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The Best Wine Cork Boards in 2021

The Best Wine Cork Boards in 2021

iLoveWine Staff
Best Wine Cork Board


Best Wine Cork BoardWant to add some wine-style to your home decor? Then why not consider a Best Wine Cork Board option from this overview? These fun, affordable, and decorative boards allow you to display your corks in style. Allowing you to fully customize the layout into a one-of-a-kind piece of wall art.

Creating your own wine cork board is actually surprisingly simple, all you need is a starter kit and a whole load of corks. The wooden frames enable you to arrange the corks in any way you desire, horizontally, vertically, diagonally: the choice is yours. When filled, mount the board on the wall as a piece of art, or just it as a notice board to pin photos, messages, and flyers on.

We’ve tried to include something for every wine enthusiast on this list. From large square frames to rounded designs: there’s a match for every home. Discover our top-rated picks below and spruce up your decor with one of these Best Wine Cork Board kits!


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Best Wine Cork Board




Wine Enthusiast Wine Cork Board Kit

The Wine Enthusiast Wine Cork Board Kit is one of the best-selling, and best-rated choices online. Yes, we might have highlighted this product in previous I Love Wine posts on cork decor, but we’d rather put the spotlight on it again, instead of risking you missing out on it. Why is this such a popular option in Best Wine Cork Board products? Well, let us explain:

The Wine Enthusiast Wine Cork Board Kit is everything you need from a wine cork board kit and more. Simple, yet stylish. Big and bold, yet also streamlined and chic. This large cork board holder fits up to 256 corks (not included). Yes, we know that’s a lot, but it does result in an eye-catching piece of wall decor that makes the perfect statement in any wine-inspired decor.

Instead of working your way through 256 bottles to collect enough corks, we’d advise you to simply buy them in bulk online. Or, another tip that has worked for us in the past: simply enquire at your local wine tasting room or wine merchant if they have any discarded corks they would be willing to spare you. You might just score those 256 corks without spending a penny. Well, if you avoid the actual wine tasting that is.

Solid mahogany wood

This Wine Enthusiast Wine Cork Board Kit is made of quality mahogany wood, adding to its luxurious appeal. This timeless wooden frame compliments every style of decor, from classic to contemporary. You can fully customize the cork design to your liking. Arrange the corks into any pattern you want and add your own personal touch to the frame. You can ‘attach’ the corks in a variety of ways. Whilst most consumers use glue, we’d recommend strong double-sided tape. As this allows you to actually remove the corks if desired, creating a new layout when you fancy a change without damaging the frame.

Other consumers praise the kits quality, value-for-money, and chic decorative appeal. They confirm it is a fun way to use your old corks in a new, original way. Though, be warned, according to some, creating your own piece of custom wall art will take a bit of patience and practice. Be patient, be creative, and you’ll reap the rewards when guests compliment your beautiful wine-themed decor!


Oenophilia Bamboo Corkboard Trivet Kit

The Oenophilia Bamboo Corkboard Trivet Kit is a much smaller, yet still stylish choice in wine-themed decor. The frame measures 9 by 11 inches and is made of chic bamboo.

Though the description of the frame mentions usage as a trivet for hot dishes, the design is actually multipurpose. You can choose to use it indeed as a handy heat-resistant stand for pots and pans. But you can also elect to mount it on the wall. We especially like the idea of hanging multiple cork frames in an arrangement of your choice, creating an eye-catching statement piece in any decor. However you choose to use this option in Best Wine Cork Board products, we’re confident you’ll get a lot of enjoyment out of this budget buy.

Depending on how you decide to fill the frame, approximately 50 corks should be sufficient to complete your handiwork. The kit itself only includes the bamboo frame and glue, so you will need to obtain the corks separately. Do note that some consumers report that the included glue is not of the highest quality, so you might want to consider using some proper wood glue from your local hardware store instead.

Some trimming required

Another slight downside is that some wine enthusiasts mention that you’ll need to trim and/or cut some corks to fill all the gaps. After puzzling with the layout for a while, they confirm it is nearly impossible to finish the piece without making a few tweaks. However, with a sharp DIY knife or scissors, this should be manageable even for those with limited craft-experience. But this does bring us to an important point: don’t glue the corks until you’ve figured out the final layout. Arrange them without attaching them, then – once you’re happy with the result – glue them down.

A positive about the Oenophilia Bamboo Corkboard Trivet Kit is that it comes in a fancy, gift-style packaging, making it a great surprise for the wine-lover in your life. Affordable, stylish, and fun to put together: we think anyone would love to receive this kit as an original gift.

Besides some struggles with the layout and placement of the corks, other consumers are generally very happy with the quality, decorative appeal, and value of the kit. Praising it as a great budget buy to spruce up your decor, both as a functional trivet and as a piece of wall art.


True Patchwork Cork Trivet Kit

The True Patchwork Cork Trivet Kit is one of the most affordable choices in Best Wine Cork Board options. Making it a budget-buy for your home decor, or a great affordable gift for any occasion including dinner parties, birthdays, or just because you want to indulge a wine enthusiast in your life.

We think for the price listed, you can’t really go wrong with this classic wooden-framed board. The design by True measures 11 x 1.8 x 9.2 inches, making it a compact and stylish little addition to your home decor. It’s smaller dimensions means you’ll need fewer corks to fill the frame. The manufacturer states the designs holds up to 36 corks, but other consumers report the number to be around 40, depending on which layout you should. Make sure you have a few spare ones to play with, as it makes the jigsaw puzzle of filling the frame slightly easier.

Though the product title mentions a trivet, this board can also be used for wall decoration. The manufacturer has ensured the kit includes both trivet ‘feet’ and hardware to mount it on the wall: allowing you to pick the option you prefer, without the need of any extra trips to the local DIY-store to buy screws.


The True Patchwork Cork Trivet Kit’s frame is made of durable rubberwood with a warm-hued finish. We like the color and graining, but do note that rubberwood is not as sturdy as for example mahogany, as used by Wine Enthusiast for its boards (also listed in this overview). Some consumers report that the quality of the wood is not outstanding. But, for the affordable price listed, we think that’s a compromise you should be willing to make.

Overall the True Patchwork Cork Trivet Kit has great reviews by other consumers. Praised for its decorative style, gift-appeal, and multifunctional purpose: its positive score reflects its value-for-money. Do note that one consumer mentioned he could not figure out a layout that worked with corks and got so frustrated he ended up using the board as a picture frame instead. But that only seems to confirm how multipurpose this kit by True really is. We also think this smaller, budget-buy is a great way to practice your DIY-skills on creating cork boards. Use it as a trial product to see whether you like the result, then you can also splurge on a more expensive, larger board later on…


Round Wine Cork Board Kit

The Round Wine Cork Board Kit by Wine Enthusiast is a stylish variation on the traditional square or rectangular frame. The product is made from quality mahogany, sourced from sustainable tree plantations, making it an eco-friendly choice in Best Wine Cork Board options.

As you’ll notice from the product image, this product will require a bit of DIY-skill to arrange the corks in an eye-catching layout. Though the makers have trimmed and cut corks to create a multidimensional appeal, the choice on how you’d like to fill the frame is completely up to you.

According to the manufacturer, you’ll need approximately 60 corks to fill the frame. However, this is actually rebutted by consumers who’ve bought the board, who claim you’ll need around 150 corks to actually create a full display. This is a bit of a discrepancy, but it is pretty much the only negative reported by reviewers. It is something to keep in mind though, as you’ll need to other the corks separately, they are not included. So, if you’re stocking up on bulk packages, better to order more corks to be safe, than too little and be left with gaps in your board.

Full-circle appeal

We really like that this Round Wine Cork Board Kit by Wine Enthusiast has a circular shape, as it is a bit more unusual, and original, than the standard boards we’ve seen decorating the walls of wine tasting rooms and wine bars. You can choose to mount the board on the wall for purely decorative purpose or elect to use it as a notice board using some pins. Alternatively, another option is to use it as a serving tray or trivet, though we wouldn’t recommend this as it’s not particularly designed for that purpose. And the mahogany wood is so elegant, you probably don’t want to risk scratching or damaging the frame. That said, as long as you handle it with care, this multipurpose round board should be sturdy enough to last you for a long time to come.

Overall, we rate this choice in Best Wine Cork Board products highly for its originality, decorative appeal, and value-for-money. Yes, it is not the cheapest option, but we think the price listed is very reasonable for the quality you’ll receive. Great as a gift to yourself, or a wine connoisseur in your life, it’s a fun choice to add a touch of vino-style to your home decor.



Oenophilia Bamboo Cork Tray Kit

Yes, we know technically the Oenophilia Bamboo Cork Tray Kit isn’t a cork board, but we still wanted to include it in this overview for its decorative value and gift-appeal. Instead of a wall-mounted cork board, this tray allows you to serve your wines and snacks in style, using old discarded corks in an original, eye-catching way. Great for dinner parties and entertaining, we reckon your guests will definitely demand to know where you found this sophisticated gem.

The kit includes a 100% bamboo tray with a glass topper, plus glue to keep your corks securely in place. Do note that the corks are not included, so you will need to either drink a lot or buy them in bulk (we prefer the first option). We like that the manufacturer has chosen to only use bamboo harvested responsibly from controlled forests, adding a bit of eco-chic appeal to the already stylish tray.

Ideal for snacks and drinks

The Oenophilia Bamboo Cork Tray measures 10.2 x 15.8 x 3 inches, ideal for glasses or smaller hors-d’oeuvre plates. According to other consumers, you’ll need approximately 50 corks to fill the tray, depending on which layout you choose. Do note that, just like the other trivet-style boards on this Best Wine Cork Board list, some trimming might be required. Reviews about the dimensions of the tray do mention that you might have to cut or trim corks to make them fit like a glove. However, since this is already a DIY-project, you should be put off by some extra work. As in the end, it will only make your tray more unique and one-of-a-kind.

Reviews on this product are generally positive. Wine enthusiasts say it’s a fun way to serve your guests in style and looks great in any home decor. Some consumers do mention that the tray is not of the highest quality standard, but for the price listed, this only seems fair. That said, this chic tray should still be durable and sturdy enough for everyday usage and it definitely gets our seal of approval.




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