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The Best Wine Cork Cages in 2021

The Best Wine Cork Cages in 2021

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Best Wine Cork Cage


Best Wine Cork CageWhy bin your wine corks when you can actually use them to jazz up your interior? With one of these Best Wine Cork Cage products, adding some wine-inspired decor to your home has never been easier. Forget about DIY-ing your own cork boards, or having to buy expensive supplies. All you need to do is drop your used corks into the cork cage. The more your drink, the more decorative the cage will get…

Not that you need any excuse to crack open another bottle of vino. However, if you do need a reason to indulge, ‘having to fill your new wine cage’ is a solid argument. To help you navigate your way to the top-rated products, we’ve bundled our favorites in one Best Wine Cork Cage overview.

We’re confident there is a match for every wine enthusiast. From vintage-feel wrought iron cages to bang-on-trend tropical options like a fancy pineapple cork cage. We’ve included options at every price-point, making sure there’s something for your budget.

Discover our top-rated picks below and indulge yourself – or a wine-lover in your life – with one of these stylish Best Wine Cork Cage designs!



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Best Wine Cork Cage


Wine Bottle Cork Cage by Epic Products

The Wine Bottle Cork Cage by Epic Products is a modern take on the classic bottle-shaped cork cage. Though the silhouette is still inspired by a wine bottle, the unique welded finish gives it a very contemporary appeal. The chic design measures 14 inches tall, ideal for displaying it on counters, dressers, or wine cabinets.

When we first came across the Wine Bottle Cork Cage by Epic Products, it really caught our attention due to its trendy twist on the classic wrath-iron cage. The design is actually welded from elegant metal rings, creating a beautiful visual effect.

Inserting corks couldn’t be easier with the Wine Bottle Cork Cage by Epic Products. Simply drops your corks via the hole at the top and you’re done. Yes, we told you it would be easy. The manufacturers have also thought about cork retrieval. A metal hinged door at the bottom allows you to remove corks, in case you want to switch things up or give the cage a clean.


Other wine enthusiasts have given this product a big thumbs up. Praising it for its chic style, great construction, decorative appeal, and confirming it makes a fantastic gift-option for a wine-lover in your life.

Granted, it is not the cheapest option on this Best Wine Cork Cage list, but we think it’s worth the few extra dollars. If you’re looking for a more contemporary take on the classic iron cork cage, this may just tick the box. Great quality, big decorative value, and easy to use: just like other consumers, we also give the Wine Bottle Cork Cage by Epic Products top marks.



Wine Bottle Cork Cage by Southern Homewares

Southern Homewares Cork Corral Wine Bottle Grapevine Design
701 Reviews
Southern Homewares Cork Corral Wine Bottle Grapevine Design
  • ELEGANT STORAGE! - Store and display all your corks in this rustic cork corral.
The Wine Bottle Cork Cage by Southern Homewares is a more traditional style cork cage. This rustic design reminds us of old-style wine bars in Paris, adding a bit of French-inspired flair to your home. The cork cage measures around 14.25″, ideal for using it as a centerpiece on tables, or as a wine decor in your bar area or kitchen.

This vintage-style cage is made of sturdy metal with a chic bronze finish. The metal frame features various fun details, including lettering at the bottom that spells out ‘Corks’ and bunch of grapes with springy, curled vines.

East to fill and clean

The Wine Bottle Cork Cage by Southern Homewares is easy to fill. Simply drop your corks at the designated hole at the top and jiggle the cage around a bit to evenly distribute. You can also remove the corks with one, quick action by opening the hinged-bottom of the design. This also makes the cage easy to clean and dust, giving you a big opening to insert cleaning tools or your hands through.

Other consumers rate the design highly for its rustic appeal, great design accents, and gift-factor. Though some say the quality is not the most durable, most agree that the design is great value for money. As one of the more budget options on this Best Wine Cork Cage list, it’s an affordable choice to put your corks to good, stylish use!



Pineapple Wine Cork Holder

The Pineapple Wine Cork Holder by Picnic Plus is right on trend with its tropical, pineapple-shaped silhouette. Walk into any home store, and you’ll quickly notice how its a ticket to the tropics, with flamingos, pineapples, and colorful hues taking center stage. That is exactly why we wanted to include this stylish cork cage in our overview.

The design features a gold-colored metal wiring, shaped like the yummy fruit. The top of the silhouette tapers out like leaves, whilst the bottom has a flat base for extra balance. The Pineapple Wine Cork Holder by Picnic Plus measures 13.5 inches tall and 7.5 inches in diameter, making it spacious enough to fit around 120 wine corks. Yet also small enough to fit onto counter areas, bar stands, or wine cabinets. If you want to clean the frame, or remove corks, simply open the bottom panel for easy access.

High quality standard

The product is also a durable choice, made of sturdy metal. Produced in the USA, it adheres to high-quality standards, ensuring you get long-term enjoyment out of your purchase. If you need more convincing, you’ll be pleased to hear the design even comes with a Lifetime Quality Guarantee by the manufacturer.

Though we’re big fans of the tropical pineapple, you might also like to know that the brand behind the stylish design, Picnic Plus, also offers cork cages in dozens of other fun, unusual shapes. These include animals, such as elephants, dogs, cats, and birds. And nautical-inspired designs such as a lighthouse, and rowboat.

Other wine enthusiasts rate the Pineapple Wine Cork Holder by Picnic Plus highly on style, cock capacity, and its beautiful golden finish. If you’re looking for a cock cage with a tropical, on-trend twist – or if you simply love Pina Coladas – this metal beauty might be right up your alley!



Wine Barrel Cork Holder

Mind Reader Decorative Wine Cork Barrel, 6.5"L x 6.5"W x 9.5"H, Black
  • Cork Storage Galore: Oversized barrel fits 100+ corks, ideal for wine lovers and cherished memories
The Wine Barrel Cork Holder by Mind Reader is a budget buy that doesn’t compromise on quality or style. The fun barrel-shaped cork cage can hold over a 100 corks. This decorative design stands at about 10 inches tall and 7 inches in diameter, ideal for adding a bit of wine-style to bar areas, wine carts, or kitchen nooks.

The rustic design features a metal caged silhouette, enhanced by various original style-accents. The barrel-shaped holder has springy vines and vine leaf detailing. It also is adorned with multi-colored glass beads. These beads beautifully catch the light. We really like this little bonus, as the beads add an artisan appeal to the product and really makes it stand out from other cork cages on the market.

You can insert corks by simply dropping them via the hole at the top of the barrel. If you want to empty the cork cage, flip open the hinged door at the top and turn it upside down.

Consumers praise the Wine Barrel Cork Holder by Mind Reader for its affordable pricing, decorative appeal, and big capacity. Highly-rated, yet will a low price-tag: that’s a combination we always like to see.


Wine Enthusiast Globe Cork Holder

The Wine Enthusiast Globe Cork Holder is an original choice to showcase your love for travel, or wine regions, with a globe-shaped cork cage. The stylish product is handcrafted, adding an artisan appeal to the cage.

The design by Wine Enthusiast measures 9.2 x 10.2 x 11.8 inches, perfect dimensions to use it as a centerpiece or eye-catcher in your own decor. It has a capacity of around 75 corks, making it a mid-sized product on this Best Wine Cork Cage list. The silhouette features a globe-shaped silhouette enhanced by realistic detailing of the continents. Corks can be easily inserted from the top opening. And easily removed by opening the hinged door.

We particularly like the fact that the manufacturer of this cork cage decided to give the product an antique bronze finish. This coloring adds a vintage feel to the design, complimenting its style and making it look much more expensive than the actual listing price.

Original, solid construction

Wine enthusiasts love the Wine Enthusiast Globe Cork Holder originality and praise its solid construction, beautiful bronze-colored finish, and decorative charm. Do note that though the design can hold over 75 corks, it is not recommended to stuff it completely full as this might cause it to be a bit off-balance. As the silhouette has a slightly tilted shape, overfilling is therefore not advised!

We think the Wine Enthusiast Globe Cork Holder also serves as a fantastic gift-option for the wine and travel enthusiast in your life. If you’re looking for a gift that oozes charm, yet also offers great practical usage, why not treat that someone special to this chic sphere?






The Best Wine Cork Cage for you depends on your own personal criteria. Do you want a classic, traditional-style design with a retro appeal? Then you might love the Southern Homewares Wine Cork Cage. However, if you’re more a fan of contemporary design, the Epic Products Cork Cage may be the perfect find for you.

But maybe you don’t like the bottle-shaped or barrel-inspired traditional styles and want something completely different. In that case, the Pineapple Cork Cage or Wine Enthusiast Globe Cork Cage may entice you with their original shapes and originality.

Whichever product you choose, all of them are a solid choice to turn your discarded wine corks to good use. Don’t bin them: use them to create eye-catching wine decor to instantly spruce up your home!

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