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The Best Wine Cork Display Boxes in 2021

The Best Wine Cork Display Boxes in 2021

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best wine cork display box


best wine cork display boxDon’t waste wine corks, use them to create fun wine-themed decor options for your home. A Best Wine Cork Display Box is a stylish option to display your love for vino. Simply drop in your used corks from the top and enjoy its decorative effect!

These display boxes come in a wide range of colors, styles, and configurations. From rustic boxes made of solid wood to sleek, polished contemporary designs. There is something for every type of home and every kind of wine drinker. Actually, there are even cork boxes that include a separate beer cap compartment, in case you love vino, and your partner is more into brews.

We’ve rounded up our favorite, top-rated choices in this Best Wine Cork Display Box overview. Stylish, affordable, and with big gift-appeal, they make a fantastic gift to yourself, or another wine enthusiast in your life.

Check out our list below and add some wine-themed decor to your home today!



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Best Wine Cork Display Box



Cherry Red Cork Shadow Box

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The Cherry Red Cork Shadow Box by Napa Gift Store is a classic wine cork holder with beautiful illustrative lettering. Written in a stylish white font is: “All You Need is Love and a Bottle of Wine,” a quote straight from our hearts. This elegant option in Best Wine Cork Display Box is spacious, yet sleek, measuring 18 x 6 x 2.5 inches and with a 60 cork capacity.

The design by Napa Gift Store is suitable for both freestanding, and wall-mounted usage. And includes a sawtooth hanger on back for hanging, making it an extra versatile choice that can adorn any room in your home. From bar nooks to kitchens, living rooms to even covered patio areas: the choice is yours! The display is easy to fill, simply drop corks in from the hole in the top. To remove corks or clean the inside, remove the backing for instant access.

Chic cherry red finish

Do note that the lettering on the front glass pane is not etched, but painted on. This does mean that it is a bit more prone to fading, or scratching. We would have preferred etched or engraved lettering, but for the price listed, we understand that is a bit much to ask. On the contrary, we do really like the beautiful cherry red finish on the box its wooden casing. Which definitely adds a touch of sophistication, and is a welcome change to brown lacquered wood cork cages.

Overall, the Cherry Red Cork Shadow Box by Napa Gift Store offers excellent value-for-money. It’s affordable pricing, combined with its high consumer ratings and chic aesthetics, means you can’t really go wrong. Whether you’re buying it for your own home, or as a gift to a wine-lover in your life, it’s a stylish choice to display your love for everything vino.


Wine Barrel Cork Holder

Why settle for a regular square or rectangular cork holder, when you can also get one shaped like a wine barrel? This fun twist on a traditional cork box features a unique wine-barrel shaped silhouette, enhanced by a decorative quote on the acrylic front panel.

The Wine Barrel Cork Holder by Burton & Burton is certainly one of the most eye-catching choices on this Best Wine Cork Display Box list. The design measures 12″ x 8” x 3.5″, ideal for using it as an eye-catching centerpiece in your decor.

The design is made of quality wood and features multiple stylish accents. These include tin studded detailing on the top and bottom of the barrel. Plus an illustrative painted quote on the front pane. This quote reads “The best wines are the ones we drink with friends”, printed in black swirly font. The Wine Barrel Cork Holder by Burton & Burton is easy to use. Simply drop corks in from the top, until you reach capacity. The design comes with a removable backing, allowing you to clean it or remove corks instantly.

Limited reviews

There are two minor downsides to this choice in Best Wine Cork Display Box. Firstly, it’s priced slightly higher than other designs on this list. Secondly, it does not have enough reviews to accurately judge whether it looks as good in real life, as it does on the pictures.

That said, if you’re looking for a unique way to store and display corks, this certainly scores top-marks from us for originality. And the review that is available gives the item 5-stars, which is a good start.

We think the Wine Barrel Cork Holder by Burton & Burton is rustic, fun choice for wine-lovers that want to think outside of the box, and into the barrel. If you’re willing to splurge a bit more and don’t mind the lack of reviews, this could be a fantastic find to add the wine-style to your home!


His/Her Cork Display Box

Mud Pie His/Her Cork Display Box
  • Hangs on wall or stands on table or counter
The His & Hers Wine design by Mud Pie is a fun gift idea for wine loving couples in your life but looks just as good on your own wall. The eye-catching box is the only Best Wine Cork Display Box on this list that allows you to store both wine corks and beer caps simultaneously in one, decorative display.

The product by Mud Pie could be a perfect eye-catcher in any couple’s home. It has two separate compartments: one for beer bottle caps (His) and one for wine corks (Hers).

This cork box design is made from quality wood and features a glass front panel. The panel features decorative writing and allows you to see how many corks or caps you’ve collected. An opening at the top allows you easy access.

We really the idea of combining his love for beer and her love for wine in one, trendy display. Though, on a side note, the separation between the two might be old-fashioned, as we know plenty of women who drink beer, and men that love wine. That said, if you’re simply looking for an original gift for a newly-wed couple or anniversary, and don’t mind the gender-specific drink preferences, this could be an ideal gift.

Freestanding or wall-mounted

The His & Hers Wine design by Mud Pie measures 9.5 x 11 x 2.5 inches. According to the manufacturer, it is suited for both freestanding and wall-mounted display. However, according to other consumers, the box does not include any hardware to actually mount it on the wall. So, if you want to hang it, you’ll need to make a trip to your own local DIY-store to get the correct supplies.

Others rate this choice in Best Wine Cork Display Box highly for its decorative appeal, rustic wooden frame, and gift-worthiness. Do note that some report the quality to be mediocre, not outstanding. However, if you value decorative purpose above functional durability, this shouldn’t put you off from adding this original design to your shopping basket!



Cheers Wine Cork Holder 

The Cheers Wine Cork Holder by MCS is a simple, stylish way to display your cork collection. The design features a rustic wooden frame and is suitable for both freestanding usage and wall-mounted installation.

This cork shadowbox measures 10″ wide x 10″ tall x 2.25″ deep, perfect for displaying it on a kitchen countertop, bar cart, or wine cabinet. The rustic-style design features a clear glass window with trendy bold lettering. Spelled out is the word “Cheers,” which truly does cover the basic essentials of wine drinking lingo. The letters are printed on the glass using a silkscreen technique with great definition. The only downside is that printed ink is more prone to fade or chip than etched or engraved lettering. So a bit of care when handling and cleaning the box is advised!


The Cheers Wine Cork Holder by MCS is easy to use and easy to clean. To insert corks, simply drop them via the hole at the top. To remove cork or clean the inside, simply use the turn buttons to remove the backing.

Rated highly by other wine enthusiasts for both its decorative appeal and functionality, this choice in Best Wine Cork Display Box is a nifty and fun way to store your corks. Its attractive price-tag also ensures its an affordable gift for any occasion, without having to break the bank to gift your loved one something original.



Black Top Loading Shadow Box 

Blank Top Loading Shadow Box 12 1/8" x 12 1/8" x 3 1/8" (external) 11 5/8" x 11 5/8" x 2 1/2" (internal) Scrapbook, Wall hanging Easy to Use Box Display Frame. Wine Cork Box, Beer Caps, Ticket Stubs
  • TOP LOADING SHADOW BOX - Display your favorite items or collectibles in this wall hanging shadow box display case. It’s the perfect shadow box for wine corks, beer caps, shells, ticket stubs, and...
If you want a simple, sleek cork box that you can customize to your own liking, the Black Top Loading Shadow Box might be the product you’re looking for. This product by Wooden Shoe Designs is not specifically designed for corks, yet its silhouette, top opening, and spacious sizing make it perfect to display your cork collection! Drops corks in from the top and enjoy the spacious capacity of this 13 x 3 x 13 inches box.

This design is one of the most sturdy, premium quality choices on the list. It is made of durable wood with a contemporary matte black finish and features a solid front glass pane. This choice in Best Wine Cork Display Box options can be presented both as a freestanding unit or as wall-mounted decoration. Fortunately, the product includes the hardware needed to mount it on the wall, saving you the hassle from having to buy this separately.

Fully customizable

We like the idea that this design is fully customizable to your particular taste. You can add your own painted quotes or decal stickers to the glass panel. Or, even give the interior a lick or paint or insert a background image. How? Simply remove the backing to have full access to the frame. If you love to get crafty and have a knack for DIY, this box by Wooden Shoe Designs is the ultimate clean slate to customize.

The Black Top Loading Shadow Box might not have the biggest gift-appeal on this list. But, if you’re looking for a basic, contemporary and quality box to display corks. And don’t want too many bells and whistles. This may be the sleek decor option that matches your style…



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