



The DIY Wine Cork Board Frame Kit by Wine Enthusiast is a fantastic choice for wine-lovers that don’t mind getting crafty! This stunning display requires a bit more assembly than the other products on this Best Wine Cork Wall Decor list: but it is worth it!

The corkboard frame kit is made of premium mahogany wood: luxurious and durable. A chic wood finish makes it an elegant accent in any room. Once filled, you can even use it as your own bulletin board, perfect for a home office.

This fun display also gives you the option to fully customize the design. Arrange the corks into a pattern of your choice and add your own flair to the frame. Our tip is to attach the corks with some double-sided tape, not glue. When you want to mix things up: simply pull them out and re-arrange into a new pattern.

Now, on to the bad news, or good news – depending on how you look at it. To fill this wall art display, you’ll need an average of 256 corks. Yes, 256. That means if you drink a bottle a day, it will still take you until Halloween to fill it. Our tip: you can buy used corks in bulk online. Fill your frame with those, then save up your own cork until you have enough to replace them! That way, you don’t have to damage your liver with hardcore binge drinking to enjoy this beautifully crafted cork display.

His & Her Cork & Beer Cap Wall Art


The His & Hers Wine Cork & Beep Cap Wall Art is a fun decorative choice for couples. The product by MCS Bar None makes an eye-catching accent piece in your home. It has two separate compartments: one for beer bottle caps (His) and one for wine corks (Hers).

This shadowbox wall art design is made from quality wood and features a glass front panel. The panel features decorative writing and allows you to see how many corks or caps you’ve collected. An opening at the top allows you easy access.

It is easy to mount on the wall using the preattached hangers, or can be stood upright on any flat surface. The wall art design is also easy to open in case you want to remove the corks/caps or clean the inside.

We love the idea of combining his love for beer and her love for wine in one, trendy display. This product from the Best Wine Cork Wall Decor list also makes a great present for wine-loving couples. Have an engagement, wedding or anniversary party coming up? Why not gift the happy couple with something original than simply a bottle of wine itself?

With instant gift-appeal, your friends will love your thoughtful, practical and decorative contribution to their home!






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