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The Best Wine Charms in 2021

The Best Wine Charms in 2021

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Best Wine Charms

Best Wine Charms

If you always want to keep track of which wine glass is yours, you need a set of Best Wine Charms in your collection. These fun, affordable, and stylish wine accessories are the perfect way to help identify which glass belongs to which guest. Making them an essential in any kitchen drawer.

Picture the scene: a busy party, lots of guests mingling, and glasses scattered around. In the midst of the fun, you’ve accidentally forgotten where you’ve put yours. Believe us: it’s happened to members of our team many, many times. This is exactly why we want to introduce you to the idea of wine charms. These budget-buys allow you to quickly identify your stemware, making them ideal in any kind of drinking situation. Though, a word of warning, you will need to remember which charm is yours, so don’t think these are a magical solution to all your tipsy amnesia problems…

We’ve rounded up our favorite, top-rated problems in one, handy Best Wine Charm overview. From retro-themed charms for drinks with the girls to simple yet sleek clip-on identifiable by a single color. There’s a wine charm for every preference.

Discover our favorites below and find your Best Wine Charm match now!


tipTip: Another way to always keep track of your glass is by using special wine markers. These markers allow you to write your name, or images, on glasses to help identify which is yours. A single rinse with some warm soapy water will remove the markings. Making them a fun, non-evasive way to match the glass to the drinker. For more info, check out our Best Wine Glass Markers review.



Best Wine Charms


Swarovski Crystal Magnetic Wine Charms

Crystal Magnetic Wine Glass Charms Set of 12 Glass Markers that Work on Stemless Glasses - Gift/Storage Box Included
  • BEST WINE CHARMS EVER AND MADE IN THE USA - Our magnetic wine glass charms work with two strong magnets, so they work on ALL of your glasses.
The Swarovski Crystal Magnetic Wine Charms Set is a glamorous, fancy way of keeping track of your glass. The set includes 12 beautiful glass markers, each with a different coloring to help identify your glasses. Each marker is magnetic, meaning they won’t leave a mark on your glass after usage. Simply, yet very stylish – we fully understand why their magnetic attraction has gathered hundreds of 5-star consumer reviews!

The Swarovski Wine Charms are super easy to use. Simply attach them on the glass by placing one part on the exterior and the other matching magnetic part on the interior of your stemware. The strong magnets will keep the charm firmly in place, whilst they can be easily removed by simply pulling them apart.

Gift-style packaging

Another bonus of this convenient and sparkly choice in Best Wine Charms is that the set comes in cute gift-style packaging. This sleek box also doubles as a storage container, keeping your charms safe and secure when not in use. Gift it to yourself, or a wine lover in your life, and never lose sight of your drink again! All you need to do is remember which pretty colored stone is your match.

With hundreds of 5-star reviews, consumers are simply charmed by this set (excuse the pun). They rate the style highly for its functionality, glamorous appeal, and ease of usage. Also good to know: the magnets are reported to be strong enough to keep the charm firmly in place, even when handling the glass. Which is a testimony that even though the set is affordably priced, you can still count on it to do its job in style!


Beach Themed Wine Charm

The Beach Themed Wine Charm Set by Palm City Products is the perfect wine charm set for summer. This fun set includes 10 differently-shaped charms, each made of a zinc alloy with a beautiful antique silver finish. The charms come on a 30mm x 25mm silver colored hoop that can easily be attached to the stem of your wine glass. Do note that as these are, therefore, not suitable for tumblers or stemless glassware.

We really like the beach-themed vibe of the set. Ideal for get-togethers in your backyard, the seaside, or picknicks in the park: the charms instantly put you in a summery mood. Simply remember what specific charm is allocated to your glass, and never lose track of your wine again. The set includes the following shapes: conch shell, sea turtle, starfish, sailboat, sea horse, tropical fish, clamshell, palm tree, sunglasses, and a Margarita glass.

Great value-for-money

We think this 10-piece is a great choice in Best Wine Charms, and love its affordable pricing. If you’re looking for an original gift for the wine-lover in your life, why not surprise them this summer with a functional, stylish, and fun beach-themed wine charm set? For the price listed, you really can’t go wrong.

And don’t just take our word for it: the Beach Themed Wine Charm Set has dozens of 5-star reviews. With other consumers praising the set for its decorative appeal, ease of usage, fun charm shapes, and value-for-money.


Juvale Ring Cork Wine Charms

Juvale 12-Pack Funny and Humorous Wine Charms for Stem Glasses, 1-Inch Cork Drink Marker Tags with Gift Box for Dinner Party, Birthday Party Favors, 12 Assorted Designs
  • Wine Themed Party Decorations: This set of wine charms for stem glasses helps your guests easily identify their beverage at an upcoming holiday party, dinner party, or family gathering
The Juvale Ring Cork Wine Charms Set is a great value choice to keep track of your glass in style. The set includes 12 cork wine charms, each with a fun slogan. The lightweight charms are attached to a delicate silver loop, easy to attach to detach to stemmed glasses. Once again, this set is not intended for tumblers, so if you’re looking for a multifunctional charm set, scroll down to the last option on this Best Wine Charms list.

That said, for the affordable price listed, we think you’ll still get plenty of usage out of this decorative and functional set. Though, a word of warning: you’ll need to remember a slogan instead of a shape, which might be a bit trickier after a few glasses too many. A sample fo the expressions on the charms are: Wine O’Clock, Got Wine, Wine Not, Wine Down, Liquid Therapy, Cloud Wine, Pour Delicious, Wine a Little, Wine Me Up, Winoholic, and Yes Way Rose. Each charm measures 1 inch in diameter.

Simply a steel

We like that the set comes packaged in a gift-style box. Not only does the packaging add to its gift-appeal, but you can also use it as a handy storage box between uses. Other consumers praise it as an original gift idea for dinner parties, favor bags, or any festive occasion.

For the price listed, this set is simply a steal. You’ll get 12 charms with flexible loops that fit any type of stemmed glass. Plus a handy box to keep them safe when the wine-infused fun has stopped. With dozens of 5-star reviews, this choice in Best Wine Charms is also highly rated by other vino enthusiasts, who confirm its a cheap and cheerful option to allows be able to allocate your glass in the crowd.


Vintage Women Wine Glass Charms

The Vintage Women Wine Glass Charms by Savvy Design Store is the ideal choice for get-togethers with the girls, adding a retro-twist to your wine sipping fun. The set includes 6 dainty wine charms, each with a different vintage image and fun quote. The charms measure approximately 1 inch in diameter and have an epoxy covering to keep the images protected. They come attached to a 21mm silver-plated loop that is easy to attach. Do note that once again, these charms are only intended for stemmed wine glasses, not tumblers.

The quotes on the charms read: “I still love wine more than you”. “It’s not drinking alone if the dogs home”. “Keep your friend close and your wine closer”. “Wine Diva”. “The wine whisperer”. And our personal favorite: “Wine improves with age, I improve with wine”, on which we couldn’t agree more.

Handle with care

The charms are packaged in a fancy organza bag, adding to their gift-appeal. Be warned that though the charms are not fully waterproof, so a bit of extra care is required. To clean, simply wipe them with a damp cloth or paper towel, avoiding submerging them in the sink or dishwasher. This will keep the image, epoxy covering, and metal ring in tip-top shape, ensuring long-term enjoyment of your fun wine charm set.

This choice in Best Wine Charms is highly-rated by other vino enthusiasts. According to consumers, this set is the perfect accessory to your ladies nights and wine tastings with the girls. The Vintage Women Wine Glass Charms is a tad pricier than other sets on this list, as you do pay a bit more per charm, but we think that’s worth it because of its unique, original decorative style.


Cheer Multicolor Wine Glass Charms Set

The Cheer Multicolor Wine Glass Charms Set is the most versatile choice on this list, as it is compatible with a whole range of glassware. This means this Best Wine Charms option can be used on stemmed glasses, but also tumblers, whiskey glasses, or even mugs. The super simple, yet very functional design allows you to ‘clip on’ a color, making it easy to locate your glass.

The set by Cheer includes 12 drink markers, each with its own distinct color. The bright hues are a fun way to match the glass to the drinker, whilst their food-grade silicone material makes them completely safe to use. The material also won’t scratch, or leave marks, on your glasses, adding to its functional appeal.  

How to attach these wine charms to a glass? The design has a simple C-shape that ‘clips on’ both the stem or rim of your glass. So, whether you’re sipping vino from a stemmed bowl, or a tumbler, you can add a dash of color to your glassware with these cheap and cheerful markers.

Color confusion

Are there any downsides? Well, not really. Though we must admit, some of the shades are quite similar. For example, the manufacturer has chosen to include a light blue and normal blue marker, which can be a bit confusing when you’re not paying close attention. After all, after a few glasses too many, your mind might just remember ‘blue’, not the exact shade.

That said, we still rate the Cheer Multicolor Wine Glass Charms Set highly. It may not be the most fun or stylish choice, but it’s definitely the most versatile on this Best Wine Charms list. If you want a simple set that works on every type of glass, this affordable 12-piece set may be your perfect, colorful match.







You can’t really go wrong with any of these Best Wine Charms sets. They are all affordable, easy to use, and simply great value-for-money. We personally really like the Vintage Women Wine Glass Charms Setfor its originality and style. But it does require a bit of extra care and only includes 6 charms. So, if you want the best value option, the Cheer Multicolor Wine Glass Charms Set would be our recommendation. This set not only includes 12 charms, but it can also be used on tumblers, making it the most versatile option on this list.

That said, whichever set you choose, we’re sure you’ll get plenty of usage out of the charms during dinner parties, get-togethers with friends, or other festive occasions. Wine charms are a stylish choice to never lose track of your glass again, all you need to do is remember which charm belongs to you…




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