Best Wine Club Reviews

Wine clubs aren’t just for those lucky enough to live in a wine region and frequent the tasting rooms. There are many fantastic online wine clubs and wine subscription services that let you customize your club experience, what type of wine you receive, and send you top quality wines from around the world.

Wine clubs are great for those looking to expand their wine cellar, try unique wines, or for new wine drinkers looking for a larger wine selection. Wine clubs are a competitive market; so great wines are expected.

This wine club review is honest and unbiased so that you can find the perfect wine club that will suit your taste and needs. No need to seek out Martha Steward or the Wall Street Journal for information on the best wine clubs.

Why Join a Wine Club?

  1. Delicious wine is delivered right to your doorstep.
  2. It is an affordable and convenient way to enjoy new wines each month.
  3. Customize your experience by opting for wines you tend to enjoy more.
  4. Often much more affordable than retail prices.
  5. A lot of these wines are hard to find in any retail stores.
  6. Shipments include high-quality and award-winning wines selected by an array of wine experts.
  7. There are often discounts for your first order or first shipment.
  8. You can cancel or change your wine club membership at any time.
  9. Most of these are monthly wine subscriptions with options to go bi-monthly.
  10. Enjoy fun new wines every week with your Wine Wednesday crew.
  11. Wine makes a great gift. Extra bottles can be used for gifts, holidays, and special occasions.

Here are our Top 3 favorite wine clubs. Price, availability, and experience are all taken into consideration when choosing which of the many wine clubs are our favorite.

Cellars Wine Club

Cost: $29-389/shipment

Shipments: Monthly, Bi-Monthly, or Quarterly

About: This family-owned and operated online wine club is located in Washington State. There are 12 (yes, 12!) different wine clubs to choose from. Perfect for the Pacific Northwest wine lover in your life.

Plus, FREE SHIPPING! Shipping wine can be spendy and is often a sneaky expense in wine clubs. But standard shipping with Cellar Wine Club is always free. They are known best for their variety of wine clubs, affordability, and great customer service.


  • Affordable
  • Family-owned
  • 12 club options
  • Free shipping
  • Online wine and gift shop’
  • No bad bottle guaranteed


  • Cannot ship wine to PO Boxes
  • Unable to ship to Alaska, Alabama, Delaware, North Dakota, South Dakota, Mississippi, Kentucky, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Utah.

Club Options:

Single Bottle Club: $29/shipment. This club is just as it says, a single bottle of wine per shipment. Just choose white or red. This is a great option for those looking for a monthly treat, wanting to celebrate special occasions or give an affordable wine club gift.

Premium Wines Club: $45/shipment. Each shipment you will receive two bottles of premium wine. Pick white, red, or one of each. This is a great value for those looking for quality bottles at a killer price.

International Wines Club: $49/shipment. The club for those with an adventurous spirit. These international wines come from classic wine regions of France and Spain to the newest hot spots in South Africa and New Zealand.

Sweet Wines Club: $49/shipment. The world of sweet wines can be small and often full of low-quality options. Now get your sweet tooth on monthly with two bottles of high-quality sweet wines. Most of the bottles will be whites; but you may also get rose, red, or sparkling!

West Coast Wines Club: $49/shipment. Because the West Coast is the best coast. From Napa to Red Mountain, enjoy wines from California, Oregon, and Washington.

Champagne Sparkling Wine Club: $59/shipment. Sparkling wine isn’t just for special occasions. They are also a great every day drinking wine and go great with a variety of foods.

Red Trio Club: $59/shipment. Red is the new black with the Red Trio Club. Enjoy three bottles of delicious red with each shipment. Tasting notes are included as well as advice on cellaring potential.

Natural Club: $65/shipment. Enjoy two bottles of wine made with minimal intervention. Whether this includes biodynamic farming, little to no added sulfites, or the use of indigenous yeasts, these wines are good for you and the environment.

90+ Point Club: $79/shipment. Two bottles of the month of the best of the best wines are a reason in itself to celebrate. These wines are appraised by Wine Spectator, as well as the experts from the Cellars Wine Club.

Premium Wine Case: $139/shipment. Quarterly shipments of an entire case of premium wine are the best price/bottle within these clubs. They even send you two or three bottles of the same wine so that you can enjoy it more than once. Tasting notes and cellaring advice are included.

International Case Club: $216/shipment. Traveling the globe is as easy as pouring yourself a glass of wine. The price point on these wines is great and there are lots of hard to find bottles, so you aren’t just getting what you could get at your local wine shop.

90+ Point Case Club: $389/shipment. This quarterly case of wine is for those wine enthusiasts who enjoy all things wine and appreciate the uniqueness of each bottle. Add wines to your cellar and give your loved ones the best gift, wine!





Gold Medal Wine Club

Cost: $39-188/shipment

Shipments: Monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly

About: The Gold Medal Wine Club is one of the most popular online monthly wine clubs on the market. They also sell wine on their website and that allows consumers to order more of their favorite wines from their latest club shipment. Along with six different wine club options, this company also caters to gift-giving; wine club gifts, wine gift boxes, and corporate wine gift boxes. They send a large selection of grape varietals and they also have a lot of options when it comes to the frequency of shipments.


  • Affordable
  • Online wine and gift shop
  • Each wine picked is from a family-owned winery
  • Information and tasting notes on the featured wines are included with each order
  • Satisfaction guaranteed


  • Mostly California focused (or this can be a pro if you prefer California wines)
  • Shipping is not free and its hard to find information about shipping on the website

Club Options:

Gold Wine Club: $39/shipment. The most popular wine club option gives you two bottles of California’s best boutique wines. The Wine Press is also a publication that is included that will give you information on the wines you receive.

Platinum Wine Club: $96/shipment. This club allows you to choose whether you receive two or four bottles per shipment of the 90+ point, ultra-premium, and collectible wines from California. Some of these wines will be pre-releases and library wines.

International Wine Club: $75/shipment. While the Gold Medal Club tends to cater to those looking for California’s best wines, they also have an International Club option. This club also offers a gourmet food package from the same region as the wine so you can make the perfect pairings!

Garagiste Wine Club: $75/shipment. The newest member of the club family, the Garagiste club allows you access to some of the world’s hardest to find wines. Small, artisan wines, made from independent winemakers, right at your door!

Pinot Noir Wine Club: $76/shipment. For those who have an undying passion for Pinots. This is the perfect club. Most of these wines will be from California but will feature occasional international brands from small, boutique wineries.

Diamond Wine Club: $188/shipment. Luxury-premium, top-tier wines that are rated 93+ points are what is given to you by this wine club option. This club is limited to 500 members, but those lucky enough are enjoying some of the best wines in the world every month.

Wine of the Month Club

Cost: $37-152/shipment

Shipments: Monthly, bi-monthly, every three months

About: This wine club has been around for decades and is trusted and revered by its cult-like following. With 11 different club options and additional options to customize those, you are getting an individualized wine club experience each shipment. They also have a big selection of wine gifts and a wine shop section on their website so that you can buy your favorite wines from the lastest shipment you received.


  • Affordable
  • Online wine and gift shop
  • Large selection of club options
  • Wines are selected by wine industry professionals and sommeliers


  • Cannot ship to Utah, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Michigan, or Rhode Island.

Club Options: 

Classic Series Wine Club: $37/shipment. Their most popular club choice, the Classic gives you two or four bottles of excellent wine at whatever shipment frequency you choose. Each shipment comes with a flyer about the wines for those who are beginners to experts.

Vintner’s Series Wine Club: $48/shipment. The newest addition to the Wine of the Month Club family; experience the labor of artisan winemakers from all around the world. These wines are all carefully screened for quality and character, so only the best of the best make the cut.

Limited Series Wine Club: $58/shipment. These hard to find wine bottles that are not typically available in stores and will give you the excuse to celebrate every month when your shipment comes.

California Series Wine Club: $43/shipment. Just as it says, the California Series features some of the best boutique wines from all around California. This club is red wines only.

Napa Series Wine Club: $63/shipement. To narrow it down even further, this series focuses on the best of the best from Napa Valley. These wines are shipped every other month.

Bordeaux Series Wine Club: $63/shipment. This is the perfect club for those who like the classic Bordeaux wines. With over 10,000 wineries in Bordeaux, the competition is fierce and there is no room for wines that are less than excellent.

Rose Series Wine Club: $53/shipment. Is your favorite color pink? Roses are found all over the world, in every wine region. Explore the vast differences from South Africa to France to Washington State.

Pinot Noir Series Wine Club: $95/shipment. Featuring Pinots from all over the world, expand your horizons past Burgundy and Willamette.

Cellar Series Wine Club: $98-161/shipment. Every other month you get shipped six wines from the Classic, Vintner’s, or Limited Series selections. This is a great value club. Enjoy with guests, pair with foods, and celebrate all the special occasions throughout the year.

Case Club Membership: $152/shipment. Once every three months, enjoy a case of wine from the Classic, Vintner’s, or Limited Series clubs. Expand your wine cellar and still have wines to enjoy every month.

Mystery Case Club: $99-119/shipment. For those who crave adventure in every aspect of their lives, opt for the Mystery Case Club. This is the best value club! Enjoy wines from all over the world. No two shipments are the same.

Other Notable Wine Clubs

These wine club and wine subscriptions are also some of the best wine clubs on the market:

WINC wine club Subscription

First Leaf Wine Subscription

Plonk Wine Club

Vinley Market Wine Subscription

The California Wine Club

Bright Cellars Wine Club

Vinebox Wine Club

Club W

Blue Apron Wine

How to choose the best club for yourself

Here are few things to consider before starting with a wine club or wine subscription service:

  • Shipping- First make sure that the club you want can ship to your state. Note the price for shipping for the bottle amount you want to receive. Shipping costs for online wine clubs are typically more affordable than wine clubs from the winery or ordering wine from a regular online retailer.
  • Shipment frequency- How often do you want to get shipments? Most clubs and subscription services offer the choice to get shipments monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly.
  • Bottle amount- Most club options start at two bottles per shipment and go up to one case per shipment. Case shipments usually only have the option to ship quarterly or every 6 months.
  • Cost- Know what you can afford. These wines are typically more affordable and better quality than what you will find in your local liquor stores and wine shops.
  • Wine preference- Club options include whether you want to receive red wines only, white wines only, or both. There are even some club options that are just sparkling wines, dessert wines, or rose wines.
  • Regional or international?- Some club options include just Napa Valley wines, California wines, Northwest wines, French wines, or others. There are also many international options that allow you to try wines from all over the world.

Each of these clubs is highly rated and deliver only the best bottles of wine from around the world at the best prices. Choose your club based on your preferences. Do you enjoy Cabernet Sauvignon, white wines, Sauvignon Blanc, or other specific wines? Do you want free shipping, wines only from California, or the option to buy your favorites directly from the club’s online store? Will all of this wine be for your consumption or do you plan on gifting some of it? Sit back and enjoy wines catered to your taste profile all month long while you wait for the next shipment. Get your wine awesomeness on by joining a premier monthly wine club.