Best Wine Cooler Refrigerators For Your Home

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Historically, wine cellars were the best way to age wine, keeping the bottles at constant temperature and humidity while protecting them from light.  Few of us are lucky enough to have our own wine cellar these days, particularly if we’re new to the hobby. Fortunately, there are wonderful wine cooler refrigerators on the market that replicate cellar conditions. They vary in design, capacity, and energy consumption. They also tend to be well-insulated and have digital temperature control, some with dual temperature capability. Here are seven of the best wine cooler refrigerators available for $200 and under.

Magic Chef 6-Bottle Wine Cooler: $60

This small refrigerator from Magic Chef is one of the best wine coolers for under $100.  It has sculpted chrome shelves to hold six bottles of wine, plus interior lighting so you can easily see them without opening the door.

As with many of the smaller refrigerators, it has single zone cooling and holds temperatures between 46ºF and 64ºF.  Some users complain that the temperature control knob is too small, but ideally you only need to set this once. The entire unit is compact, meaning it fits neatly in smaller kitchens or pantries.  We love that it has a small footprint and that it’s very affordable. It’s a perfect first wine cooler refrigerator for that friend who’s just discovered their passion for wine.

Magic Chef 12-Bottle Wine Cooler: $90

This larger refrigerator from Magic Chef is also a great wine cooler for under $100.  It has similar design elements to their 6-bottle cooler, but holds 12 bottles on its four sculpted chrome shelves. It also has interior lighting and an LED display for selecting the temperature range.

The Magic Chef features single-zone cooling and holds temperatures from 54ºF to 66ºF.  We love how compact this unit is, and the 3×4 orientation of bottles makes it more ideal for cabinet storage than models that store the bottles 2×6.  The footprint is still small enough for it to be a great countertop wine cooler, as well.

NutriChef 12-Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler: $135

This thermoelectric wine cooler from Nutrichef holds 12 bottles of wine and has space to store a few of them upright.  This is handy for oddly-shaped (or opened) bottles. It also has a smaller footprint than the 12-bottle Magic Chef, since arranges the bottles in rows of two instead of three.  We also appreciate that it’s available in both black and stainless steel for some flexibility in styling.

It has a touch screen for easy programming and can hold internal temperatures from 50ºF to 64ºF.  This is an excellent lower temperature threshold for a 12-bottle cooler. We also love how quietly the unit runs, so it won’t interfere with the ambiance of your kitchen, wine bar, or office.

Costway 12-Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler : $140

Costway also makes excellent wine coolers and this 12-bottle model is one of our very favorites. It’s another that stores bottles in rows of two, so it’s a taller unit with a small footprint.  We also love that the shelving is adjustable, just in case you need to make space for a rogue bottle of wine that is larger than usual.

It has a touchpad control for temperature and internal LED light, and can hold temperatures from 54ºF to 64ºF.  Some say it struggles at holding lower temperatures if kept in a garage or warm, humid environment. It does well if kept in a home with cooler, more moderate temperatures.

Ivation 18-Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler: $170

As your collection grows, we recommend this 18-bottle wine cooler from Ivation. With larger coolers, you must be sure they adequately protects your wine from humidity and light in addition to holding temperature. The Ivation has heavy insulation made of solid polyurethane heavy foam and a tinted thermopane door to fully protect your wine.   

The temperature range for the Ivation is 54ºF to 64ºF and it maintains the set temperature beautifully.  For a wine cooler this size, it’s also energy efficient, quiet, and runs with very little vibration. This is also important for longer term storage, allowing the wine to settle properly as it ages.  Overall, the ivation is an incredible bargain for wine coolers under $200.

NutriChef 18-Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler: $200

Single zone coolers are fine for cellaring red and white wines together, but it means you’ll need to chill your whites elsewhere before drinking. You can save yourself this extra step with a dual zone wine cooler, which allows you to store bottles at two different temperatures.

This NutriChef 18-bottle wine cooler is a dual zone refrigerator that can hold temperatures of 46-64°F in the upper zone and 54-64°F in the lower.  It has an LCD display for temperature control and internal LED lighting. Just like the 12-bottle model from Nutrichef, there’s room for storing some of the bottles vertically.  Once again, we love that it’s available in stainless steel as well as black.

Wine Enthusiast Silent 18-Bottle Wine Refrigerator: $200

We also love this dual zone wine cooler from Wine Enthusiast.  It holds 18 Bordeaux bottles stacked in rows of two, with a section on one side for storing a few bottles upright.  The shelves are removable, which is handy if you need to make room for opened bottles.

It is capable of keeping wines at 54°F to 66°F in the upper zone and 44°F to 66°F in the lower. We love how beautifully it holds temperature and the unit runs so quietly, you’ll hardly realize it’s there.  Overall, this is a highly versatile model that fits even in small kitchens or apartments. You can turn any nook into your own personal wine cellar.